If you are among those filling your own e-cig cartridges or e-cig tank with e-liquid, be sure to show extra care in handling the liquid nicotine solution. In its purest form, liquid nicotine is a poison that can be very dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Now, this isn’t to say that e-liquid should be scary to e-cig users. Liquid nicotine takes up just a fraction of what e-liquid is made of and, even then, a little knowledge will have you refilling e-cig cartridges or an e-cig tank without any concern at all.

Here are some important safety tips we suggest you follow:

While the vapor is harmless, never leave your vaping equipment or juice within reach of children.

Always keep your e-liquid locked up and/or out of the reach of children.

This one could not be more important so we’ll stress again that liquid nicotine can be poisonous. You do NOT want any kids close enough to open up those bottles. There are numerous stories of liquid nicotine poisoning in kids and that is downright frightening. This recent story of a child ingesting liquid nicotine is the perfect example of the dangers when you have e-liquid lying around so you can refill e-cig cartridges or an e-cig tank. Thankfully, that story didn’t end in tragedy, but it could have been avoided altogether if the e-liquid was locked up or out of the reach of children.

Use protective gear

When doing maintenance or filling your vaping devices always wear protective gear.

You do not want to be getting e-cig juice on yourself as you attempt to refill your e-cig cartridges or your e-cig tank. Of course it’s not like getting pure liquid nicotine on you (THAT is dangerous), but why not take some precautions and cover yourself up? Get some one-time-use latex gloves and wear a long sleeve shirt. Some people even recommend using goggles, but I think you only would need that level of protection if you are mixing liquid nicotine into e-cig juice yourself, which isn’t something we recommend anyway.

Follow your brand’s recommended method

Only use vaping products as recommended by manufacturer's instructions.

If you are purchasing refillable e-cig cartridges or using an e-cig tank, the brand you buy from will likely have some instructions of their own for how to fill their product. For refilling e-cig cartridges there are a few popular methods that you’ll see out there. The two that stand out for us are the drip method and the so-called “condom” method.

The first involves dripping e-cig juice into the cartridge directly in one of two entrances. The “condom” method on the other hand, has you basically filling up that little plastic cap that comes with a cartridge and pushing an empty e-cig cartridge into it. Sort of like a slipping on a condom I guess lol, hence the name.

Each e-cigarette brand will have their own instructions we recommend you follow their advice and use the methods that work with that brand. Here as some instructions for e-cigarette brands in our top 10:

ECCR E-liquid Nicotine Strength Guide

ECCR Clearomizer Clean & Refill Video

Apollo E-Liquid Instructional Video

V2 E-Liquid Instructions

Halo E-Liquid Instructions

Several of our top brands do NOT recommend refilling their e-cig cartridges because they are not made to be refilled. While it may be possible to do it anyway, we wouldn’t recommend you try as it could void the warranty on the battery you are using. If you are really interested in using an e-cigarette with refillable cartridges or an e-cig tank, check out Halo Cigs for their wide range of products that could fulfill your needs.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!

Don't worry about vape products, they're perfectly safe, just keep them away from children.

Do not let all the hype about liquid nicotine get to you! Even though poison centers are reporting more cases of exposure to e-cigs and liquid nicotine, that doesn’t mean there is some massive threat that should scare you. Of course incidence reports are going to increase as use of e-cigarettes themselves increase!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Dr. Amy Fairchild does an excellent job of putting the rise in liquid nicotine poisonings into perspective in this Huffington Post article and hopefully it slows down the panic that was starting to develop. Regardless of that, if you simply take precautions and are careful about where you store your e-juice then you and your family will be fine!