Recently we discussed e-cig mods and the different types of e-cigarettes, so it’s only fair that we discuss e-cig cartridges and e-cig clearomizers. After all, if you’re a new e-cig user you’re probably asking which one you should buy, and that’s what we’re going to discuss, but we’re also going to cover some things you should know about electronic cigarette cartridges and clearomizer tanks.

If you are new to e-cigs, beginning your research, and you’ve never tried an e-cig before, we recommend starting with a cartridge based e-cigarette kit just to get you in the groove and converted over to e-cigs. Then again, if you feel you’re ready to make the leap to bigger and better, don’t hesitate! Whew, okay, let’s go….

Is it an e-cig cartridge or cartomizer? – A Little History Lesson…

The evolution of vape technology goes back many years and has evolved ever since.

They’re pretty much the same thing nowadays, but in the past they were two completely different things. Every e cig has a battery, atomizer and cartridge. The original e cig cartridge consisted of two separate parts that you had to piece together before placing it on the e cig battery; those two parts consisted of an atomizer and a poly fill cotton filled cartridge. In today’s market, however, newer models have their atomizer and cartridge fused together into one part: a cartomizer.

None of this making sense? Read our Mods and different types of e-cigs blog

Since the older cartridges are outdated and no longer used as a standard in the e cig industry – the new cartomizers are frequently referenced to as “cartridges.” No worries though, at ECCR we only review cig-a-like e cigs with the newer model cartridges.

Using E-Cig Clearomizer Tanks – For An Advanced Vape

The sub ohm mod tanks are easy to fill and long lasting.

E Cig Clearomizer Tanks come in an assortment of different models, each compatible with their own atomizers, wicks, and drip tips. Each clearomizer model will perform differently depending on the atomizer and e-liquid combination you use with the clearomizer tank.

One benefit to using them is that you can see how much e-liquid remains in the clear tank, thus you won’t walk out the door not knowing if you’re fully geared up for your day! These clearomizer tanks will typically hold 1.6ml+ e-liquid – almost double (sometimes triple) the amount of a cartridge, giving you a few hours of extra vape. Clearomizer tanks are also well known for their consistency.

Surprisingly, e-cig cartridges are being replaced by clearomizers, especially as the industry grows and cig-a-like e-cig users become more knowledgeable of other e-cig types and models.

E-Cig Clearomizers & Their Hype

These Kangertech T3 D clearomizer tanks come in colors like clear, black, blue, green and red.

The ability to experiment with different e-liquids and tanks is undeniably awesome. Filling an e cig clearomizer tank is as easy as unscrewing or pulling either the top or bottom of the clearomizer off, tipping your e-juice bottle forward, dripping it in until it’s full, screwing the threaded atomizer on, connecting it to your battery and then you are good to go! It can seem intimidating at first, but don’t let it stop you from stepping into this market.

There’s an enormous variety of e-liquids to try, and finding a good vendor is as easy as visiting our facebook page and just asking, or you can search online forums. There are plenty of decent e-juice suppliers out there, meaning you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

Due to their growing popularity, and after seeing the increase in demand and hearing about their applauded performance within the industry, bigger e-cigarette companies that sell cartridges have also started carrying e cig clearomizers. Visit the review pages below, have a read, and then check out these companies’ websites to see what they have to offer.

Here’s a quick list of companies we’d recommend for clearomizers, with both carrying large and small units.

Halo Cigs: Triton Review G6 Review Mini Tank Review

Apollo E-cigs: Apollo Superior Ego Review (most popular battery + e-cig accessories)

So should I buy e-cig cartridges or clearomizer tanks?

There are some subtle vaping differences between e-cig cartridges and vape mod tanks.

There are reputable cig-a-like e-cigarette companies, like those mentioned above, that produce great flavored e-cigarette cartridges that can deliver decent vapor, flavor, and nicotine satisfaction, but they’re not as consistent, nor do they have ability to last as long as re-usable clearomizers.

You’re very limited with how much you can vape per cartridge, and sometimes the flavor will literally just drop off. Clearomizers don’t have that problem. E-Cig cartridges have their definable benefits of being simplistic, convenient and, for the most part, reliable – so don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re horrible. Remember… I’m simply telling you which I think is the better of the two.

Here’s a list of companies whose cartridges are worth your cash, should you choose to go that route.

Green Smoke E-cig Review (consumer best rated)

Ever Smoke E-cig Review

I can’t particularly say that it depends on whether you want a big or small battery like some others do, because it actually runs deeper than that. Cartridges and clearomizer tanks are interchangeable depending on your e-cigarette battery. I mention this because some people have been led to believe that they can only use clearomizer tanks with the big bulky Ego Style batteries, but this just isn’t true. Mini clearomizer tanks are the perfect example that disproves this myth.

The Green Smoke E-Vapor starter kit comes with every accessory the smoker needs to kick their habit.

Really, it all just comes down to flavor, vapor production, battery life, and nicotine satisfaction. At ECCR we’ve tried our fair share of tanks and cartridges. We’ve found that in comparison, without a doubt, clearomizer tanks are the way to go. E-cigs have come far enough that it’s possible to get a clearomizer tank for practically any brand e-cigarette battery. So why not?

If you’re looking for consistent thick satisfying vapor, and unparalleled nicotine satisfaction – the ultimate experience – clearomizers are where it’s at.

Hopefully you found this blog helpful, but if you feel like you’re still lost for answers… feel free to start up a chat with one of our fellow ECCR team members via our live chat on the site. They’ll be sure to point you in the right direction, or answer any questions you might still have. 🙂