Vuse was announced with a big splash and a lot of hype. Why not? The Vuse Electronic Cigarette was Big Tobacco flexing some muscle. When you’re RJ Reynolds and you have billions of dollars in profits from tobacco, a massive distribution network and a huge marketing team at your disposal, then a splashy media campaign is not a problem at all.

In fact, Reynolds is so confident in their ability to market and sell Vuse that when they recently acquired Lorillard for $27.4 billion dollars they dumped Lorillard’s premiere electronic cigarette property, the world famous Blu E-Cigs.

Check out the Vuse e-cigarette demonstration video that was released to announce the Vuse!

R.J Reynolds’ Vuse E-cigarette

The Vuse E-cigarette was announced with a well-polished, professional commercial campaign. It was the type of marketing kick-off that any independent e-cigarette entrepreneurs could only dream of. Vuse claimed to revolutionize the e-cigarette and create the ‘perfect puff’.

In some reports, Vuse claims to be the only e-cig with a sophisticated microprocessor that regulates battery function. That is absolutely not the case! The electronic cigarette industry was forged by innovative entrepreneurs and sophisticated microprocessors were among early developments that all of the best e-cig companies offer.

According to an anonymous source that claims to be involved in the Vuse e-cig project, some within the company are suggesting that all other e-cig brands rely on poor quality cartridges from China. Again, this is absolutely untrue! Cheap e-cigs do but not the quality brands. Reputable e-cigarette brands have been making top quality e-liquid for several years. Within Reynolds itself, there seems to a lack of awareness toward the evolution of the industry.

Despite the naiveté regarding the modern e-cigarette landscape, Reynolds obviously has the resources to back its product at a level that competitors cannot match. According to the same anonymous source referred to above, Reynolds is eying 3% of the US market share for the Vuse with the anticipation that 3%, although seemingly modest, will translate into billions.

The Vuse is a basic cig-a-like design with a rechargeable battery and refills. They offer a tobacco and menthol flavors. The prices are at the lower end of the spectrum. In fact the prices are so low it raises immediate concerns about quality.

The Vuse Solo kit pictured here will retail for $10.00 to $12.00. The larger Vuse System starter kit comes with 1 battery, 3 cartridges, 2 chargers and a carry case will retail for about $30.00. Cartridges will come in packs of 2 and sell for $6.00.

Vuse was released in Colorado and Utah where, according to RJ Reynolds, they have top market share. Next up is Philadelphia where tobacco sales are strongest and Reynolds feels that the Vuse e-cigarette is a natural fit for the market.

The folks in Philly can expect to see Vuse signage outside their local 7-11s and gas stations any day now. Is the Vuse electronic cigarette deserving of your consideration? Is it just another one of the cheap e-cigs that don’t perform? These are very important questions to ask considering that people will probably buy it because of the availability and marketing only to be let down by an unsatisfactory vaping experience.

Perhaps smokers will try using cheap e-cigs for a while and then go back to smoking. This is not the outcome that anyone wants nor is it good for anyone. Well, except tobacco. While we cannot comment directly on the functionality of the Vuse electronic cigarette, we do recommend following our tips for finding the best e-cig for you.

Consumers all across the country can expect to see the Vuse on the shelves of their local convenience stores and gas stations in the near future. The company is obviously aware of the impact of the e-cigarette in a society where between one-fifth and one quarter of the population is still hooked on tobacco. As the e-cig industry takes off, cigarette sales should, hopefully, begin spiraling downward at an even faster rate than they are now. Reynolds wants to make sure that their profits don’t spiral downward as well.

RJ Reynolds and other big tobacco companies had originally sought to crush the fledgling e-cig industry when it was still in its infancy. That plan failed. Plan B, if you can’t beat’em … you know the rest.

RJ Reynolds plans to convert 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space into dedicated Vuse electronic cigarette assembly. The company claims that Vuse is the “only” e-cigarette that produces satisfying flavor and vapor consistently. That is a bold claim given the impressive quality of the best electronic cigarette brands operating today.

E-Cig Reviews

ECCR has not yet tested the Vuse e-cigarette; however we have tried it , just not long enough to officially provide you with any serious first hand information about how well it performs regarding nicosat, puff counts, battery life and charge times. Our e-cig reviews are published only after extensive testing and vast amounts of empirical data are collected. A lot of companies make bold claims, very few actually back them up.

Until we put Vuse through an extensive and exhaustive series of tests, we cannot tell you how long the battery lasts, how many puffs a cartridge provides or comment on the quality of the vapor.

What we can do is apply some common sense to the equation. Corporate tobacco people that were trying to mimic the success of the e-cigarette built the Vuse. That is a cause for concern although the people involved in the design of Vuse may be extremely capable, they are not experienced in the e-cig industry and frankly the jury is still out regarding their basic design. The second concern is the low price.

Investing in R&D takes time and money. On the other hand, mimicking pre-packaged products with basic components is a low cost investment that allows anyone to get a product out. The rushed products tend to cost less, which is why cheap e-cigs generally are poor performers.

Reading e-cig reviews about the Vuse E-cigarette did not provide much information. It is very rare to find e-cigarette reviews that live up to ECCR standards. Most reviews throw out a few compliments, talk about the product and tell you exactly nothing about how it actually works. To take the pulse of what people really think of the Vuse, I looked for comments from real people that have first hand experience with the product.

Here’s what some people have been saying on message boards and comment sections from various sources, including ECCR readers:

  • I picked up a Vuse last night and it was far too harsh and caused coughing. I think RJ Reynolds wants people to stick with cigarettes!
  •  I was disappointed with the cartridges.  Some cartridges don’t work or are defective.  When they do work they are only good for only 100 puffs. The battery is cheap but the carts sell for $3.00 each.
  •  Bought the Solo (Solo is the name of a basic Vuse starter kit) and not pleased with the taste. Menthol is very menthol and when I take a pull it kind of chokes me up.
  • It’s nice to be able to get refills at the gas station but the battery conks out every other day. I also go through two cartridges a day. Not worth it.
  • I bought two $10.00 kits, both malfunctioned.
  • The cartridges are so inconsistent. (emphasis!)
  • After a couple of recharges, the battery seems to die out.
  • You have to draw with a lot of effort to get any vapor. Kind of makes me cough.

Most reports also describe the need for several slow primer puffs before it produces any vapor. When it does produce vapor it is harsh, bad tasting and inconsistent. The harshness may be connected to the nicotine content of Vuse cartridges which contain 4.8% or 48 mg of nicotine. That is a very strong concentration. For people trying to minimize their nicotine addiction this is not the nicotine level that you want.

Vuse E-Cigarettes Only Offer One Nicotine Level

A 1.8% or 2.4% concentration satisfies most pack per day smokers. If you smoke less than that switching to Vuse puts you at risk for strengthening your nicotine addiction. The best e-cigarette companies offer a variety of options to suit the needs of individual smokers. The ‘one size fits all’ approach of Vuse e-cigs leaves a lot to be desired. The package for the Vuse does not state the nicotine strength, however on your printed receipt if you look closely, it may or may not read 5 mg which is a lot higher than we’d recommend to anyone (2.4). Click here to see our receipt. Again, we’ve tried it. But have not extensively tested it. 

As for the common theme of battery problems, Vuse advises that the batteries do need replacing but they claim that it should only need replacement every six months. Unfortunately real consumer experience would seem to indicate that the batteries need replacing more frequently than the company suggests.

In order to find some balance, I looked for positive comments from people that have tried the Vuse E-cig. The biggest plus point is convenience, people like the fact that they can get Vuse e-cigarettes from a number or retailers. There are commenters that enjoy the Vuse and the flavors and have used it to reduce tobacco. Any e-cig is better than tobacco but quality e-cigarettes deliver a vaping experience that cheap e-cigs cannot match.

Another comment these that was fairly common indicated that a lot of folks are adamant about not supporting big tobacco and they will not try it at all.

Best E-Cig?

There are e-cig brands like White Cloud, Green Smoke, Halo and more. These folks are in the e-cigarette business, not strictly the money business and it shows in quality.

Conversely, Vuse appears to be an e-cig that is strictly in the money business.

To contend for the best e-cig, there are certain minimums that have to be met. For example, a battery should give you at least 200 puffs, or the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. The reason that a battery should last at least that long is that it is a sign that a brand has invested in up to date battery technology and quality materials.

Lithium ion batteries are not all the same. The quality of the lithium is very important to the function of the battery. Cheap lithium does not lend itself to a smooth transfer of charged particles and the result is a very inconsistent battery life.

The internal microchip that regulates the battery is also a factor in extending battery life and creating consistent vapor. Cheap chips do not respond as naturally, or accurately, as the more advanced microchips utilized by reputable brands.

When it comes to the actual e-cig cartridge, or cartomizer, a quality product should give you in the range of 200 puffs, again the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. More than that, those puffs should be consistent in terms of flavor and vapor production from one puff to the next.

Imagine vaping on an e-cig. The first 5 puffs don’t do much of anything. The 6th puff actually gives you vapor, tons of vapor and overpowering flavor. The next is a satisfying puff with the right amount of smoothness and taste. You struggle along, putting up with the inconsistency. Then, after about 50 puffs, the flavor starts to disappear altogether. Welcome to the world of vaping cheap, generically made e-cig cartridges.

The performance of the cartridge is influenced by several factors. The first is the quality of the e-liquid used. A well-blended, high quality e-juice makes all the difference in consistency and vapor production. A range of nicotine strengths is also a major indicator of a product that has put serious thought into the needs of consumers.

Next the cartridge also contains the heating element that produces the vapor. The heating element, or atomizer, needs to be made of quality, conductive materials in order to produce consistently. A low quality, cheap element will not conduct the heat nearly as well which leads to a glaring variation in performance from one puff to the next.

Basically, to be a contender for the best electronic cigarette a company has to address quality on every level. Fortunately, many of the top brands have done exactly that. The vaping experience that they provide is light years beyond the capabilities of the low quality brands that are out there including, by all early indicators, Vuse.

E-cig technology is evolving. The top brands are at the leading edge of those innovations. The brands that have made the grade at ECCR have all met our stringent standards. Your standards should accept nothing less.

From all outward appearances, it certainly doesn’t sound like the Vuse is a contender for the Best e-cigarette at this time. It may be better than some of the other cheap e-cigs available but that has yet to be firmly established. If you look at the top-ten brands that ECCR considers to be the best e-cig products out there, they have proven performance metrics that we make available to you in our thorough e-cigarette reviews. In all, you are much better off going with a proven performer.

To further enhance the case for why you should stick with a proven performer, let’s look at the big picture of cost.

Is The Vuse Electronic Cigarette Cheaper?

There is no doubt that in terms of price tag, Vuse Electronic Cigarettes are cheap e-cigs. Cheap does not always mean bad, cheap components does, but many companies are able to offer much better quality at competitive prices. Regardless of the initial price that you pay, calculating over all value has to take the cost of refills into account.

Remember that you have to buy cartridges and cartridge expense needs to be a big part of your calculation when you are looking for value. Vuse cartridges will sell in packages of two and carry a price tag of $6.00. That’s $3.00 each. If you consider the cartridge performance of the Vuse as widely reported, a brand like Green Smoke performs 300% better.

Vuse e cigarette comes with cartridge and charger

That is about a 300% better value as well because Green Smoke cartridges sell for less than $3.00 each. If you buy in quantity, the prices fall to under $2.00 each. Better yet, the flavors are excellent and the vapor is satisfying and consistent. By all accounts the Vuse cannot hold a candle to Green Smoke.

The Vuse e-cigarette is also available at the retail level only. When you choose any of the brands on our top-ten list, you are also buying directly from the company. This means that you have access to customer support, in many cases 24 hours a day. This also means that your orders can be shipped to you, which is a huge time saving convenience. Who couldn’t use more time?

What is the best e-cigarette to buy and where do I buy e-cigs?

One thing to remember is that while e-cigarette starter kits allow consumers an opportunity to buy everything they need at once and save money while doing so, if you don’t see a kit that you like you can always buy the component parts of your choice.

As an example let’s look at a possible scenario. Let’s say that you just filled up, bought some cigarettes and noticed the Vuse electronic cigarette on the shelf of the gas station. You also noticed that the price was only $12.00 and you have been wondering about giving e-cigs a serious chance to replace your tobacco habit.

How to choose an e cigarette

The price of Vuse electronic cigarettes seems very low. You can get a Vuse e-cigarette kit kit for the same price as two packs of cigarettes. Intriguing. You go home, get on the Internet with the intent of checking out Vuse e-cigs. You, being very fortunate, end up reading this very article!

After doing some research, you have serious concerns about the Vuse, but it is right there at the store you go to every day, a no hassle purchase at your local gas station and cheap, too. You look up the prices of electronic cigarette starter kits from a few proven companies and see that the price is higher, in some cases a lot higher.

Halo Cigs

Let’s take a look at Halo Cigs. Halo makes excellent quality e-cigarettes. Halo also features USA made e-cig liquid that is perfectly blended with USP grade ingredients. The Halo Triton starter kits costs $64.99. The Triton kit is well worth it and you wouldn’t regret buying it but we understand that you may be reluctant. So you think to yourself, “Halo Cigs is probably better quality but I can try e-cigs and get an idea what it’s all about and maybe upgrade later on if I like it. I can try vaping, and see what it is like for a lot less if I try Vuse”.

Here’s the thing. The vaping will not be the same. In fact, it probably won’t even be in the same ballpark. Halo Ecigs will provide a vaping experience that will really represent what vaping can be, namely an experience that satisfies to such an extent that it just might be a real alternative. You will also be able to choose from 9 different flavors and 4 different nicotine levels so you can really customize your vaping to suit you.

Here’s what you do. Understand that an electronic cigarette is basically a battery. In most cases it is a rechargeable battery. The cartomizer is a one-piece cartridge containing the atomizer, which is the heating element, and the e-cig liquid. This cartridge screws onto the battery and then you puff on it like you would a cigarette. An e-cig tank is basically a cartomizer that you manually fill with the e-cig liquid of your choice.It is really simple when you break it all down.

Halo triton vaping starter kit to quit smoking

With that understanding, you can buy basic components. Keeping with Halo Cigs as our example, you can buy a Halo Triton battery for $16.99. That is a powerful 650 mAh battery, nothing the Vuse has to offer can compare.

Then, you can buy a charger for $6.99 and a Halo e-cig tank for $6.99. When it comes to choosing a flavor and nicotine level, you have a huge range of options. There are 23 flavors and 4 different nicotine levels. Do the actual math and Halo provides you with 92 different options for vaping where as Vuse gives you 2. One bottle of Halo Premium E-Liquid, which is made in the USA with the best available ingredients, costs only $5.99 and each single bottle is the equivalent of 7 Vuse cartridges.

In total you can buy all of this for $36.96. To buy the equivalent in Vuse products you will spend about $26.00. Suddenly the cost is in the same ballpark as Vuse but you have a proven performer on your hands as well as a flavor and nicotine strength of your choice, not just what was on the shelf at the gas station.

If you really want a cig-a-like model, the Halo G6 Starter Kit costs $44.99. The G6 also deserves a place on the ballot for the best e-cig. Our Halo G6 review explains everything in detail along with the video review where you can see for yourself. To buy the individual components of the G6 you will spend only $27.00.

To help balance things out even more, feel free to use our exclusive Halo Cigs coupon code ECCR5. When you are completing your online order at Halo Cigs website, you will be given a chance to enter the coupon code and the savings will be discounted from your total. Click here to visit the Halo Cigs website.

The Importance Of E-Cig Liquid Options

As mentioned, you will also have a lot more flavors to choose from and more nicotine options. Choosing a nicotine option is very important. Buying Vuse from your local store you will not be able to choose your nicotine level and you flavor options will be limited to two. Tobacco or menthol flavors are all that Vuse has to offer.

One common theme that we hear from people that have switched to vaping is the fact that after a while, the taste of tobacco loses all luster. Once vapers experience other flavors, they never go back to the taste of tobacco and the mere thought of a cigarette becomes repulsive. More than half of people that switch to e-cigs prefer flavors completely unrelated to tobacco. There is a decent chance that at some point you will no longer want to be limited to tobacco and menthol flavors.

It may seem more convenient to simply buy e-cigs in the same manner that you buy cigarettes but the truth is that it is more convenient to have everything shipped to your mailbox. Halo, along with the other reputable e-cig brands that we recommend, are fast shippers. If you order halo now it will probably be on your doorstep within a few days at the most.

The moral of the story is that you can do better, much better, if you go with a top-notch e-cigarette brand. The initial investment may be a bit more but the long-term costs will be much more affordable than Vuse.

There is no reason to feel compelled to try e-cigarettes based on what the big tobacco companies put in front of you at a convenience store. Shop, research and buy an electronic cigarette on YOUR terms, not Big Tobacco’s.

Don’t Make An Electronic Cigarette Purchase Based On A Product That Big Tobacco Puts On The Shelves Of Your Local Store. Buy The Best E-Cigarette For You On Your Own Terms

Buying a good brand that specializes in e-cigs is a better way to go. You get better quality, value and you deal directly with the company. Win – win- win.

To give you a couple of other potential options, let’s take a look at Green Smoke and White Cloud.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is a perennial contender for best electronic cigarette. Take a moment to read our e-cigarette review and get all of the details. Our video also shows you first hand exactly how well it works. ECCR measured the battery life and cartridge life over an extended period and the results were impressive.

Green Smoke starter kits come in all shapes and sizes. The Ultimate Starter Kit is a tremendous value at $99.97. It comes with 4 batteries, 10 cartridges, chargers, cases and a limited life-time warranty.

While the Ultimate Kit is a great choice, for our purposes today, however, we are going to talk about the Green Smoke Essentials Kit. This is a basic kit but still comes with enough to get you started.

Green smoke starter kit for beginners

The Essentials Kit is comparable to the Vuse solo kit. Both come with 1 battery and a charger. The difference is that Green Smoke gives you two cartridges versus 1 cartridge with Vuse Solo. To compare costs, the Vuse Solo and an extra cartridge would cost you $13.00 to $15.00. The Green Smoke Essentials Kit costs $19.97.

After your initial purchase, you will be paying $3.00 each for Vuse cartomizers and $2.60 each for Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges. Green Smoke flavors offer you twice as many options as fuse along with 5 different nicotine strength options. Hands dow Green Smoke offers better long-term value.

Visit and check it out for yourself. Use Green Smoke coupon code ECCR20 to save 20% off of your starter kit order. You can also use Green Smoke discount code ECCR to save on your future orders. Factor in these savings and the value comparison tilts even further in favor of Green Smoke.

When you buy direct from a top-notch company you are able to access special savings opportunities that retailers are not able to. Building relationship with the company itself gives you access to better customer service from a company that is 100% devoted to electronic cigarettes.

White Cloud Cigarettes

White Cloud Cigarettes is an American innovator that has to be included in any conversation about the best e-cigarette. White Cloud has recently moved the entirety of its cartridge production to the USA. Voted as one of Tampa’s top employers, the company demonstrates that how the e-cig industry has helped toward making the USA a country that once again builds things.

White Cloud electronic cigarettes are simply fantastic. The battery life is second to none. White Cloud’s proprietary “Clear Draw” technology makes their cartridges about the smoothest that you will find. Drawing on a White Cloud e-cig is effortless. The cartridges are long-lasting and come in more than 20 different flavors with 6 different nicotine options.

Again, we have all of the specifics available for you in our White Cloud review and review videos. We recommend the Cirrus 3X Starter Kit which sells for $89.99. Once again for the purposes of of an e-cigarette comparison with Vuse, we will be looking at the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit.

The Cirrus 2 Starter Kit comes with 2 batteries, a charger and a pack of cartridges. The cost is $39.95. The equivalent in Vuse products would cost $32.00 to $36.00. Dollar wise these products are not too far apart but performance wise, that’s another story.

White cloud cirrus 2 e cigarette kit

White Cloud cartomizers last for 350 – 400 puffs. That is the same as almost 2 packs of cigarettes for each single cartridge. You can buy a 5 pack of cartridges for $9.95 each. That’s about $2.00 per cartridge.

You can also save when you buy your starter kit online. Use coupon code WCKIT15 to save 15%. Visit White Cloud E-Cigarettes and check it out. Look at the starter kits and cartridge flavors.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You’ve got a lot of options. You don’t have to buy the e-cigs that Big Tobacco wants you to buy off of store shelves. Make a clear choice on your own terms.

The companies that we recommend are also consistent performers with flavors that are pleasing to the palate and the vapor provides satisfaction without being harsh or overwhelming. Our readers also contribute e-cigarette reviews where you can get honest ratings based on input from people that have first hand experience with the brands in question.

The number one reason that you should stick to one of the reputable brands is that you want a smoking alternative that works. That’s why we are all in this. That’s why are e-cig reviews are so in-depth and so strict. We cannot compromise and neither should you.

The problem with brands like Vuse e-cigs is that an unsuspecting individual may try it and think that vaping is not for them. They may also be led to an unfortunate conclusion that vaping is really unsatisfying and does not work at all.

Vaping with the best e-cigarette that suits your specific needs makes a world of difference. It can be a life changer.

So, the jury is still out on the Vuse, but the grape vine is emphatically saying that you could make a lot better choice.