The IPV4S Mod is one of the hottest electronic cigarette products of 2015. Earlier this summer, the original IPV4 was released. The IPV4 is an impressive 100 watt mod with an advanced microprocessor chip that gives it precision control. The IPV4S mod has been upgraded and comes with the new YIHI SX330-V4S chip and 20 more watts of power. We are now talking about 120 watt temperature control vaping.

The IPV4S Mod has been drawing rave reviews. The most consistent things that you hear from people is that they love the vapor and flavor plus they are amazed by how easy it is to use. With dual 18650 batteries, the IPV4S has the power and precision that is being demanded by discerning vapers. That is, by the way, long lasting power.

The IPV4s 120 watt vape mod by Pioneer4you is available in both black and silver.

The IPV4S will fire down to 0.1 ohms. The 510 connection makes it compatible with all of the best ecig tanks including temperature control coils and builds. For example, we reviewed the Kanger SubTank Plus that we picked up from Mt Baker Vapor and it is amazing. The 510 connection has a spring loaded center pin which is basically a must if you want to be able to use any of the hundred plus ecig tanks on the market these days.

If you are not familiar with temperature control vaping, it is a way of achieving a high level of consistency by ensuring the same heating coil temperature with every puff. Because you control the temperature precisely, there are many times when you coil is already heated so it does not require as much power to provide you a ton of vapor. This increases efficiency and saves you battery life. There have also been tests that show that temperature control vaping gives you more mileage out of your eliquid.

In order to enjoy temperature control vaping, you require coil material that is compatible. Nickel and titanium coils are the ideal. So if you have perchance noticed coils labeled Ni 200 or titanium well now you know that those are designed to work with temperature control vaping devices like the IPV4S mod. You can also build your own temperature control coils with nickel or titanium. The YIHI SX330-V4S chip will exactly measure the resistance of your build or your pre-built coil of choice.

The Pioneer4you IPV4s starter kit comes with the 120 watt vape mod and USB charging cable.

The YIHI SX330-V4S chip is quickly earning a reputation as one of the best chips in the industry. The chip manages temperature control almost flawlessly. You might have heard some of the criticisms about the Joytech eVic VT temperature control vaping mod. It has a reputation for unpredictably dropping out of temperature control mode and frying coils. We have not heard of a single instance of this happening with the IPV4S. Please let us know if you have but from all that we are seeing, the IPV4S mod seems to be the best temperature control mod going right now.

By the way, Kangertech, Aspire subohm vaping tanks and all of the rest of the best ecig brands are starting to offer Ni200 nickel coils. They are doing so because it looks like temperature control vaping may be the next big thing in the electronic cigarette movement.


The Pioneer4you IPV4s 120 watt power mod comes standard with a 510 tank connection.

The IPV4S Mod is a thing of beauty. It feels great in your hands and is very comfortable to hold. The grip on the battery cover is beautifully textured so the grip is always sure and steady. The battery cover is held in place magnetically.

You might think that a magnetic cover could be prone to failure but that is not the case with the IPV4 and IPV4S design. They have perfectly designed the cover and the magnets hold brilliantly.

The 510 connection has 4 grooves so the IPV4S Mod will work with ecig tanks that draw airflow from the connection. That this is a very versatile electronic cigarette mod.

Let’s talk about some of the other features. It’s a long list but I will try and keep it brief. I’ll put a link at the end so you can go to Mt Baker Vapor and get more details.

The battery chamber for the IPV4s 120 watt power mod by Pioneer4you is easily accessible and secure.

Okay, to begin with the IPV4S Mod is compatible with atomizer resistances ranging from0.1 ohms up to 3.0 ohms. So you can enjoy standard vaping or go subohm, like way subohm! Like mentioned earlier, it takes dual 18650 flat top batteries. The batteries do not come with the device so you have to pick those up separately if you don’t already have any. If you need to buy batteries, Mt Baker Vapor has eFest, Sony, Samsung and other quality brands. Don’t buy some bargain basement battery! The IPV4S Mod is a state of the art device and you will get incredible performance if you use high quality batteries.

The body of the IPV4S mod is an awesome aluminum finish. The magnetic battery cover has a rubberized coating for grip. On the side of the device you will find a beautiful inset screen that is very easy to read. The power button is large and comfortable. The up and down adjusting buttons are nicely located on the lower half of the device. It is very easy to scroll through the functions and modify the functions.

The silver version of Pioneer4you's IPV4s 120 watt power mod has a black battery chamber cover and button bar.

The IPV4S mod is capable of generating anywhere from 10 watts up to 120 watts of power. That equates to 1 V up to 7 V. For Ni atomizers the output power can range from 5J to 50J. For Ti wire you’re looking at a power output from 5J to 100J. The power is regulated to protect against reverse polarity incidents, low voltage, low resistance and a range of other potential failures. This is advanced technology.

The temperature limits are from 100 degrees C to 300 degrees C or from 212 degrees F to 572 degrees F. When you are using temperature control mode, start with a lower temperature and work your way up to your ideal. I tell you, at the high temperatures the vapor production is unbelievable! The flavor is incredible, too.  If you aren’t used to it or ready for it, you could be taken by surprise! So start out low and work your way up. Just find the right zone for you, don’t feel like you need to push it, just enjoy it.

The thing that you are really going to love about the IPV4S mod is how easy it is to use. You would think that with all of the features it might be too much but it is not, not at all. It is very simple to access the functions and adjust them. It is a lot of fun to use and very reliable. The best part, I have never had it drop out of temperature control once. That puts it at the top of the list of temp control mods in my book.

Pioneer4you's IPV4s 120 watt vape mod is available in black and white with black grip and button bar.

The IPV4S Mod sells for anywhere from $70 to $100. We like Mt Baker vapor because they are one of the very few ecig companies that really care about selling genuine products. The IPV4S is a hot product and a lot of companies are making cheap, counterfeit ecig products. Mount Baker only sells authentic product at the best prices. They are selling the IPV4S for just under $70 which is really good but it gets better. You can use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon ECCR10 to save another 10%. Plus, they through in free eliquid with your order. So, that makes Mt. Baker Vapor thee best place to buy your IPV4S Mod.

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