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Welcome to our About Us Page! Expert Vaping is a collective of electronic vapor enthusiasts determined to inspire the curious and empower experienced users from our top secret headquarters in Los Angeles. Our goal is to provide the most accurate, honest product information and thoroughly resonant reviews available. The team pedigree is comprised of former e-cig industry professionals, amateur chemists, DIY engineers, gadget fanatics and former smokers.

We are passionate about e-cigarettes and vaping, mostly because we understand fully how life-changing they can be. Each of us have stories of how we started vaping and why. These personal legends inform our reviews and the constant pursuit of better products and an endlessly fulfilling vaping experience.

Believing in vaping and its role in leading users to a longer, fruitful, smoke-free lifestyle is why we put our hearts into our work. It’s the knowledge that we act as a catalyst for those not knowing where to start or who to trust that keeps Expert Vaping continuously engaged in the pursuit of integrity and bringing honest evaluations of vaping products to all levels of users. We’re not asking for your trust, just the opportunity to earn it.

It is our hope that all vapers can navigate through these pages and use them to accentuate their vaping experience. The name of this website is not meant to simply reflect the knowledge and expertise of our contributors, but to pass it along to our readers. Our goal isn’t to simply have you leave Expert Vaping informed and confident, but to make you feel like an expert as well.

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