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Perhaps more importantly, by applying these rigorous standards to our testing process and providing unbiased ecig reviews we can help you to avoid buying a low quality ecigarette that might turn you off of vaping altogether.

black note uses a natural tobacco extraction process

Unfortunately it happens. Someone tries a low quality ecig that they bought from a store somewhere without knowing what it was and without even knowing the the most basic details like nicotine content and based on that experience they assume that vaping will not work for them. the end result of this everyday scenario is that the person continues to smoke cigarettes, nobody wants that to happen. We certainly don’t.

We feel the weight of that scenario every time that we publish a review. Prior to publishing an ecig review, we go through several weeks to months of testing. You rely on us to get it right and we take that seriously.

First Impression

We have never before published an eliquid review. The reason is simple, eliquid quality is very subjective. We often mention the flavors that we enjoy and the ejuices that we like but doing a review strictly on eliquid was not on the radar. Everyone likes different flavors and mixtures. There were no real metrics that we can apply to officially decree one to be better than another.

What we have done is talk only about eliquids that meet the highest manufacturing standards. The ecig companies that appear on our pages have all been vetted to ensure that they utilize pharmaceutical grade ingredients and blend their eliquids in professional labs. Beyond ensuring quality, we avoided actual eliquid reviews. That is, until now.

Black Note Eliquid contacted us about reviewing their eliquid. This is a common request and we appreciate all of them and we will continually be reviewing vaping products. The request from Black Note Eliquid was different. Right away we noticed a few things that really made them stand out.

black notes rustic packaging is absolutely breathtaking and on a whole other level from their competitors

Black Note E-Liquid utilizes a 6 to 8 week process to extract genuine tobacco flavors from tobacco plants grown in rich, Mediterranean soil. They take small batches of tobacco and allow a natural extraction process to occur via maceration. They call it N.E.T. or Naturally Extracted Tobacco. There are no synthetic, artificial ingredients.

Making the switch to ecigarettes is all about avoiding the toxins in tobacco smoke and to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Ecigs provide that opportunity. Eliquids contain PG, VG, nicotine and flavor. Quite often that flavor involves sweeteners. Black Note does not use any type of additives or sweeteners.

These guys are unique. ECCR agreed to put them to the test. We tested, examined and vaped to give you all the details in our Black Note eLiquid review.

When our order of Black Note Eliquids arrived we could not have been more impressed. The packaging is brilliant, functional and elegant. The packaging is unlike anything else we have seen. It exudes class and rustic charm. Your eliquid order basically arrives in the Rolls Royce of eliquid packaging. It has a rustic look with a classic wood finish and early 20th century fonts.

The packaging is also practical. The 30 ml bottles of Black Note E-Liquid come in a thick, tubular, recyclable cardboard container that serves to keep the light from your eliquid maintaining freshness.

Throughout the packaging Black Note proudly prints and shares their story and how their eliquid is different from anything else out there today. They clearly have a lot of pride in their product and how they create it. Very impressive all around.

Black Note E-Liquid

black notes cold maceration is a painstaking process that ensures their liquids maintain as much of their natural flavors as possible

Black Note Eliquid ingredients are sourced directly from tobacco plants. The tobacco plants utilized are cultivated by experienced tobacco growers. Growing locations include some of the world’s most fertile regions in Italy and Greece.

Once the plants are mature enough for harvest, only the best quality tobacco leaves make the grade. After the best leaves have been selected, the nest step of the process begins.

The next step involves a ‘cold maceration’ process that occurs over the course of 6 to 8 weeks. Black Note eliquid by no means rushes their product. Cold maceration ensures the the natural flavor is preserved. No heat is applied to the process.

Heat can negatively impact the natural state of any plant product. The same goes for food products. Pasteurization, for example, actually has a negative impact on the natural benefits of food products. It is necessary to get the food we need on the grocery store shelves, but it does denature some of the natural elements. For example, heat can denature proteins in milk.

Black Note Eliquid is not in any rush. They are building their brand on quality and natural, unprocessed ingredients. It is a very unique and innovative eliquid brand.

Alongside the naturally extracted tobacco flavors, Black Note elqiuid uses a 50 / 50 propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) blend.

Black Note Eliquid actually hired an independent lab to analyze its eliquid ingredients to verify the fact that no chemical additives of byproducts are present in their final product.

The lab, Enthalpy Analytics Inc, verified that there is no trace of compounds like Diacetyl, Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Acrolein or Acetoin, all of which have been shown to be harmful to health.

Black Note has achieved this unparalleled level of purity via its meticulous processes and by not adding anything artificial to their eliquid. You are getting genuine tobacco flavor. This is a first.

As part of our Black Note eLiquid review, we are including the actual lab report carried out by Enthalpy Analytics.

Click here to see a copy of the Black Note Lab Report

Black Note

black note has 8 different flavors that are all different types of tobacco

Black Note Eliquids offer 8 different flavors. All flavors are tobacco flavors. Each tobacco flavor represents the natural flavors of tobacco’s grown in various regions. The flavors are all named for musical terms and they all hit just the right notes:

  • Prelude – Prelude tobacco eliquid flavor is extracted from tobacco plants grown in the rich alluvial plains at the base of the Italian Alps. The plants are Virginia tobacco plants and the end result is a light, bright flavor. There is a note of sweetness derived from the sugars that are naturally extracted during the cold maceration process. Summary: A light, sweet Virginia tobacco flavor.
  • Bravura – Bravura eliquid tobacco flavor is a full-bodied flavor that is derived from the addition of fine red barley. There are subtle touches of fruit flavor. Summary: Smooth, rich, full tobacco eliquid flavor.
  • Forte – Forte tobacco eliquid flavor is a stringer tobacco taste. The tobacco that gives birth to Forte’s sturdy flavor is grown in the volcanic soils in Naples, Italy. The plants are warmed in the Italian sun and then fried in the shade and allowed to be naturally air cured. When ready, Black Note’s unique natural tobacco extraction process begins. The tobacco leaves are gathered in small batches and then the flavors are extracted over the next 6 to 8 weeks. Summary: A strong, unmistakable tobacco flavor.
  • Sonata – Sonata eliquid is the result of a meticulous process designed to bring out the natural sweetness of Virginia tobacco. The fire cured tobacco leaves are steamed under high pressure to allow the flavors to naturally develop. Like all Black Note tobacco flavored eliquids, it then goes through the lengthy N.E.T. natural extraction process. Summary: Rich, robust tobacco flavor.
  • Cadenza – Cadenza eliquid comes to you direct from the mountainous regions of Northeastern Greece. The area near Xanthi is known for basma, the “king of tobaccos”. Widely regarded as the most aromatic tobacco in the world. The tobacco leaves are naturally cured and the flavors are naturally extracted. Summary: Aromatic and mildly spicy tobacco flavor.
  • Adagio – Adagio tobacco eliquid is an example of what can be accomplished with the finest Cuban tobaccos. Can that famous Cuban flavor truly be captured and transferred to vaping? Yes it can thanks to Mother Nature herself and the N.E.T. process undertaken by Black Note. Summary: A very flavorful tobacco taste.
  • Legato – Take Kentucky tobacco and plant it on the unspoiled slopes of sunny Tuscany, Italy and you have the beginnings of Legato tobacco flavor eliquid. Black Note has found the finest growers and the best growing conditions on the planet. Legato is a testament to what vaping can be. Summary: A mildly nutty tobacco flavor that is sturdy but smooth.
  • Solo – A menthol tobacco flavor. This is perfect for menthol lovers who want a genuine menthol, not a synthetic menthol. A layer of naturally extracted menthol oils is used in the lengthy maturation process to achieve the refreshing, mint rich taste that menthol lovers are looking for. Summary: Simply refreshing flavor, not overstated.

There are 5 nicotine levels available from 0.0% up to 2.4%. All of the above flavors are available in 30 ml bottles for $29.00. Each 30 ml bottle comes packaged in an attractive, functional cylindrical cardboard container that protects your eliquid from light contamination that can impact flavor.

The price is somewhat higher than industry standard but you get what you pay for. This product is meticulously crafted and is unlike any other elqiuid brand that you will find today. Overall, this is a great value for what you are getting.

It is like anything else. If you buy organic, natural products they cost more. It costs more to make them. But sometimes we want that high quality. We want natural products and not cheap, synthetic substitutes. Black Note is delivering natural, premium quality.

Black Note Eliquid offers a product called “The Note Book”. The Note Book is a sampling of all 8 Black Note eliquids. You get 8 – 7.5 ml eliquid bottles for $58.00. This gives you the opportunity to see which flavor hits the right notes for you.

After our testing, we think that you will enjoy all of them.

Black Note E-Liquid

if your black note order doesnt make it to you within 3 days you get to keep your order and get a full refund

Black Note Eliquid takes immense pride in every single aspect of their business. They have taken no short cuts or rushed products, quality is paramount. This is also demonstrated in their customer service.

The Black Note website contact form is always available and you can expect a quick response that addresses any concern or question that you have.

Black Note offers a 14 day refund policy. You simply pay to ship the product back to Black Note.

Here’s something really interesting. Black Note knows that you want your vape mail as soon as possible! How’s this for a guarantee: Black Note will ship you your eliquid order right away and if you do not receive your order within 3 business days, you keep the product and get a refund.

So, you will have your Black Note eliquid order shipped to your dorr within 3 business days or you get it for free.


black note is an industry leading e-liquid and comes highly recommended

Last but far from least we get into the heart of the matter. How does Black Note Eliquid perform? We are happy to say that is is amazing. ECCR founder Paul Rucci says that it is simply, “The best eliquid I have ever vaped.” It excels in every area.

We have tested a massive number of eliquids and there are some great tobacco flavors but Black Note is the best tobacco flavored eliquid that you will find.

Making an eliquid taste like tobacco is not easy. A variety of eliquid recipes have done their level best to come close but it is an elusive taste to capture. People contact us all the time looking for which eliquid tastes the most like real tobacco. We now have an answer. Black Note Eliquid captures tobacco flavor like no one else.

How did they do it? Well, they realized that you aren’t going to really capture tobacco flavor by mixing up a bunch of stuff in a lab. They let Mother Nature do the work. It takes time and patience but the result is undeniable. If you want a genuine, natural high quality tobacco eliquid flavor then this is the eliquid that you need to be buying.

We know the flavor is how does it vape? Well the vaping is also exceptional.

The 50 / 50 PG/VG blend carries the flavor and nicotine satisfaction perfectly. The vapor is excellent. If you want more vapor from your eliquid you will get it from Black Note.

The throat kick is also amazing. There must be something about natural extraction that heightens the body’s ability to detect flavors and sensations. In fact, you may find that you can actually reduce your typical nicotine level when using Black Note Eliquid.

Paul always vapes 2.4% but with Black Note he experienced ample satisfaction and throat hit at 1.8%.

The satisfaction level is absolutely outstanding as are the flavor and the vapor. We strongly recommend Black Note Eliquid. It leads the industry in quality and the performance is brilliant.

Black Note Eliquid began as a unique idea that was something completely new and innovative. That idea has grown into an exceptional product. If you’ve tried it, leave a Black Note eLiquid Consumer Review!