Green Smoke eCigs have achieved something in vaping that few other ecig brands have. Customer loyalty. Green Smoke has now sold 40 million products to very satisfied customers.  If you or someone in your life is still struggling with an addiction to cigarettes, know that Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are the best cigalikes on the market today.

A cigalike is different from a mod. A cigalike offers the easiest and most accessible form of vaping. With a mod, you often have to adjust varable voltages or wattages. You also have to manually refill an ecig tank with eliquid. Using a mod involves a little bit of labor! Green Smoke E-Vapor devices are easy to use and let you focus on the enjoyment.

green smokes pro kit is an excellent addition to any vaper's collection

If someone is looking for an answer to smoking, a cigalike is still the best way to start. The advanced ecigarettes they promote at vape shops are great, but many smokers are looking for an answer not a hobby. They want something easy to use and something that works. Many people do not want to adjust wattages, refill ecig tanks or to blow massive vapor clouds. There’s nothing wrong with any of that but for smokers just beginning their vaping journey, keep it real and keep it practical.

Of all the available electronic cigarettes that people should start with, Green Smoke is at or near the very top of the list. If you are thinking that all ecigs are the same, you are wrong. The fact is that there are hundreds of factories making ecigs today and many of them don’t care about quality. For them, the cheaper the better! You find the cheap ecigs in gas stations and convenience stores. The reason is simple, money.

The most cheaply made ecigs have the biggest profit margins. The markups are so bit that there is plenty of meat on the bone for the factory, the brand, the distributer and the retailer. That’s a lot of hands in the pie and you’re the one paying the freight for all of them. When you buy online direct from a company like Green Smoke, you cut out those hands and get the best deal of the very best products.

Green Smoke eCigs

The side-by-side Green Smoke kit options show the rising value and added components as your initial investment increases.

Let’s compare Green Smoke to Vuse electronic cigarettes. Vuse has slick TV commercials and you see them in every gas station and corner store from here to Key West.

Vuse is an impulse buy ecig. It’s what you buy in a pinch. The nicotine content of Vuse is sky high and too harsh for 90% of smokers and vapers. On the other hand, Green Smoke is the real deal. You get plenty of strength and flavor options and the vapor is smooth and satisfying. The quality of Green Smoke E-Vapor and the sheer enjoyment of the vaping experience is a cut above the crowd.

Of equal importance, unlike Vuse Green Smoke does not put you into a one size fits all box. Green Smoke offers a variety of flavors and strength levels. Not all smokers are the same! You deserve options that suit you as an individual. You can’t be put in a box! Green Smoke gets that and more importantly, choosing the right nicotine level is very important for a fully satsifying and enjoyable vaping experience.

How about Mark Ten electronic cigarettes? They are the same deal as all of the rest of the ineffectual gas station and convenience store ecigarettes. They do not offer the variety of nicotine levels necessary to satisfy the full range of vapers. Some people smoke two packs a day, some people smoke a pack a week. You can’t put all vapers into one category!

Look these are the low quality ecig brands that people always see in stores. How many smokers tried one of these ecigs and thought that they don’t work and went back to smoking? One is way too many. There are much better electronic cigarette brands out there but you have to go online to get them. If you have tried a gas station ecig or if you have a vaper, you need to take a look at Green Smoke eCigs.

Get Started With Green Smoke eCigs

Green Smoke may be the perfect starter kit for anyone trying to quit smoking.

Green Smoke ecigs has now sold almost 40 million products. That should tell you something. If you are a believer in free market determinism, Green Smoke is at the top of the food chain. They have been very successful and as a result of the success and the volume of business that they are doing, Green Smoke has been able to lower prices.

You can now buy Green Smoke ecigarette starter kits for prices that are better than the cheaply made junk they are pushing in retail stores and gas stations. When you buy a Green Smoke starter kit for yourself or for a vaper in your life, you are getting the best quality cigalike on the market today. You will also be getting a complete kit covered by a warranty that Green Smoke will honor. Green Smoke customer service is phenomenal and when you deal direct with the brand, you get a fast response to your questions or concerns.

Feel free to take a look at our full Green Smoke ecigarette reviews. We tested Green Smoke extensively. We put them through the ringer and they always performed at a level no other cigalikes have been able to match.

There are a number of Green Smoke starter kits to choose from. There is something for every budget. You can buy a very basic starter kit just to try Green Smoke, or you can pick up a complete kit that will give you the best long-term value.

Watch our ecig review video of the Green Smoke Express starter kit

The Green Smoke Ultimate kit, for example, comes with four batteries, two carry cases, multiple battery chargers and cartridges. Update: The Green Smoke Ultimate Kit is no longer available. Instead, check out one of Green Smoke E-Vapor’s new starter kit choices like the Essentials, Pro and Express. The Express Kit is a lower cost kit that comes with the basics. The Green Smoke Pro Kit is a very complete kit that is the most popular choice.

Quite often in life its easier to accomplish a goal with a buddy or partner. The Green Smoke Love Birds kit is basically two kits in one. If you team up with someone else buying the Love Birds ecig starter kit is a great choice.

Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges

Green Smoke replacement cartridges are available in resealable pouches of ten.

Where Green Smoke really shines and separates themselves from the competition are the Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges.

One thing that I would like to suggest that you consider is to try the Green Smoke cartridge subscription program. When you do, you can always count on having a supply of FlavorMax cartridges at the ready and you will be paying less than $2.00 a cartridge. That’s about as good as it gets and better yet, Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges are the best in the business.

The amount of vapor that you get from a Green Smoke Flavormax cartridge is incredible. There are mods that do not provide as much vapor as Green Smoke ecigs. The flavor is also amazing and what makes it so good is that both the flavor and vapor last from the first puff to the last. Every single Green Smoke cartridge will give you a solid 250 puffs which is the best cartridge life you are going to find.

What you have to be mindful of is choosing the right nicotine level. When you pick the right strength level, you can very much enhance your vaping experience. Not everyone is the same and you can find the level that suits you individually. When you find that perfect combination of strength and flavor your enjoyment level is going to be ideally accented to your tastes.

Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges are sealed for freshness. The cartridges are very easy to attach and remove. Green Smoke ecigs are very simple and convenient to use. They also offer a cartridge recycling program. Green Smoke cartridges come in packs of five and you can save money by buying in larger volumes. To get the best savings and least hassle, you should sign up for the Green Smoke eCigs cartridge subscription service.

How it works is you buy 10 packs of cartridges for $95.80. You can have these cartridges delivered on a timetable of your choice. Choose between weekly or every six weeks. You probably are not going to go through ten packs of cartridges in a week unless you are buying with other people. If you are new to vaping plan on using 1 to 1.5 cartridges per day.

I would recommend signing up for receiving a new supply of ten packs of cartridges every 4 or 5 weeks. You are going to save money and you should never run out of cartridges.

Green Smoke eCigs Coupons

The Green Smoke starter kit comes with three e-cig devices two boxes of replacement cartridges and three charging options.

When you buy any Green Smoke starter kit, you can use ECCR’s Green Smoke eCigs coupon to save 15%. The coupon code is ECCR15 and just enter the coupon if you decide to buy and like that 15% comes off the price. That is a an excellent discount and you should take advantage. These are the best cigalikes that you can get and they may be the beginning of a new phase of life for you or a smoker in your life. Choosing a high quality electronic cigarette is very important and Green Smoke sets the standard for quality.

We also have a Green Smoke coupon code that you can use on any future purchase of FlavorMax cartridges or other accessories. The code is ECCR5. This is good for a 5% discount and hey, every bit helps, right?

Green Smoke offers the type of quality that we need to be demanding as consumers. Right now, the cigalike market is dominated by inferior brands and we should change that. Green Smoke has invested in developing the best quality cigalike and vastly superior ecigarette cartridges. They carry a full line of flavors and nicotine levels and that can make all of the difference for smokers in desperate need of an alternative.

When you pick out a Green Smoke starter kit for yourself of a smoker in your life, make sure that you use coupon code ECCR15 to save some money.