It’s here! The company that made ejuice blending into a science has developed a superior VG ejuice blend. Halo V-Type e-Liquid has hit the market and you can enjoy Halo quality vaping with a new 70 / 30 USA made VG e-juice. This is great news for a number of reasons. Obviously Halo Premium eLiquids are recognized as some of the very best with outstanding quality and brilliant vapor and flavor. Now, sub ohm vapers and dripper can enjoy Halo quality with their advanced mods and vape tanks.

People who like tobacco ejuice flavors have been very much underserved by the available VG e-juice blends. It is very hard to find a decent tobacco VG juice. Not anymore! Halo has a large range of flavors including some of the best tobacco eliquids. Now, finally, you can get a brilliant tobacco flavored VG ejuice. Classic Halo flavors like Trebecca and Turkish Tobacco can now be enjoyed in a 70/30 VG/PG vape juice blend.

The Halo VType high vg e-juice comes in flavors such as Belgian Cocoa, Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca, Prime 15, Malibu, Kringle's Curse, Devlin and Black Calico all made in the USA.

Halo V-Type e-Liquid carried on Halo’s tradition of excellence. This USA made VG e-juice is made to the highest standards in a state of the art lab. The ingredients are USP grade and that is the gold standard. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia and the USP seal of approval sets the global standard for quality. You will never find impurities or volatile ingredients like diacetyl in any Halo eliquids.

Halo’s eliquid quality assurance process is extensive and reassuring for consumers. At ECCR, we are deeply concerned about making very sure we recommend only the best vaping products. When we look at how Halo operates and the measures that they take to make sure that you are getting the best quality, that gives us the confidence that assures us that we are doing right by you. We are fully confident that Halo eLiquids are among the absoluete best that the vaping industry has to offer.

Halo VType high vg e-liquid is American made and devilishly delicious.

Prior to Halo Cigs bringing any ejuice to market, they commission an independent lab to extensively test every eliquid blend. The transparency is a breath of fresh air in today’s crowded ejuice market where amatuer vendors make grandiose claims but don’t back it up. Halo ensures that  there is no diacetyl or acetyl propionyl present in any eliquid. You expect more in a USA made VG ejuice and Halo delivers.

When a Halo eliquid makes the grade, it is ready to go into production. Halo V-Type E-liquid is blended by trained chemists Halo’s cutting edge 100,000 square foot lab facility in Gainesville, Florida. The E-liquid goes through a proprietary steeping process allowing the ingredients to reach optimal flavor. Every batch of Halo VType E-Liquid is tracked with lot numbers and “Best By” dates to make sure you are getting fresh product.

Halo V-Type E-Liquid Flavors

Halo Vtype E-Liquid comes in 8 different flavors. As mentioned, this is USA made VG e-juice that is the choice fro subohm vapers and drippers. If you have an advanced vape mod and are looking for the best ejuice, you should try Halo. They have really done this right.

Halo VType E-Liquid flavors include:

Tribecca – a Halo best seller, ultra smooth tobacco flavor

The Belgian Cocoa chocolate e-liquid by Halo is American made and comes in a 30ml bottle.

Belgian Coco – a fine chocolate flavor, one of my favorites

Kringle’s Kurse – a minty cool sweet flavor

Malibu – a fresh menthol with tropical sweetness

Devlin – smooth tobacco with a touch of caramel sweetness

Prime – a stout, classic tobacco

The Halo VType Black Calico vg e-liquid is a mild, Danish-style pipe tobacco flavor with hints of vanilla for a subtly sweet finish.

Black Calico – a rich, pipe tobacco flavor

Turkish Tobacco – needs no description, exotic East tobacco blend

These are classic Halo ejuice flavors that you can now enjoy in a USA made VG ejuice blend. Halo VType e-liquid can be purchased directly from Halo Cigs and you can use Halo coupon code ECCR5 to save on your order.