Deep in the unspoiled Amazon there is unbelievable beauty but sheer survival depends on speed, cunning and strength. This is where the jaguar rules. It is this environment where you will find ‘astronium graveolens’, a lush, beautiful tree with a strength that adapts in a blink and withstands extremes.  It is also the Brazilian Amazon where the gorgeous, fast and precise Smoke Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod claims its origins.

The Smok Treebox is encased in stunning Brazilian zebrawood. Zebrawood is from the astronium graveolens family and the wood from these trees has long been prized for its beauty, strength and feel. Zebrawood has been the choice for fine instruments for generations. The striped wood grain is reminiscent of zebra stripes, which is how zebrawood gets its name. The Smok treebox is encased in fine zebrawood and the result is a beautiful mod that feels amazing to the touch.

The Smok Treebox 75 watt power mod comes in a mini and plus option.

Supplies are limited so if you are looking for something unique, something that stands out, then the Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod should be on your wish list. Just don’t wait too long to decide! By the way, the Treebox just so happens to be a top performing ecig mod to boot. Yes, it is one good looking mod but there is a lot more to it than that.

The Smoke Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod is simply beautiful but don’t let the beauty fool you. The Treebox is a lot more than a pretty face. It is beautiful on the inside as well. The quality and amazing precision of this temp control mod demands attention. Featuring insanely adaptive technology that reads and adjusts coil temperature 4,000 times per second, the Treebox has the versatility and capability of deriving optimal performance from Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils.

In the last year, we have seen an explosive growth in the popularity of temperature control vaping. The first TC mod devices that came out had a few issues. For example, the lack of precision might cause misreading temperature or some of the devices would randomly drop out of temp control mode. At first, Nickel coils were used and then titanium came along. Now many want stainless steel coils but not all devices are equipped to work with steel. Well, in the short span of time, Smok has debugged temp control vaping.

The Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod has incredible processing speed, reliability and accuracy. It can get the absolute best out of any temp control coil material and fire as low as 0.06 ohms and as high as 2.0 ohms. The Treebox reads and adjusts coil temperatures every 250 microseconds. The result is superior vaping with remarkable consistency not to mention efficiency. It is called high frequency dynamic resistance monitoring technology. These constant micro adjustments will give you more efficiency and that translates into getting more out of your battery, tank, coils and eliquid.

If you are looking for the best vape starter kit that is also the best looking! You should take a look at the Smok Treebox. It’s the whole package.

Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC Mod

The Treebox Mini 75 watt tc power mod by Smok has the classy elegance of true vaping connoisseur.

The Smoke Treebox 75 Watt TC mini mod complete with zebrawood body has the advanced temperature control technology that we have covered. This means real, stable temp control vaping with a level of consistency, performance and efficiency that is among the very best. As impressive as that is, it gets better. This mod is not expensive! You can get yours now for only $54.95.

I bet you thought it would be a lot more than that! This TC technology and beautiful design does cost much more than a basic eLeaf mod. For that price you also get a beautiful wood carry case. I recommend using the Smok Treebox with the Smok TFV4 tank. The TFV4 is hugely popular right now. But if you already have a tank or prefer another model, no worries, the Treebox will get the very best out of any tank.

While the Smok Treebox is capable of leading temp control versatility and performance, it is additionally capable of standard subohm vaping and standard vaping period. In wattage control mode, the Treebox is compatible with atomizers of 0.1 to 3.0 ohms. The output voltage range is 0.8 V up to 9.0 V. That means if you like subohm vaping and controlling the power output yourself, you can do that. If you like atomizer resistances above 1.0 ohms, you can to that to.

I don’t know about you but I switch it up all the time. In the work environment I use a classic Nautilus tank and a 1.4 ohm atomizer. When I’m out with friends, I have my TFV4 and I go sub ohm or temp control. I tested the Smok Treebox for 30 days through all sorts of real life scenarios and I really did get an excellent performance from my Nautilus, the TFV4 and my Aspire Triton.

The Treebox mini 75 watt tc power mod by Smok has an 9 volt power output and 2-3 Ohm resistance range.

I did use it with one of my own builds on the Triton. I finished building my coils and the atomizer resistance meter on the Smok Treebox said my coil read the exact resistance perfectly. I have a Fluke meter, a very good one, and I like to test the accuracy of the readings on mods. Well the Treebox is incredibly accurate. It is in the Vox II category of accuracy. Certainly far more precise than the majority of products out there these days. Don’t get me started on the early problems of the VT Mini!

Through all the testing, the Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod was just a marvel. I had to make sure that I maintained neutrality so I did ask others to try it and they confirmed that this is an exceptionally well built mod and the performance was “noticeably more consistent”. It was not just me. Part of the reason I had to make sure that I was being truly neutral was because, being honest, I fell in love with the Treebox as soon as I took it out of the box.

Smok Treebox Features

I like handcrafted designs that remind me that there is more to the world that steel and glass construction styles and Mother Nature is still the best designer of all. So when I saw the Treebox I loved the look. It is different. My first suspicion is that it was a gimmick but as I read the specs there was no doubt that the Smok Treebox was a genuinely advanced vaping product. I was thrilled to have the chance to cover and write an overview of the Treebox0 for ECCR.

The Smok Treebox Mini 75 watt temperature control vape mod kit comes in a beautiful cherry wood grain and a classy wooden box.

When it arrived, I opened the package and took the Smok Treebox out of the beautiful wooden carry box that it comes with it. Wow. The smell! That awesome wood smell that you know only comes from quality. It reminded me of my Uncle Bill’s woodworking shop. Holding it in my hand it felt real. It had just a touch of coarseness while at the same time being incredibly comfortable. It had me at hello.

It stands 3.7 inches tall, 1.6 inches wide and 1.1 inches thick. It is very compact especially for a 75 watt ecig mod. The list of features of the Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod is extensive but I want to include it here so you can see for yourself that there is a lot more to the Treebox than looks. This is infused with leading vaping technology. Features include:

  • The weight of the Smok Treebox mod is 80g or 2.8 ounces.
  • The output power ranges from 1W to 75W
  • Temp Control (TC) mode resistance range is 0.06 ohm to 2.0 ohm
  • Variable Wattage resistance range is 0.10 ohms to 3.0 ohm
  • Coil temperature range (when in TC mode) is 200F to 600F or 100C to 315C
  • The Treebox has a spring-loaded center pin
  • Stainless steel 510 connections
  • Magnetic side battery cover that is very secure yet easy to access. Perfect.
  • The Smok Treebox requires one 18650 battery
  • Micro-USB port (for upgrades only)
  • Large easy to read OLED screen
  • Over-Heating protection
  • Short circuit / current overload protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • High-Frequency Dynamic Monitoring Resistance Technology that detects atomizer the resistance once every 250 microseconds
  • The Treebox TC mod has Dual Driver Output Mode that boosts the voltage to improve accuracy and speed to create consistency

So yes a ton of features. Here’s the thing, all of the functions are streamlined into an easy to use interface. The intricate adjustments are made automatically. You customize the vaping experience that you want and all is set.

The Smok Treebox operates with an 18650 battery. Direct Vapor has an excellent selection of eFest batteries. The Treebox has battery case venting and accessing the battery compartment is easy. The magnetic cover is quickly pried open but at the same time the cover stays very securely in place during regular use. It never came off once the entire time I was using the Treebox. It is very stable. When I was switching batteries, accessing the battery compartment was never an issue. Very well made.

The Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod features a brand new technology called ‘adjustable initial resistance’. The idea behind this technology is to address the problem that has affected many earlier TC mods. What can happen is any atomizer reading that is off by as little as 0.01 ohms can change the coil temperature by 10 degrees.  With the Treebox, any resistance changes immediately register to ensure precision temp control. The consistency that results from this technology is something that I definitely noticed and this only adds to the quality and efficiency of the experience.

Where To Buy Smok Treebox 75 W TC

The Treebox 75 watt mini temp control unit by Smok has it's pedigree engraved right into the wood grain.

When you take a look at this list of features and consider the quality and beauty of the construction, it is remarkable when you think about the value. Right now you will get the Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod for less than $55. That is the pre-order price and that will be available for only a few more days. Regardless the price, however, you will always get the lowest price from Direct Vapor. Buying ecigs online is the way to go to get the best products at the best price.

We searched long and hard for a vendor who would offer our readers the ability to get the best possible value. There are many quality vendors out there, and unfortunately many more bad ones selling clones, but we chose Direct Vapor for several very good reasons.

First, and most important, Direct Vapor knows what they are doing and their online store is a “No Clone Zone”.  How big a deal is this? It is huge. There are probably 30 to 40 electronic cigarette factories in China that are incredible. They are making outstanding vaping products. But, there are a total of 600 ecig factories and hundreds of them exist for one purpose, to counterfeit and cheaply make products that look exactly like the quality devices.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of clones out there. They look just like the real thing and Direct Vapor knows the difference. They get  their authentic products direct from the real factories that are making the best vaping products. The no clone guarantee is important.

Direct Vapor has a lowest price guarantee. You will get the lowest price on authentic products. If you see an authentic Smok Treebox mod, or any other vaping product, listed for a lower price elsewhere, Direct Vapor will match that price. That immediately brings up the next guarantee, free shipping every time, no small print. Direct Vapor will never charge you for shipping.

The Smok Treebox Mini is a 75 watt temperature control power house in a stylish package.

You will also get a 15-day money back guarantee and a 60-day warranty. Direct Vapor is going to honor these guarantees, they are not going to refer you to the factory as so many retailers and other online vendors do. Look, Direct Vapor is doing this better than anyone. You are going to get the best deal on your Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC mod.

Smok Treebox 75 W TC

It is really very easy to wrap up the Smok Treebox 75 W TC overview. It’s awesome. It looks amazing, is very rugged and reliable. I have used those words a lot and they truly apply. In TC mode, the consistency is incredible. You can tell that there is new technology here and it is terrific. I really enjoyed using the Treebox mod with every tank that I tried with it.

The Smok Treebox 75 Watt Mini TC is a beautiful mod that performs at the level of elite vaping devices. It is a compact mod that is not only capable of temperature control vaping, it does TC vaping better. Got to Direct Vapor and get yours before it sells out. These will not be on the shelves for long.