tApollo E-cig is a charter member of the e-cigarette business. The Concord, California based company is staffed and operated by some of the most experienced people in the business. This experience stands out especially when you try any of their fantastic e-liquid recipes.

Apollo E-Cigs are high quality products that feature consistent performance and lots and lots of vapor! Not to mention maybe the best e-juice you will find.

They also offer excellent value. The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit, which is the cig-a-like that we feature in an extensive Apollo e-cigarette review, sells for $49.95. This vape kit comes with 2 batteries, 2 chargers and 5 e-cig refill cartridges.

Apollo refill cartridges comes in packs of 5 and cost $12.50 each. You can choose from 5 flavors and 5 nicotine levels. You can also buy blank cartomizers that you can fill with any of Apollo’s 25 e-liquid blends.

If you are more interested in a mod, the Apollo eGo kit is an excellent choice. To be clear, an eGo style e-cigarette is different than a cig-a-like, or an ecig that looks like a cigarette. It is often referred to as a mod. An eGo has a larger battery and a tank that you manually fill with the ejuice of your choice.

The Apollo Ego e-cigarette tank system comes with two full e-cigs, e-liquid, USB charging units and a carrying holster.

While most mods come with a 650 mAh battery, the Apollo eGo comes with 2 900 mAh batteries. The kit sells for $69.95 and comes in 8 color options. ECCR’s Apollo eGo review gives you all of the specific performance details.

Along with excellent e-cigs and outstanding value, Apollo has award winning customer service. They offer a limited lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee.

Apollo is at the leading edge of vaping. They have added yet another extremely well designed electronic cigarette into their repertoire. The Apollo V Tube vape kit features the V Tube e-cig that is a powerful vapor maker.

It comes with an 18650 battery and a variable voltage feature that you can control in 0.1 increments from 3.0 V to 6.0 V. If you prefer vaping in Watts, you can do that, too. The V Tube vape kit sells for $119.95.

So, Apollo utilizes leading e-cigarette technology and has some outstanding e-cigs to show for their efforts. The reason we wanted to mention the hardware in this article because it indicates that Apollo is a progressing e-cigarette brand. They do not have the profile of a Blu Cigs or Vuse, but they do not have Big Tobacco dollars behind them.

No, Apollo is all about vaping and has been since the industry began. They are driven by quality. To that end, they have developed their very own, in house state of the art e-liquid laboratory that uses USA sourced top grade ingredients.

Apollo E-Liquid Lab

Apollo e-liquids are among the highest quality available boasting USP food grad PG and VG, 99 percent pure lab grade nicotine and locally manufactured in California.

Apollo’s best e-juice mixologists are artists. They were not content to design e-liquid blends and send out their ideas for another lab to manufacture. If they did that then they would have to wait until someone else sent them the finished product before they could try it. That would not do!

The team at Apollo E-Cigarette is made up of serious vaping enthusiasts. They are also chemists with degrees from top schools so why wait for someone else to do what they could do better?

They designed and built their own high tech lab. The lab follows the standards and practices of the food manufacturing industry. The lab is meticulously maintained to the highest standards. Strict protocols are followed every step of the way. From blending to bottling you can rest assured that Apollo E-Liquid is always contaminant free.

Quality control, impeccable ingredients and creative e-liquid flavors are a few of the many reasons why Apollo E-Cig stand among the best e-liquids.

E-Liquid Recipes

Apollo e-liquid offers a full range of flavors made with carefully protected recipes created by chemists who know what e-juice should taste like.

With their own lab at their disposal, the gurus at Apollo went to work.  Apollo E-cigs e-liquid recipes begin with a 60 / 40 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixture.

This ensures that the vapor will be full bodied enough to satisfy the demands of a demanding cloud chaser as well as those who are looking for a vape that is not too harsh.

All propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are USP grade. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia. They set the standard for the food, medical and natural health industries. USP grades are recognized worldwide.

The nicotine is laboratory grade and contaminant free. Apollo E-Cigarette does not take any shortcuts when blending their e-liquid recipes.

When it comes to flavor, the mixologists are incredibly demanding. They will not even consider introducing a new flavor until there is a consensus that it is 100% delicious.

Apollo E-cigs list of e-liquid recipes is currently at 40 plus flavors and counting. Some of the delicious and innovative flavors include:

  • Blueberry and Kona Coffee E-Liquid
  • Cherry Limeaid E-Liquid
  • Melon Cucumber E-Liquid
  • Mango Peach
  • Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos E-Liquid
  • Pumpkin Pie E-Liquid
  • Banana Cream
  • Pure Mist (Pure Mist actually has no flavor, it is just PG/VG and nicotine)

Apollo e-liquids are among the highest quality available, made in California and in popular flavors such as Mango Peach.

Of course they also have a full line-up of tobacco and menthol e-juice flavors. A 10 ml bottle costs only $6.95. A 30 ml bottle sells for $16.95.

The 5 nicotine levels available are:

  • Zero (0 mg nicotine)
  • Low (6 mg nicotine)
  • Medium (12 mg nicotine)
  • High (18 mg nicotine)
  • Extra High (24 mg nicotine)

If you have any confusion about which nicotine level is right for you, ECCR has compiled an e-cig nicotine guide to help you make the right choice.

Have you heard of dripping? In a nutshell, dripping is putting e-liquid directly in contact with the heating coil as opposed to heating a wick. In order to get absolute clouds of vapor, some people enjoy dripping and RDAs. It is not for everyone. It also often involves heating the coil to much higher temperatures than a conventional e-cigarette. The goal is the aforementioned clouds of vapor.

If you want the clouds, then you have to check out Apollo’s Fa-Q Max VG ejuice and the brand new Lindbergh line of Max VG ejuice. Both come in plenty of flavor options and are made to Apollo’s high standards.

Max VG eLiquids | Fa-Q And Lindbergh

The Lindbergh Air Mail e-liquid flavor is a journey in time to simple tastes with bold stories.

If you are a fan of subohm vaping or dripping then you know you need an e-liquid with as much vegetable glycerin base as possible. Well, Apollo’s e-cig liquid lab also produces the famous Fa-Q Max VG eliquid and the new and exciting Lindbergh Max VG eliquid.

Fa-Q max VG, formerly known as Fa-Q, is an American made MaxVG e-liquid that we can be proud of.  It is made to Apollo’s stringent standards.  So it Apollo’s new second line of Max VG ejuices, the Lindbergh series. Bot Fa-Q and Lindbergh are top of the line Max VG that will give you phenomenal flavor.

All of the ingredients are high grade including USP vegetable glycerin. The production standards are uncompromising.

Fa-Q and Lindbergh MaxVG e-juice is will not work in all e-cigarettes. It is specially designed for sub ohm vaping, a rebuildable drip atomizer, or RDA. Speaking of, subohm vaping has never been so easy thanks to the new Apollo VTube 4.0. You can experience the huge vapor of subohm vaping in a totally complete kit for an unbelievable price.  Take a look at the Apollo VTube 4.0 and see what you think.

Apollo E-Cig has covered all of the bases in an effort to create the best e-juice. They are unrelenting when it comes to quality. Their e-liquid blends are among the best quality out there. Their e-cigs are also top of the line. Apollo has earned a strong position as a contender for best e-cig.

Apollo E-Cig Coupons

The Apollo e-liquid laboratory is the chemical testing ground for their award-winning flavors of juice.

Every penny counts. Talk about an understatement! Today when I opened the electric bill I vowed to never turn on a light again. Surely I could attach a generator to a pedal bike and create my own power! There may be a few flaws with that plan.

Of course that will never happen. No, the bills will keep coming but any chance to save money should not be overlooked. It all adds up.

ECCR offers exclusive Apollo E-Cig coupons that can help you save 20% off of your entire Apollo E-Cigs order. That’s any Apollo purchase. That includes an order of Apollo’s top-notch e-liquids. To activate our Apollo E-cig coupons simply use coupon code ECCR during checkout.

With these savings and Apollo’s great prices, you can go to town. Try a variety of flavors. We think that you will be impressed by the e-juice gurus hard at work in Apollo’s laboratory.

Until next time, happy vaping!