Ladies and gentlemen of the jury and all of your assorted pets, except for goldfish which don’t count because they can’t remember anything for more than a few seconds. I stand before you today to make the case for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in their claim against the frivolous, short-sighted assertion of advanced vape mods that only a large mod can provide vapor satisfaction.

We all know how we got here today. We have seen a bias develop in this climate where it is assumed that in order to enjoy the splendor of vaping, you need a big mod to do it. Well, my client may not be your typical bulked up electronic cigarette device but my client, ladies and gentlemen, can make vapor.

We ask that you not judge Green Smoke based on experiences with similar products because it is our claim that Green Smoke stands above the fray of generic devices. Other vapor devices that you see in your corner store may look the same. An Elvis impersonator can dawn sequins and sideburns but there was only one king of rock and roll. Likewise any old generic brand can sell something that looks like an ecig but there is only one Green Smoke. We ask that you judge Green Smoke independent of every other similar electronic cigarette based on the merits of the evidence.

Green Smoke starter kits come in three options of varying accessories and flavor cartridges.

Green Smoke eVapor has sold more than 50 million products. They are one of the best ecig brands on the market and that is the market say so, not only my own say so. They have done so without splashy marketing campaigns or the promotion of shop owners and YouTube reviewers. They have done so based on the quality of their product and the vapor experience thus provided. I intend to prove to the court that Green Smoke should not be overlooked as a premiere vapor product based on assumption and size.

Making The Case For Green Smoke E-Vapor

The driving purpose of my arguments here today are to seek out your consideration and deliver on two distinct fronts. Number one, I wish to highlight the fact that my client, Green Smoke eCigarettes, makes a superior vapor product and deserves placement among the very elite in the field. Number two, it is our hope that with understanding the experienced vapers among us will open up and revisit the possibilities that can be delivered by a basic design. Now many feel as though this basic design belongs in the past but this is not the case. New technology makes Green Smoke better than ever.

Back in the day when my Daddy taught me the fine art of crawdad fishing, I learned that sometimes the new fangled fancy nets and baits were designed to catch fishermen more than crawdads! An old fashioned pole with some line and the early worm always worked for us. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette design is simple. A battery attached to a cartridge and you are ready for the fulfilling vapor you desire. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s all there is to enjoying brilliant vapor with Green Smoke.

The logo for Green Smoke E-Vapor e-cig company is not surprisingly green in two shades with a leaf growing off of it.

Now you are asking what exactly makes Green Smoke different and better. Well the answer is the same as what made my grandparents jambalaya so much better. It’s what goes in to making it and how it all comes together. Green Smoke ecig batteries use only the best components. Sure, they could buy cheaper grade lithium and save on production cost but then would they have been able to sell 50 million products? I don’t think so.

And yes folks Green Smoke could have simply sold some generic ecig refill cartridge like many of their competitors but that’s not how they do things. They demand good old fashioned excellence and quality. Back on the farm as a young man I would often wonder why we did not plant more and mamma told me that it would mean less growth. I was young going to college and full of vinegar. I drew up a chart and showed mamma that we could plant 50% more and sell a lot more sweet peppers and snap beans. She refused. She told me then, and it has always stuck with me, that quantity is something you count and quality is something you count on. Green Smoke FlavorMax refill cartridges are bringing a level of quality to the table that can be counted on.

How can I truly verify this level of quality? Folks, we tested Green Smoke on numerous occasions over the years and have always been impressed by the flavor and vapor production. That remains true to this very day.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Green Smoke E-Vapor cartridges come in a variety of colors and flavors.

Allow me, if I may, Your Honor, to introduce to both the jury and all of the fine people in this sanctuary of justice to consider the defense exhibits that will surely establish the merits of Green Smoke E-Vapor devices and Green Smoke FlavorMax Refill Cartridges. We have completed extensive Green Smoke electronic cigarette reviews. You can also see genuine consumer reviews completed and submitted right here on this very website that you happen to be reading. See for yourself what customers themselves have had to say about Green Smoke E-Vapor devices.

With Green Smoke you get the ease of use that appeals to so many. They have sold 50 million products because they have amazing warranties, 30 day money back offers, endless specials but most of all they have sold 50 million plus products because of the sheer vapor satisfaction.

Green Smoke batteries last longer than a summer Sunday afternoon and the ecig refill cartridges are so consistent. The flavor and vapor last from the first puff to the last. I believe I did hear one good old boy say that Green Smoke refill cartridges are so good he’s always grinning like a possum eating a sweet tater.

Earlier today before my summation, good folks, you heard my highly esteemed opposing counsel stand before you and basically tell you for two hours that bigger is better. With all do respect, that dog won’t hunt.

Green Smoke Closing Arguments

Green Smoke electronic cigarette claims to put the customer ahead of everything else and their e-cig kit comes with enough accessories to prove it.

That brings me to one of my main arguments folks, bigger does not always equal better. My esteemed opposition, Mr. Big Mod, is a powerful speaker with amazing capabilities. If I may address you directly sir, Mr. Big Mod we have seen your enormous vapor clouds. We have seen how you can command 300 watts of power. We have seen how many atomizers you can vaporize ejuice with. We have seen it and we are duly impressed, Mr. Big Mod. Our hats are tipped to you in deference and admiration.

You are indeed, Mr. Big Mod, a superlative vapor device and we are enamored of your very presence at these fine proceedings. But along, sir, with great power and capability comes unforeseen limitations. This has always been the case throughout history. The Titanic was a marvel of its age but where it had bulk it lacked maneuverability which ultimately led to disaster. An RV may have bedrooms, wifi, running water and a comfy couch but it’s too big for the Starbucks drive-thru. The star ship Enterprise is a flagship but in many cases to truly explore a new world the crew deploys a smaller shuttle craft to specifically investigate and manage new discoveries.

Such are the lessons of history and such are we here today to once again revisit the teachings of the past and apply them to our current state of affairs. Mr. Big Mod says that Green Smoke ecigs are too small to make giant vapor clouds. He’s right. My response can be summed up in two words. So what. Down yonder we make room for more than a sledgehammer in the tool shed.

Not every creation under the sun is burdened by similar purpose. We don’t expect your compact car to pull a tree stump from the ground or to haul a piano. That’s not what a compact car does. A compact car get’s you from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. That’s its job.

The e-cig starter kit made by Green Smoke comes with two cigs, charging units and two packages of Green Smoke cartomizers.

The job of Green Smoke E-Vapor is flavorful, satisfying vapor experiences as quickly and easily as possible. Green Smoke gets you from point A to point B with no fuss and no muss. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what Green Smoke ecigs do.

In closing, allow me to say that no one in this courtroom admires, respects and enjoys advanced vape mods more than I do. I use them all the time. I thoroughly enjoy trying an unending variety of configurations and building coils with my own two hands and, often, what seems like all ten of my thumbs. Advanced vaping is fun and engaging. But, I can see how it is not for everyone. Many of the good folks out there simply want amazing vaping without the requirement of complex effort.

For those of us who dearly enjoy a fine vapor cloud reminiscent of the offerings of Vesuvius, ne’er should we overlook the simple pleasures in life. In moments that call for convenience and comfort, ladies and gentlemen, Green Smoke E-Vapor delivers. Here’s what I hope happens, folks. Let’s not segment vapers and pre-determine what vaping should be based on our biases. Let’s embrace all that it is and can be. A vibrant marketplace full of high quality products for every niche and occasion.With that, the defense rests. Enjoy Green Smoke vapor.