What is an eGo e-cig? When I first heard the term years ago I thought it was a brand name! In point of fact, the eGo cig refers to a type of e-cigarette.

The first electronic cigarettes were the cig-a-like style that is very familiar; it looks like a tobacco cigarette. Early e-cig technology is not what it is today and many of the first cig-a-likes imported from China did not last very long.

The answer was the development of the eGo style e-cig, a new type of e-cigarette that was bigger.

Cig-a-like style e-cigs are specifically meant to look like a cigarette with the exception of the indicator light and are perfect for new users looking to try vaping for the first time.

The larger diameter and longer battery offered more power, which meant more vapor.

The eGos also lasted much longer than the early cig-a-likes and could utilize bigger and better better rechargeable lithium ion batteries. In general, eGo ecigs have twice the battery capacity of cig-a-likes.

The large size also enabled the addition of accessories, such as a switch to actually control the voltage output. Variable voltage eGo style ecigs allow you to customize your vaping.

The atomizer and e-liquid tank were combined into a clearomizer. That is a clear tank with an atomizer built in. A clearomizer will work with any e-liquid. With the development of the eGo, suddenly e-juice makers were creating every flavor imaginable.

That’s the basic story of the eGo style electronic cigarette. It is larger than a cig-a-like but still more or less portable. Typically a tank will contain 1.6 ml of e-liquid, which is a lot more than a typical e-cig cartridge, which tops out at about 1 ml.

The Ego-style e-cig consists of a power mod battery grip handle, cartomizer reservoir tank and drip tip from where it is filled.

An eGo style e-cigarette certainly does not look like a tobacco cigarette! In fact, eGo is a great name because when this type of e-cigarette first came out it shouted “look at me”! No one will accuse you of smoking when you are vaping an eGo cig. That is not the case with cig-a-likes.

Today, cig-a-likes are the recipients of much improved battery technology. The best e-cigs utilize the latest technology and the results are impressive. Modern cig-a-likes like Green Smoke or White Cloud will give you more than 300 puffs thanks to improved battery technology and more than 300 puffs with your cartomizer cartridge.

Be that as it may, many people still want to move on to eGo style ecigs and why not. Most eGo models will give you more ability to control vapor output. They also allow you to use any e-liquid, which essentially mean that you have limitless flavor and nicotine options. Lets take a look at our Pro and Con list.

The pros of using e-cigarettes far outweighs the cons not just fiscally but physically.

eGo Cig Pros

  • Larger battery capacity than a cig-a-like
  • Larger reservoir of e-liquid
  • More vapor
  • More e-liquid choices, almost limitless in fact
  • No one will mistake vaping on an eGo with smoking a cigarette

eGo Vapor Cig Cons

  • Less portable than a cig-a-like
  • E-liquid tank must be manually refilled
  • More fragile
  • Does not mimic the ritual of smoking as closely as a cig-a-like in either look or feel

At the end of the day if you like vapor and variety, an eGo might be a great choice for you. We have a couple of models that you might want to consider.

Apollo E-Cigs eGo

The Superior Ego kit by Apollo electronic cigarettes is a straight-forward enjoyable vaping experience for the beginning to intermediate user.

ECCR has previously completed a comprehensive e-cigarette review of the Apollo eGo.

We recommend that you read the review and watch the video. We think that you will be impressed.

Apollo eGo batteries will give you an average of 800 puffs.

That is 800 real puffs, not baby puffs. Apollo uses a manual battery and when we tested this product we took big puffs because, hey, we love vapor! Anyway, even with large puffs we averaged 800 per battery cycle.

If you are a heavier smoker, the Apollo eGo may be just what you need.

With the manual battery and large capacity e-liquid tank, this e-cig will last you at least a full day and you will notice the throat hit and nicotine satisfaction.

The eGo e-cig starter kit comes with all of the following:

  • 2 Apollo Superior eGo 900 mAh batteries
  • 2 – 1.6 ml Clearomizer tanks
  • 1 USB charger and wall adaptor
  • 1 – 10 ml bottle of Apollo e-liquid (your choice of flavor and nicotine level)
  • 1 carry case

This is a very complete eGo e-cig starter kit and the price of this kit has been reduced from $69.95 down to $49.95.

We also have to make a quick mention of Apollo e-liquids. Apollo has 40 plus flavors to choose from. These blends are formulated with top quality, USP grade ingredients. This is top quality, USA made e-juice that costs only $4.95 per bottle.

Halo Cigs

The Halo Triton comes in a range of eye-catching color options including Jet Black, Iridescence, Yellow Jacket, Electric Lime, Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Princess Pink and Titanium.

Halo Cigs is another top manufacturer of very high quality e-cigarettes and top quality USA made e-liquids.

The Halo Triton is an eGo style e-cigarette that we are very impressed with.

ECCR’s e-cig review of the Halo Triton gives you every detail about exactly how well this e-cig operates.

We tested the Halo Triton extensively over an extended period of time and the results speak for themselves.

The Halo Triton starter kit gives you a number of battery options. First, the batteries come in a range of color options so you can feel free to express your style. In terms of actual function, we tested the 400 mAh battery. It is smaller than the Apollo eGo battery but it still packs a punch. It routinely delivered 400 puffs.

The Triton tank is big. It will hold 2.4 ml of e-liquid. We found that you get about 220 puffs for every 0.6 ml of e-liquid. This is a very efficient e-cigarette.

The Triton e-cig cartomizer kit in green by Halo comes with everything new users need to get started.

The Halo Triton starter kit comes with:

  • 2 Halo Triton batteries in 400 mAh or 650 mAh (your choice)
  • 2 clearomizer tanks (2.4 ml each)
  • Covering cone
  • USB charger
  • Wall charger
  • Carry case

The Triton kit sells for $64.99 but you can use our exclusive Halo cigs coupon, ECCR5, to save 5%.

Overall the star of the show is Halo Cigs e-liquid. It is phenomenal. They use all top grade USP ingredients blended in a FEMA rated lab facility. There are 23 flavors and 5 different nicotine levels to choose from. A 7 ml bottle sells for only $5.99.

That’s our look at the eGo e-cigarette. The eGo style is just one of many options that you have. These are great times to be a vaper!