For a very long time, all everyone has seemed to want to talk about are the effects of ecigs. If you listen to the scare tactics that have been on the news, you’ll hear anti-vaping activists talking about so-called negative effects of ecigs. They’ll tell you that vaping isn’t good for you. They’ll say that ecigs will lead to a spread in nicotine use and won’t actually help smokers. They will even claim that electronic cigarettes are luring our youth toward something they have been driven away from – smoking.

Yet the scariest argument that is employed by those opposing ecigarettes is the idea that vaping straight up bad for you. That there are chemicals in eliquid that are terrible and, well, you may as well stick to smoking. It’s an absurd argument that has somehow stuck around. We see the results of it when rumors spread about propylene glycol actually being anti-freeze. That’s far from the truth, and you should read up on propylene glycol here if you want to understand this substance and its role in vaping.

Propylene Glycol is a common additive in e-cig vapor.

People ask me how I put up with so many untruths that are floating out there about electronic cigarettes and I tell them it’s just part and parcel of such a revolutionary movement. When something new and breakthrough comes out, and certainly electronic cigarettes fall into that category, it’s almost human nature to tear it down. Beyond human nature, there are also financial interests that can guide certain people and corporations to want to defend themselves by attacking. This began with Big Tobacco’s fight against ecigs, and when they gave up it continued with Big Pharma.

That’s how you get so many stories about the negative effects of ecigs, true or not. Yet, as time rolls on, we hear more and more about the positive effects of vaping. Things we already knew in our hearts, but the data, the science, is trickling in to back us up. The latest brings us more proof that making the switch to electronic cigarettes will make a huge impact in the bodies of smokers.

Effects of Ecigs = Less Chemicals

Many people are taking a step away from their cigarettes to ask if vaping is the answer to giving up smoking.

This new data about the effects of ecigs comes to us by way of the Journal of Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods. The results released in that esteemed publication showed how people who had made the switch completely from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes experienced a huge change. This change involved an enormous reduction in the amount of dangerous chemicals that entered their bodies via what they inhaled. The bottom line is that this reduction in chemicals meant they tested out as if they had stopped smoking analogue cigarettes altogether.

In the study, scientists took a look at the urine, blood, and breath of 105 smokers during a five-day trial and sought out 15 different indicators of harmful chemical exposure that is related to smoking. For those smokers who had quit, there was a 75% reduction in levels of carbon monoxide. Well, guess what? That was the amount of reduction in vapers too! This was followed with similar figures in other harmful substance such as acrolein, benzene and 1-3 butadiene. The effects of ecigs absolutely mirrored those of dropping smoking.

Evolve Vapors endorses vaping combined with an active lifestyle to maximize health benefits of giving up cigarettes, multiplying the positive effects of e-cigs over tobacco.

This news was followed by a press release from the folks over at Fontem Ventures, the company that owns Blu Cigs. Their Vice President of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Grant O’Connell, quickly put out a statement. “Encouragingly, in eight out of nine urinary biomarkers we studied, the reductions in levels of HPHCs following exclusive use of e-cigarettes were almost indistinguishable from reductions in smokers who stopped altogether during the same time. The obvious exception was nicotine,” wrote O’Connell.

Again, we can’t say that we’re surprised when news like this comes around. We always expect the science to show what we feel when we vape. Anyone who has made the switch to ecigs has felt that change in their body. We innately understand that the effects of ecigs are huge, and overwhelmingly positive. It doesn’t hurt to see studies bear this out. It’s good news for us and it’s better news for an industry that is still fighting through a lot of misinformation and character assassination. Here’s to more reports like this as vaping spreads across the land.