ECCR is dedicated to promoting and protecting your right to vape as well as helping consumers choose the best ecig and eliquid products. We felt that it was very important to share Apollo’s story and how it stands in stark contrast to the current state of ejuice manufacturing overall. Apollo simply makes a superior product and it is very important that you demand quality when you buy eliquid. Apollo delivers that quality where so many others fail badly.

The current state of ejuice manufacturing is actually kind of scary. There are numerous reports of eliquids being sold at vape shops that have the wrong nicotine level in them. In addition to that, many amateur ejuice blenders also use low quality nicotine. This is not a good situation and there is nothing stopping anyone from selling inferior ejuice. It happens way more than you think.

Amateur e liquid manufacturers often use cheap nicotine

With Apollo ejuice manufacturing standards, you juice is blended by professional chemists who use high purity, lab grade nicotine. While industry averages show that eliquid concentrations are off by an average of 5%, Apollo’s nicotine levels are accurate to 0.5%. You can actually trust that the nicotine concentration on the lebl is what you are getting with Apollo ejuice. Not many other brands can say that.

Studies have also shown that just over 74% of eliquids being sold today have diacetyl or other contaminants in them. It is not a pretty situation out there. That’s why it is so important to use eliquids that are blended by professionals who know what they are doing. Many of the vape shop brands don’t even know they are putting diacetyl in their blends because they simply by generic flavorings. With Apollo eLiquids, you know you are not getting diactyl or any other contaminants. Apollo’s ejuice manufacturing applies and exceeds food industry standards.

Apollo e liquids do not diacetyl which is a carcinogen

Appollo eCigs has released a new video that gives us a behind the scenes look at ejuice manufacturing. Apollo is a leading American ecigarette brand. In fact, Apollo currently sits atop the list of best ecig brands as determined by consumers themselves. A few years ago, Apollo made a massive commitment to both their customers and vaping by investing in a state of the art lab facility and hiring professional chemists to ensure the absolute best quality eliquid.

With such an impressive eliquid blending facility and high standards, Apollo’s ejuice manufacturing ensures a consistent, contaminant free final product that vapers can feel good about and truly enjoy. With all of the recent frightening reports about the contaminants and inconsistencies in low quality eliquids, knowing that you have you can get pure eliquid from American experts in ejuice manufacturing is a serious breath of fresh air.

Apollo eJuice Manufacturing

Apollo has recently released a video that takes us behind the scenes and gives us a first-hand look at ejuice manufacturing. The transparency is refreshing and reassuring. As consumers ourselves, this is the kind of transparency that we demand. We are inhaling the vapor of this ejuice and knowing that it is comprised of only the best quality ingredients and knowing that the nicotine level is correct is paramount to truly experience the full benefits of vaping.

In the video, we see that Apollo has thought of everything to ensure that they are producing the best quality eliquid. To begin with, the eliquids are blended in a clean room that meets the highest standards. Any particulate matter in the air is filtered out and clean room workers wear appropriate preventative equipment to make sure that the clean room stays clean!

The eliquid bottles that Apollo uses in ejuice manufacturing are hermetically sealed to ensure that the eliquid does not pick up any contaminants in the bottling process. The filling of the bottles is a carefully controlled, mechanized process that results in a consistent final product.

Apollo manufactures a variety of eliquids including VG (vegetable glycerin) ejuice blends that are preferred for dripping and subohm vaping. The viscosity of VG eliquids are different and the filling process has to take that into account. Apollo calculates the filling process based on viscosity to make sure that you don’t get shortchanged in your eliquid. When the bottle says you are getting 30 ml of ejuice, you really are.

Apollo eCigs wants every bottle of eliquid to be perfect. They want to earn your business and they do that through quality and consistency. You are also going to love the flavors.

Apollo Eliquid Flavors

Having their own ejuice manufacturing lab allows Apollo the luxury of perfecting each of their eliquid flavors. There are well over 40 different flavors to choose from and each flavor is carefully and skillfully crafted to maximize your enjoyment. When the folks at Apollo decide to add a new flavor, they do not need to contract out any of the process, they can engage in all the trial and error needed to get the flavors just right.

Apollo has different e juice flavors

If you want USA made eliquid from an American ecig brand that is a true innovator, then you have to check out Apollo’s line of eliquids. There are a huge range of tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert eliquid flavors to choose from. Some of the flavors include:

  • RY4 – a very popular tobacco flavor with a sweet caramel finish
  • Triple Nickel – a nutty tobacco flavor perfect fro transition from cigarettes
  • Turkish Blend – a Turkish tobacco with a mild spiciness
  • Classic Tobacco Menthol – perfect for menthol lovers
  • Razzle – a favorite of ECCR founder Paul Rucci, Razzle is a mix of delicious berry flavors
  • Watermelon – maybe the ideal summer ejuice
  • Hemi Orange – a refreshing orange soda flavor
  • Capuccino – better than a trip to StarBucks
  • Pina Colada – classic fresh Pina Colada flavor
  • Candy Cane – enjoy a classic, minty Christmas flavor all year round

This is just a sampling of the available eliquid flavors. Apollo uses USP grade ingredients and blends eliquids in a 50 / 50 – PG / VG ratio. This is an ideal ration for most electronic cigarettes. If you are looking for max VG ejuices, Apollo has you covered.

Max VG eLiquids

Apollo’s Max VG eliquids are made according to the same ejuice manufacturing standards of all Apollo ejuice recipes. There is no compromising in any area of quality assurance and consistency. Max VG eliquids are not compatible with all atomizers. VG is a thicker, more viscous liquid than PG. You don’t want to put a VG eliquid into a plastic clearomizer tank. Make sure you have the right hardware! Apollo VG eliquids are especially designed for subohm vaping or dripping.

When subohm vaping or dripping, the vapor production is massive. This is what the cloud chasers want! When you are trying it out for the first time, make sure that you ecigarette and atomizer are designed for it. Also, use a lower nicotine content. You will be inhaling a lot more vapor than usual so you need to cut down that nicotine content to no more than 12 mg. We suggest you start at 3 mg.

fa q vapes funky monkey sells max vg e juice

Apollo makes two different lines of VG eliquids. The FaQ line offers 10 different flavors including:

  • Miss Samoa – a blend of chocolate, caramel and coconut
  • Funky Monkey – delicious kiwis and strawberries
  • Pink Nova – strawberry with a tart kick
  • Guava Blast – sweet guava and lemongrass
  • Imperial Milk – creamy dragon fruit
  • American Pie – apple pie and cinnamon

To see the rest of the flavors, just use the link below to visit Apollo and see them all.

The other line of Apollo VG eliquids is called Lindberg. Lindberg is a new line of Max VG ejuice that comes in 30 ml bottles and gives cloud chasers the massive clouds that they want in addition to a smooth, flavorful vape. There are three different flavors including Gone Baby Gone (blueberry frozen yogurt), Lucky Lindy (sweet, juicy grapes), or New York to Paris (sweet fruits and cream).

Apollo has a blend and flavor for everyone. Their ejuice manufacturing process ensures that you are getting a pure, leading quality eliquid that you can feel good about.