You say you want an evolution well you know Atlantic Cigs wants to change the ecig world and don’t you know it’s gonna be all right! Thanks to the Lennon-McCartney songwriting team for inspiring the opening sentence. My next sentence is going to be poetic as well, probably more Beatles influence. Electronic cigarettes were the revolution and Atlantic Cigs is driving the evolution. It fits.

If any word can accurately be associated with Atlantic Cigs it is evolution and no innovation offers a better supporting argument than the development of Atlantic’s new universal e-cigarette cartridge the Portal.

Yes, the Portal is an e-cig tank cartridge that is compatible with the majority of the leading e-cigarette brands. Atlantic describes it as a “universal remote for e-cigs”. That’s basically what it is. If you have a Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, Logic Ecig or almost any type of cig-a-like battery the Portal is compatible. That means that you can fill your Portal cartridge tank with any e-liquid and use the e-cig hardware that you already own.

The Logic e-cig with an LQD variable voltage tank electronic cigarette is the perfect base model to compare against its competitors.

Think about that! In the first place, you will essentially be switching to an e-cig tank system without having to buy a whole new set-up and you will no longer be limited to the flavor and nicotine options offered by the original brand you purchased.

Let’s put that last statement into perspective. We’ll use the example of Logic Ecig. A lot of people own Logic e-cigarette hardware as it is one of the brands that you find in most gas stations and convenience stores across the country. Logic Ecig offers 2 flavor options and 4 nicotine levels. Do the math and you have a total of 8 options when buying Logic refill cartridges. Now, 8 seems low, and it is, but believe it or not that’s better than most of the brands that you find in retail stores.

So we have 8 options with Logic. Let’s look at how many extra options the Portal gives you. We’ll use Atlantic Cigs as our primary example. Atlantic offers 37 different e-liquid flavors and 5 different nicotine levels. Now 37 times 5 is, umm…  (7 x 5 is 35 carry the 3 and then 5 x 3 is 15 which gives us 185, note to self – find my calculator) … anyway, our answer is 185 option combinations.

That is 2300% more options that you have by sticking with Logic Ecig cartridges. Anything that gives you 2300% more options is pretty fantastic. The Portal truly is a portal to enjoying vaping at an entirely new level.

The Atlantic Portal green bundle comes with three reservoir cartomizer tanks and three bottles of e-liquid.

When you consider the fact that the Portal works with any e-liquid brand, that 2300% increase in options expands to a massively large number.

The Increased Options Are Great But What About The Dollars And Cents?

Let’s talk money. The Portal Mini tank will save you a virtual fortune in cartomizer cartridges. Instead of using a cartridge and throwing it away, you can refill your Portal Mini tank and enjoy a better vape over and over again. Let’s do some more math. The typical e-cigarette refill cartridge contains 1 ml of e-liquid. a 10 ml bottle of Atlantic E-Liquid costs only $8.99. So you get the equivalent of amount of e-liquid as you would get in 10 cartridges. Basically you reduce the price of a cartridge to about a buck.

The Portal is the latest example of how Atlantic has found an innovative way to distinguish itself from the crowd.

What Makes Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes Different?

The Atlantic Vapor starter kits are the perfect introduction to e-cigs and cig-a-likes and comes with everything you need to start vaping.

Since bursting on the scene early in 2014, Atlantic Cigs has made waves. Atlantic began with a high quality e-cigarette starter kit and 5 e-cig cartridge flavors. Early reviews were very positive and ECCR readers chimed in with multiple accounts of their own personal positive experiences with Atlantic E-cigs. Atlantic was quickly carving out a nice niche for itself. The truth was, they were just getting started.

By the summer of 2014 Atlantic had developed the lightest weight mod on the market. The Nautilus was very well received by critics and customers. Along with the launch of the Nautilus mod e-cig, Atlantic also announced that they had increased the number of e-liquid options to 35! Yes, they have been busy.

Here we are a few months later and Atlantic has now launched the Portal. These compatible e-cigarette tanks show a dramatic evolution. They have also unveiled 3 new e-liquid flavors with plans for many more to come soon.

What makes Atlantic Cigs different is their rapid evolution and uncompromising commitment to quality as well as versatility and compatibility.

There are about 500 e-cigarette brands out there. They are all determined to sell you their products and their refills. They do not want compatible products. Atlantic is keeping it real. Yes, they have developed higher quality products than the overwhelming majority of the competition but they know full well that quality and versatility go hand in hand.

Make no mistake, Atlantic is very interested in attracting customers, that’s why they are stepping up and offering a free e-cigarette starter kit. They are confident in their products but they also know that a lot of people have probably bought another company’s e-cigarette kit. Most of those people would love to get more out of what they have already invested in and own. Now they can. Atlantic is always thinking of the bigger picture. As much as Atlantic or any e-cig brand would love an exclusive relationship with you, a lot of people like to try different brands and a variety of flavors. Atlantic is considering your potential desires, not just their own.

Universal E-Cigarette Cartridge

Atlantic e-liquid has a handy chart to index which e-cig brands were compatible with which line of e-juice.

The Portal is indeed a universal e-cigarette cartridge. Here’s how it works.

The Portal comes in 4 different varieties. As the chart indicates, the Portal Blue is compatible with Blu Cigs, Blu Premium, Fin, Volcano etc. The name that sticks out of that group is Blu E-cig. A lot of people have Blu Cigs, they are perhaps the most high profile e-cig brand.

Blu has limited flavor options and many people are unsatisfied with the throat hit. The Portal Blue can change everything for Blu users. The Portal e-cig tank cartridge utilizes high quality conductive materials and allows you to get more out of your vaping experience. You can choose the e-liquid you want and get more vapor and more of a throat kick.

The Portal Titanium is compatible with V2 Cigs, Halo, White Cloud etc. Let’s look at V2 Cigs, which offers 12 flavors. V2 is a very popular brand and has been in the game for years. The Portal Titanium allows you to get a lot more mileage out of a V2 ecig battery. The flavor options are almost infinite and the quality of the Portal will give you more vapor and more throat hit.

The Atlantic Portal mini cartomizer tank is the perfect attachment for vaping on the go.

Take a look at the compatibility chart and decide which Portal Model will work for you. The Portal Mini Tank universal e-cig cartridge contains 1 ml of e-liquid and can be refilled multiple times.

The Portal Mini Tank is extremely well designed, easy to refill and easy to use.

Vape shop owners, how often do you have a customer come in looking for a cartomizer that you don’t carry? After all, you can’t carry 500 different types of electronic cigarette refill cartridges! Now, you can offer your customers an option. All you need is the Portal.

Right now you can buy three Portal universally compatible e-cig tanks in the configuration of your choice for only $49.99.

You actually get much more:

  • You get 3 Portal Mini Tanks that will work with almost an e-cigarette brand.
  • You get 3 – 10 ml bottles of e-liquid. You choose from any of 37 e-liquid flavors and any of 5 nicotine levels. Feel free to mix and match to your heart’s delight!
  • You also get a deluxe Atlantic Cigs carry case. The sleek black carry case looks great and will protect your ecigs everywhere you go.

If you haven’t tried Atlantic e-liquid you really should. It is very high quality thanks to high grade ingredients and perfect blending. The blending process provides you with a very consistent flavor and vapor experience.

Let’s add this up. For $49.99 you get 3 Atlantic Portal universal mini ecig tanks and a total of 30 ml of top quality Atlantic e-liquid. That 30 ml of e-cig liquid is the equivalent of 30 e-cigarette cartridges. If you were to buy 30 e-cig cartridges you would be paying at least $60, even for a cheap e-cig brand.

One taste of Atlantic e-liquid in flavors like Bahama Melon and you won't be able to get enough.

This is a great value and will take your vaping to another level. You will be more free to switch up flavors, try different flavors and get more vapor. You can also save 10% off of your order when you use Atlantic Cigs coupon code  ACECCR10.

Recapping the versatility of the Portal you have the fact that you can increase your flavor and nicotine options exponentially, you can save money on cartridges, you can make almost any cig-a-like an e-cig tank system, you can get a more efficient performance from your battery and the list goes on.

Check out the Portal for yourself. Go to Atlantic Cigs website. You will find the Portal on the front page as well as listed under “Ecig Accessories”.