Halo Madagascar Sunrise vape juice is a grape and lychee e-liquid flavor that brings the vapor, satisfaction, and flavor. I wanted to feature this e-juice flavor because I think there is something special going on here. Now, full disclosure, I am not a grape person. Grape e-liquid flavors are not my favorite. Lychee, to be honest, before writing this I did not know what a lychee is or what one tastes like! But what I loved about this e-juice is that it is rich, flavorful, but not wet.

Let me try and explain. With Halo Madagascar Sunrise e-liquid, it is sharp and sweet but does not leave that lingering wet, sweetness in your mouth. Now, some e-liquids are fruity and juicy and I like that, too. In this case, however, I liked the clean, dry aftertaste. It is interesting and kind of a different sensation. After I finished vaping I could not help but think…only Halo Cigs. These folks really know e-juice.

halo e juice wins award for the best e juice

Halo Cigs is an American vape company that made the art of e-liquid into a fine-tuned science. It all started in their cutting-edge Florida lab. They use only the best ingredients including USP grade. Every batch is meticulously tracked. They are totally transparent. In fact, you can read the results of independent lab tests on Madagascar Sunrise grape and lychee e-juice here.

More On Halo E-Liquids

Halo was making USA made vape juice before USA made was even a thing. They set the trend. Halo has won several awards for best e-juice. There are two lines of Halo E-Liquids. The original Halo line of tobacco and gourmet flavors. And then you have Evo e-liquids, which are primarily fruit flavors.

Buy award winning Madagascar sunrise by halo e-cigs

You should also know that Halo and parent company Nicopure is actively fighting for your right to vape. In 2016 when the FDA announced harsh anti-vaping laws that would have limited your choices, Halo and Nicopure went to court to challenge the FDA. Halo and Nicopure did not win that case but they are appealing.

With Halo e-liquids, you can choose the VG / PG ratio and the nicotine level. The standard VG/PG ratio is 70 PG 30 VG. The VG blend is 70 VG and 30 PG. There are many nicotine levels including a 1.5 mg level in the VG blend, perfect if you have a cloud chasing rig. A 30 ml bottle is $21.99 and if you join Halo rewards you can accumulate points that you can use for free stuff. Including e-liquid.

Difference between pg and vg for more and less flavor in e liquid

Halo Madagascar Sunrise Vape Juice Review

A delicious blend of grape and lychee. What I love about it is that the flavor is crisp, and not overly sweet. So it is not a saccharine, wet sweetness, rather it is a refreshing whip of sharp flavor. I want to emphasize that. A lot of e-liquids out there really lay on the sugar and sweetness to cover up for the fact that they haven’t really dialed in the flavor. After the exhale the aftertaste is almost like you just had a spoonful of sugar. That does not happen at Halo and certainly not the case for Halo Madagascar Sunrise vape juice.

Madagascar sunrise by halo e cig taste like tropical fruit

Ok, I have to say this because I did not know. Lychee is a tree that produces a fleshy fruit that has a sweet, flowery flavor with a bit of a tart kick. The end result is that Madagascar Sunrise e-liquid has a sweet grape base with a tart, lychee kick and finish.

The vapor is 100% Halo. A very dense and satisfying vapor with sharp flavors. This is one of our new favorites. If you like grapes and a crisp, tart lychee for balance, then this is a must try. It is not too sweet. Totally suitable as an all day vape.