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About iJoy

Founded in 2012, iJoy may not be the most well known vaping company, but they are responsible for some of the industries most innovative trends. They have been one of the leading innovators in the vaping industry and share their developments with the vaping community.

It's rare for any company to share their research with customers. This stands as a testament to how much iJoy values it's customers, their input and their contribution to the growth of the vaping industry.


iJoy designed and patented the first adjustable airflow tank titled the FAATank for (First Adjustable Airflow Tank). This was the first of their designs that they decided to openly share with the world. They believed that their technology belonged to the people and not their company. Hence, why they share technological research with them. iJoy was the first to build the top airflow intake tank called the Acme. The Acme's success, resulted in other vaping industry giants making similarly inspired improvements to their tanks as well.

Top Products

iJoy wanted to create an advanced mod that could easily fit in a user's pocket. Design research led them to the creation of the iTop. This compact mod is still one of the slimmest vapes on the market at 140mm x 8mm wide and only 0.78mm thick. The iTop caused many vaping companies to begin producing their own "flat mods."

iJoy specializes in creating quality sub-ohm tanks like the Captain S and Exo XL. Their website offers a range of rebuildable tank types including RTA, RDA, RDTA, and SRDA which is a drip deck with easily replaceable modular components. In addition to their popular tanks, iJoy is selling two squonk mods. Squonk mods house their e-juice inside the mod below its specially designed RDA, sometimes called an SRDA. The sqonk atomizer receives the e-liquid from a bottom-feeding tube that lowers the need for re-dripping. The Capo SRDA and Capo Squonker are among the most popular mods of this product line.

Product Security

iJoy assigns a unique security code to their products so that customers can verify that their gear is authentic. To authenticate an iJoy product, go to the security check tab on their website. From there, you enter the product's code and click go. The website will then tell you if your gear is real or a clone. This tool is very useful when purchasing from 3rd party vendors for the purpose of user safety, which iJoy takes seriously.

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