The White Cloud Phantom is not currently available. Only 500 were made and they quickly sold-out.  White Cloud E-Cig may or may not offer the Phantom again in the future.  ECCR is on the case and check back here to find out if the Phantom becomes available again.

In the meantime, you may want to try the White Cloud Cirrus 3X e-cigarette kit.

The definition of the word “Phantom” according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary is: “something existing in appearance only”. We’d have to say that this is a fitting name for White Cloud’s new stealth electronic cigarette. Built on the idea that there are many ecigarette smokers out there that want to vape icognito, Phantom breaks new ground and delivers an experience that will allow you to vape in many places without so much as a second glance from others.

White Cloud’s new Phantom kit is actually intended for their most loyal customers. They are only producing 500 of the kits and each Phantom kit comes with a unique metal card that is stamped with the logo and a special number. This insures your membership in the elite “Phantom Brigade” and means that you will be offered special deals that only Phantom Brigade members can take advantage of. Very cool kit. Very cool idea.

What You Get

the white cloud phantom is a limited edition kit that only 500 of which will be produced

Each Phantom Kit from White Cloud is priced at $249.95.

This kit includes: 1 Phantom Locking Display Box

3 Phantom Batteries

1 Squid Charger

1 Exclusive Black A/C adapter

5 pack of Stealth Draw low vapor cartridges

5 pack of your favorite Smooth Draw cartridges

1 Numbered Phantom Membership Card (1 of 500)

The Locking Display Box

Of special note is the locking display box. Trust us, you’ve never seen any ecigarette come packed in a box like this. It’s definitely very black, very cool and comes with a silver skeleton key to lock it up. The box itself seems to be made of some type of sythetic wood-like material and is very solid. Even the tray that holds the batteries is made of the same wood-like material.

This is a true collector’s item and a great box to pull out and unlock to show off your new Phantom kit.

Battery And Charging Performance

the phantom batteries are interchangeable with all other white cloud batteries

These stealth-black batteries are so low profile that even the logo itself does not show up on them unless you look closely. The plastic tips at the end of the batteries are black and there is no typical LED light on the end when you puff on it that would draw attention. If you look very close, there is a pinhole sized light on the end that only user would see when you puff on it.

As far as battery performance goes, if you’ve used the Cirrus3X batteries, you’re in for the same experience. The batteries are actually interchangeable with the regular Smooth Draw cartomizers you”ve come to know and love. The batteries last up to approximately 600 puffs and with the new ChargeBolt chargers, they only take a max of 2 hours to re-charge. Very good for such a long-lasting battery.

The Charging Apparatus

white clouds new squid charger will allow you to charge up to three batteries at once with ease

With the Phantom kit you get a jet black USB Squid charger fully replete with the new Chargebolt technology and an exclusive black wall charger. These both work exactly like the ones that ship with the Cirrus3X kit and charge up the batteries within 2 hours.

Of notable interest is the cool black Squid charger which has 3 wires coming off the USB charger so you can charge 3 batteries at once. You will not realize how helpful and useful this becomes until you own one. Charging 3 batteries at once off one USB port is nice and you won’t like going back to a single USB charger after using the Squid.

Refill Cartridge Performance

white clouds stealth carts are designed to pull a low amount of vapor so that you can vape in secret

This is where the experience for most vapers will go off into the freak zone. Most e-cigarette users are used to lots of vapor and lots of throat kick. When they puff, they are used to seeing the tip light up. It’s what we’re accustomed to. Not so with Phantom.

This kit is specifically designed for low vapor and stealth vaping and this is what the new Stealth Draw Cartomizers deliver. You can, with a specific long and slow draw, pull some decent vapor off the carts… but it’s not designed to do so with a normal puff. That is the beauty of the product. You can use these in dark movie theatres and many other places and not even attract a look. Nobody will notice you are using it.

The Stealth Draw Cartomizers are a bit harder to assess when it comes to how long they last. The team at ECCR tested them thoroughly and the consensus seems to be that they last almost as long as the regular Smooth Draw cartomizers do. Around 300-350 puffs. If you order the Double X max strength Stealth Draw cartomizers, the nicotine satisfaction is amazing and it’s much easier to tell when the cartomizer is spent.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

White Cloud E-Cig customer service and shipping is evidence of a strict dedication to satisfying customer demands. You will have a positive experience with this brand. They are a USA innovator and are one of the top employers in Tampa for a reason. They care about the e-cig industry and they care about their role in it.

Currently, you cannot order the White Cloud Phantom as it is not currently being offered. If they elect to offer it again, ECCR will be the first to let you know!

Review Wrap-Up

though very limited the white cloud phantom is a very interesting take on the concept of vaping all together

Overall, the Phantom electronic cigarette kit from White Cloud is an amazing new idea that breaks new ground. It’s great to use anywhere and especially when you want to do low profile vaping. The Phantom Brigade is a great idea from White Cloud that gives Phantom owners special deals and discounts rewarding them for their loyalty to the brand.

If you like lots of vapor and throat kick, Phantom is not for you. However, if you are like many who are a bit timid attracting attention to themselves using a normal ecigarette, just care about the nicotine satisfaction, and love everything with the White Cloud name on it… Phantom is a must have.

Please take a look at our in-depth video review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. We have also star-rated the qualities of the product with an overall rating as well. Be sure to check our editor and consumer ranking charts and feel free to leave your own review as well.