Apollo eCig is making some of the highest quality electronic cigarettes but more than that; Apollo eLiquids are setting new standards.

Apollo has developed an eliquid lab that meets and exceeds any existing standards. Unlike a lot of eliquid vendors, Apollo’s eliquid lab adheres to the same standards that apply to the food industry. Their ejuice recipes are guaranteed to be free of contaminants and to contain the ingredients that you see on the label.

Knowing what’s in your eliquid is a big deal. You see a lot of eliquid choices out there and they all have labels that tell you the ingredients and nicotine level. Here’s the thing, a lot of those labels are wrong.

Some e-juice brands may be selling liquid with misleading or inaccurate levels of nicotine.

There has been testing that showed some boutique ejuice brands have been selling eliquid with the wrong nicotine levels. The problem is that there are currently no controls regarding eliquid production. Some folks are taking advantage of that. Look, it is not as though any of these vendors have any bad intentions but they are just not qualified to blend eliquid.

It is critical that your eliquid be made to high standards. Apollo utilizes exacting standards and their blends are created by professional PhD chemists. Apollo can stand up to any industry standards that the FDA might choose to impose. These guys are very, very good at what they do and you can trust that you are getting high quality. By the way, those chemists are also avid vapers!

One of the best things about having your own eliquid lab facility is the ability to perfect flavors! Apollo does not have to guess at a recipe and then contract out the job to a third party lab. They can perfect everything in house and when they put a new eliquid out there, you know it is going to be good.

New Apollo eLiquids – The Signature Series

Apollo's new line of e-liquids, the signature series are a uniquely blending vaping experience.

The new Apollo eLiquids are specially designed by chemist, and vaper, Chris Gaskill. Chris had carte blanche to create 5 new flavors. The result was the Apollo Signature Series.

The Apollo Signature Series eLiquids were designed to maximize the flavor experience. The layering of flavors was painstakingly created by Chris and represents the flavors that provide him the most satisfying, daily vaping. The eliquid blend is a 50 / 50 PG – VG blend great for ecig tanks and clearomizers.

Apollo Signature ejuices work best in glass ecig tanks. Apollo has some of the top ecigs on the market. The Apollo Endeavor is a phenomenal product that currently sits atop the list of top ecigs. In addition, Apollo carries a line of the high quality, high performance ecig tanks like the Kanger EVOD glass, the superstar Aspire Nautilus Tank, and leading sub ohm tanks like the Atlantis and the Kanger SubTank. Hey, you always get the best deals when you buy online, too!

Apollo's Fa-Q line of max VG e-liquid includes flavors like Funky Money handcrafted in California.

The Apollo Signature Series eLiquids come in five flavor variations and four nicotine levels – 0 mg, 6mg, 12 mg, and 18mg. Each flavor is numbered and each is flavorful:

  • Apollo Signature Series 1 – a creamy apple cinnamon flavor with a touch of nuttiness.
  • Apollo Signature Series 2 – this flavor is reminiscent of those cookies and caramel with the fudge stripes
  • Apollo Signature Series 3 – a red candy licorice eliquid flavor
  • Apollo Signature Series 4 – this is a peanut butter banana flavor in honor of Elvis
  • Apollo Signature Series 5 – a sweet, candied blueberry flavor with a taste of tart yogurt

Apollo Signature Series eliquids come in 15 ml bottles and sell for $9.99 each. You can also buy the sample pack which contains one bottle of each eliquid flavor. The Signature Series 5-pack sells for $39.95. In total that’s 85 ml of ejuice for $39.95. Well, actually if you use Apollo eCig coupon code ECCR you will save 20% off of that price.

If you are a subohm vaper and want some unique max vg eliquid, Apollo has you covered, too.

Apollo Max VG eLiquid

Apollo offers some variety in the realm of Max VG eliquids. If you have been around for a while you might have heard of DripTonic. Well, DripTonic is now Fa-Q. Like all of Apollo’s eliquids, Fa-Q Max VG e-liquid is made to Apollo’s impeccable quality standards.

VG eliquids are designed work best with advanced ecigs and RDAs. They vape best at higher wattage and are very popular with people who enjoy sub ohm vaping and VV / VW mods.

The Fa-Q line of e-liquids by Apollo include flavors like Miss Samoa and are manufactured in California.

Max VG ejuices should not be used with plastic clearomizer tanks. The VG eliquids are thicker than standard eliquids. The reason that they are in such demand is that the vapor from Max Vg ejuice is thicker and produces huge vapor clouds.

Apollo Fa-Q Max VG ejuice uses USP grade ingredients. The VG ratio is truly max but like all great cloud making eliquid recipes, there is a very small amount of PG to carry the flavor.

Fa-Q eliquids comes in 16 ml bottles and sell for $12.99 each. There are four nicotine levels – 0mg, 3 mg, 6 mg and 12 mg. When you vape a Max VG eliquid on an advanced ecig, you are going to be getting more vapor. For that reason the nicotine levels are lower. 3 mg is a good place to start, even if you were using 18 mg with a standard ecig tank system.

There are 10 Fa-Q VG eliquid flavors to choose from:

  • Wacky Jack – an apple cinnamon with swagger
  • Fauxstess Cupcakes – like a chocolaty smooth cupcake
  • American Pie – classic apple pie with a flaky crust
  • Viva Las ‘Nanas – a tribute to the King’s favorite, peanut butter and banana
  • Imperial Milk – a creamy dragon fruit ecig flavor
  • Guava Lava – sweet guava rounded out by a touch of lemon zest
  • Green Party – sour green apples and kiwi
  • Pink Nova Max – like a tart, strawberry taffy
  • Funky Monkey – a fruit blend of banana, strawberry, and kiwis
  • Miss Samoa – caramel, chocolate and coconut combine into one delicious flavor

The Lindbergh Vapor co. Pan Am premium e-liquid flavor by Apollo is a passport to classic flavor.

Another new eliquid flavor line from Apollo is Lindbergh Max Vg ejuice. Lindbergh is idea for RDAs. Lindbergh celebrates the adventurous spirit of iconic airman Charles Lindbergh.

Each bottle of Lindbergh comes with 30 ml of ejuice. There are also three flavors to choose from:

  • Lucky Lindy – a sweet, juicy grape a lot like a Japanese Hi-Chew candy
  • New York To Paris – delicious fruits and cream with lychee, peach and coconut
  • Gone Baby Gone – like blueberry frozen yogurt

There are three nicotine levels available – 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg. Lindbergh is going to be giving you massive vapor clouds so you are not going to need a high nicotine level.

A 30 ml bottle of Lindbergh ejuice sells for $24.99. Remember, you can save 20% using our exclusive Apollo eCig coupon. You might also want to take a look at the new Apollo Smoozie e-juice.

Apollo eCig Coupon

With the introduction of Apollo's new line of e-liquids, get the most value for the lowest prices with this promotional coupon.

Apollo is obviously a very progressive ecig company that serves everyone from a first time ecig buyer to vaping aficionados. Along with the ecigs that Apollo has designed, they also carry some of the hottest ecig tanks in the industry. The prices already offer a tremendous value but with our Apollo eCig coupon you can save an additional 20%.

One example of Apollo’s amazing value is the fact that with our Apollo coupon, you can actually buy a variable voltage / variable wattage ecig kit complete with tank and ejuice for $40. It’s a crazy value. The VV / VW ecig we are talking about is the Apollo Valiant complete with a powerful 1300 mAh battery and a Kanger ProTank 2 plus ejuice.

That’s not the only example. The new eliquids offer great price points as well as Apollo’s hardware. Apollo’s quality and value are a big reason why they are rated so highly in the industry. So, go to Apollo’s website, shop around and if you decide to buy anything, use coupon code ECCR to save 20%.

Happy vaping!

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