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Adam Bowen and James Monsees founded Pax Labs together in 2007. As former smokers, they wanted to create a better alternative to a habit that had held them down for so long. They used their knowledge and background in product design to build a compact and stylish vaping device.

Thus, the Juul e-cig system was born. From there they repeatedly put their new device back through the design process. Reinventing and improving their own technology and system until they felt it was perfect.

Top Products

Juul Labs values style and simplicity in addition to function. The only device they produce is the Juul e-cig. Monsees and Bowen focused all of their efforts to produce a single, perfect product. The design is gorgeous, the Juul's sleek, modern structure resembles a large flash drive. Appropriately,  it camouflages while charging in a proprietary USB cradle. This is an excellent product for beginning users without interest in a lot of equipment and components. Juul functions at its optimum with no need for researching ohm's law or atomizer coils. Attaching one of the 5 different flavor cartridges is a snap and charging is just as easy. Simply plug your Juul into the USB charger cradle. The Juul is as discreet as it is perfect for the vaper on the move.

Juul Battles Youth Smoking

Underage smoking has been reduced in recent years but is still a consistent problem. Juul takes this issue very seriously and has created a policy that addresses the issue accordingly. They have created a program to monitor sales employees to ensure federal laws are adhered to. While many states have already passed legislation raising the legal age of smoking to 21, Juul has implemented this as a company policy country wide. Bowen and Monsees have also been known to contribute to numerous anti-smoking groups. They even have an email address dedicated entirely to combatting youth smoking.

Phone Number: 855-509-5885

Support Email: press@juulvapor.com

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