We have a new mod from Aspire! This new device has multiple inputs, a fancy way of saying buttons, and is a dual 18650 device with up to 150 watts of power. Our Aspire Archon review will walk you through the x’s and o’s so that you can decide if this is a mod that you are going to like and decide if you should shell out the $50 or so bucks to buy one. Even before testing out the Archon I had high expectations. One well should because Aspire is a leader in the industry and is known for quality and innovation.

Generally, when people think about Aspire we think about e-cig tanks. This company has innovated like few others and totally changed vaping with new tank innovations. The Nautilus and then the Atlantis were true game changers. Sometimes lost in the shuffle is the fact that Aspire has always made great mods, too. I have had a Aspire Premium Stater kit with Nautilus vape tank for two years. That battery and mod are still going strong. I used it every day for a year and even now I still use it weekly. They make high quality vapor products and that has been proven time and time again.

Aspire Archon 150 watt power supply in black, blue, and gray.

Recently, I did a vape mod review of the Aspire NX 75 watt mod. The NX mod is an absolute brilliant buy for any vaper. If you want to just enjoy basic sub ohm and TC vaping, it is very easy and with the extra inputs, buttons, you don’t even need to access the menu. On the other hand, if you do want to dabble in or dive into the advanced vaping features of a cutting edge mod, you can do that too. The Archon is the same. It has a very similar operating system but the difference is that the Archon has a different style and is a dual 18650 device capable of much more power. Up to 150 watts. Stylistically, the Archon looks like the Aspire Plato all in one vape device.

Aspire Archon Review

The Aspire Archon is constructed of a durable zinc alloy and comes in three different colors. There is a black with gold, a dark grey with gold and a blue with gold. It stands 88 mm tall, or 3.5 inches. The Archon is 50 mm wide, or 2 inches and 23 mm thick or just under an inch. It is a dual 18650 mod capable of 150 watts of output. The magnetic battery cover easily slides into place and holds firm.

The Aspire Archon has a smooth rounded finish that is cool and comfortable to hold. It can be a little slippery at times such as on a hot day when persperation may be an issue. That’s the only downside. Full disclosure, I sweat a lot. Not in a gross way, though! Anyway, I have always had trouble with smooth, rounded metallic mods. It is very comfortable, but can be slippery. As I was testing for the Aspire Archon review I did apply a textured decal to improve my grip. That easily solved it for me and it retained the attractive, sleek appearance.

View of open and sealed Aspire Archon 150 watt battery chamber with rechargeable batteries inside.

The fire button is nicely located and clicks beautifully. There are not rattles or shakes and in terms of the overall build quality the construction is terrific. Everything fits together smoothly and on point. The body style is the same as the Aspire Plato so the engineers at Aspire have really perfected this design and how it all comes together.

The biggest difference that you will note is the extra buttons on this mod. The W and T buttons allow instant access to basic temp control vaping mode and variable wattage mode with the touch of a button. The extra buttons allow you to bypass the menu for basic functions while at the same time enhancing the access to advanced features when you do access the menu.

Child Proof Mod

Like the Aspire NX mod, which has the same operating system, the Archon is a child proof mod. This is something that perhaps all ecig manufacturers should consider adding to vape devices going forward. With the Aspire Archon you can require a code to be entered before the mod can be fired.

I tried this while doing the Aspire Archon review and it worked perfectly. You can customize the code required to unlock the device. The only worry here is don’t lose that code! If you lose the code and can’t open your own mod you are probably not going to be happy! Even if you take out the batteries and then re-insert them the code will still be engaged. If you do lose the code you may have to go get Aspire’s help to go online and re-download the operating system. So don’t lose your childproof code!

If you have kids in the house, the childproof lockout feature of the Aspire Archon is a major pro. Kudos to Aspire for bringing forth this needed innovation.

Aspire Archon Design

What we really have here with our Aspire Archon review is a perfect blend of the Aspire NX mod and the Aspire Plato. The body design is the Plato. The operating system is essentially a dual 18650 NX 75 with up to 150 watts of power. So in essence it’s the best of both worlds. The sleek, cool and comfortable design infusd with the advanced vaping possibilities of the cutting edge NX 75.

The Aspire Plato was designed as a single 18650 mod with an internal tank. Aspire has taken that design and used the extra internal space to house a second 18650 battery. Adding a second battery doubles the standard output to 150 watts.

Aspire Archon 150 watt multi button mod with OLED display.

So at the end of the day, the Archon is the child of the cutting edge operating system of the NX 75 mod combined with the construction design of the popular Plato AIO vape device.  The end result is combining tow successful, proven designs and enabling vapers to access both of these designs in a single mod with a 150 watt capacity.

The Archon has a 510 connection and at 150 watts will let you push the limits of most of the best subohm and TC vape tanks. The Aspire Celito tank is a good choice and a great value but you can use any tank with a 510 connection. Not all vape tanks and atomizer coils will require any more power than 60 to 70 watts. In that case, a 150 watt mod like the Archon is still valuable because even if you don’t use it at full capacity you will get much more battry life than a single 18650 mod.

How To Use The Aspire Archon

Look at all of those functions! Depending on your vaping style, the capabilities of the Aspire Archon could either be imposing or inviting. The beauty of the Archon, like the NX 74 mod, is that this design serves both interests. This seems contradictory but I want to make this clear as part of my Aspire Archon review. This vape device is easy to use. For the basic functions you don’t even have to enter the menu system. At the same time it is so loaded with advanced capavilities that if you enjoy exploring deeply into the full gamut of vaping possibilities tha Archon can take you there, too. It’s really up to you.

Aspire Archon button function list and diagram.

If you want an easy to use vape mod that you can seemlessly shift from TC mode to basic subohm vaping mode without accessing a complex menu, then the Archon can do that. Unlike most vape mods, the Archon has two extra buttons that let you instantly switch from variable wattage mode to temperature control vaping mode with the touch of a button. You can also use the W and + button to lock the device isntantly as opposed to having to click the power button one to five times like most mods require. The extra buttons are a boon to keeping it simple as well as to easier access to advanced options.

Set A Custom Firing Profile To Enhance Your Vaping

If you do want to access advanced options like TCR or to create a firing profile to customize your vapor experience, the Aspire Archon lets you do all of that right on the device itself. You don’t need to sync to a mobile device or anything like that. This mod is totally self-contained. You can create multiple custom firing profiles in both variable power and temperature control vaping modes. If you would like to see more about the advanced functions we go into great detail in our Aspire NX 75 mod review.

In additon to all of the vaping features that you can access, you can also customize things like the logo that appears on the super clear OLED screen. You can have you name show on the screen. Best of all, and I think all vape mods should have this, you can childproof this device. You can set the Archon to require an activation code to be input before the mod will function. This is excellent especially if you have kids in the house.

Aspire Archon Review Wrap-Up

Now we get to the basic question that the Aspire Archon review ultimately seeks to answer. Should you buy it? Who is this device for? Is it worth the money? Let’s get through this quickly because as much as you love my writing, you’ve got things to do! Okay, if all of this talk about TC, TCR and custom profiles does not interest you and you want something simple and easy to use then you might be more happy with one of the devices that we feature in our vaping for beginners guide.

Now, if you have been using basic vaping devices but now want to try some more advanced options, then the Archon is a fantastic choice on all counts. Seriously, it will let you easily dabble in subohm and TC vaping without having to use the multi-layered menu system. And when you are ready for more, you can then go into the advanced systems and expand your experience ever further. As time moves forward and technology and vaping continue to change, the fact that the Aspire Archon vape mod is upgradeable means that you can always access the latest technology with this particular device.

Aspire Archon 150 Watt power supply button function diagram.

Not sure which vape tank to pair with the Archon mod? Take a look at our list of the leading vape tanks to help you decide. There are a large number of quality tanks, RDAs and more on the market right now. Hopefully we will continue to see innovation continue despite imposing regulations.

For my Aspire Archon review, I vaped this tank primarily with the new Aspire Atlantis Evo tank and have to say that they do indeed make a great pair! Although I did at one time use Triton coils in the Evo when I wanted to test the Archon at the higher wattage capacities.

Aspire Archon Quality And Value

The Aspire Archon is an excellent quality build. The zinc alloy construction is durable and retains the finish exceptionally well. The spring loaded 510 connection is reliable and sturdy. It is a mod with upgradeable firmware which is a huge plus in terms of adding long-term value. We found an authenticated vendors selling the Archon for $44.95 with free delivery. You are getting a lot of value here.

Aspire Archon 150 watt tc vape mod power supply with USB charging cable, user manual, warranty card and box.

Is it a high performance device like, for example, the Lost Vape Triade DNA 200? No but it is a very good quality mod that allows you to experience a huge range of vaping possibilities.

That about wraps things up for the Aspire Archon mod review! It is fantastic, affordable, powerful and upgradeable. Hard to imagine you will get a dual 18650 that does as much as this mod does for this price. The childproofing feature is an excellent idea that we would like to see more mods incorporate into their design. A very solid build rounds out the list of strengths. This mod is a great buy for any vaper.