We have got your Sigelei Moonshot review and we are ready to announce whether or not this innovative RTA design is poised to be one of the best vape tanks of 2016. Sigelei went all out on this one. They brought in an American design team to create a one of a kind RTA. The end result is a completely unique rebuildable tank atomizer that is a cool customer even when vaping at 200 watts.

Last year, the Griffin RTA was one of the most popular vaping products for coil building aficionados. As we will talk about in out Sigelei Moonshot review, this new design surpasses the performance of the Griffin and really is a new level of vaping. There are a few twists to get used to when building your coils on the Moonshot deck, but they are easy to get used to and the results will speak for themselves.

The Sigelei Suprimo Moonshot tank comes with the Suprimo deck mod.

I was very impressed by how Sigelei and Suprimo teamed up on the design and manufacture of the Moonshot RTA. The vaping mad scientists at Suprimo located in the Bay Area worked to create something truly special and unique. Sigelei brought the design to life using the best possible materials skillfully engineered to create a high-performing, versatile and durable RTA.

What are people looking for in an RTA? They want the massive vapor of a dripper, they want to be able to push the limits of coil building but they also want a usability factor that does not involve constantly having to take out an ejuice bottle and apply a few drops of ejuice. With a traditional dripper, you constantly have to apply ejuice to your wicks and coils. Instead, with the help of a small vape tank fitted to the atomizer deck, you can enjoy the vapor of a dripper but with the ease of use of a vape tank.

It’s early in the Sigelei Moonshot review or Suprimo Moonshot, I guess both brand names apply being a joint venture of sorts, but if I can characterize the Moonshot in a word it would be flavor. Yes, you can get huge clouds and take your mods to the limits, but what really stands out from any other RTA is the absolutely vivid flavors. On the back of the Moonshot box it says that this atomizer is built for cloud chasing and flavor chasing and that is very true.

Sigelei Moonshot Review

So I have given this Sigelei Moonshot review a pretty hyped introduction but for very good reason. The Moonshot has hyped me up! It really is awesome and I can’t wait to tell you why. If you like pushing limits with your coil builds and if you like to push the limits of some of these powerful 200 watt mods you are going to want a Moonshot.

I like Sigelei quite a bit and when I was testing for the Sigelei Moonshot review I was largely doing so with the Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt TC mod. It’s a great mod for the Moonshot RTA because it lets you enjoy the full potential of this advanced RTA vape tank. The IPV5 would also be a great choice. I tried a couple of mods doing the Sigelei Moonshot review but spent most of my time partnering this RTA with the Fuchai. I have to say for the record the Moonshot worked awesomely with every mod I tried so I leave the choice of mod to you.

The Sigelei Moonshot rebuildable tank atomizer vape system comes in black and silver with a black drip tip.

Okay, brass tacks. The Sigelei Moonshot is made of 304 stainless steel. This is a common form of stainless steel often used in kitchen appliances. It is very strong and resistant to rust. If you have ever bought a clone, you have probably noticed some rust forming after a time and that’s because clones may look like the real thing but they are not. Clones use the cheapest materials possible to copy successful products and the Moonshot will be copied. Make sure you get an authentic Sigelei Moonshot by buying from Direct Vapor.

If you buy a Sigelei Moonshot RTA from anyone other than Direct Vapor, it would be advisable to access Sigelei’s authenticity verification page to ensure you have an authentic product. Ideally, honestly, if you get your Moonshot from Direct Vapor you won’t have any issue. They also have the best price guarantee and free delivery.

The Sigelei Moonshot rebuildable tank atomizer parts separate into five pieces including the cylinder, the deck, base and drip tip mouthpiece.

Moving on with the Sigelei Moonshot review. The Moonshot has the unique ability to stay cool even when being vaped at high wattages and temperature settings. The chamber surrounding the deck plays a major role. It seems to work similarly to how a thermos works by placing a barrier between the heat source and the exterior of the vape tank. The PEEK insulator used on the atomizer deck helps as does the Delrin drip tip. Delrin has excellent thermal resistance. It manages heat very well and helps keep your vaping comfortable and cool even at high wattage settings and high temperature settings.

Delrin Drip Tip And Top Fill Vape Tank Design

The Delrin drip tip is a wide bore style and at 6 mm in height it is shorter than typical drip tips. You will be drawing the vapor from a point closer to the coils than usual. Also the width of the bore is such that you can actually see down to the coils much like a dripper. You could drip right down onto your coils but the top fill design gives you easy and convenient access to keep the 2 ml tank topped up.

The juice flow from the tank is superb. I never had a dry hit. The airflow and air velocity drawn through the deck work in beautiful concert. As an RTA vape tank that is phenomenal and fun to vape with flavors that pop, the Moonshot is a home run strait off the bat of Dodger’s World Series hero Wally Moon. The term “Moonshot” was coined for the long home runs Wally hit in the 59 series. The Sigelei Moonshot is a baseball themed RTA as there are crossed baseball bats engraved on the side. The only challenge is that building your coils onto the Moonshot atomizer deck might take a little practice!

Building On The Sigelei Moonshot RTA

In the picture above you can see the Moonshot RTA atomizer deck. You can see the massive, elevated airflow stacks where you will position your coils. The atomizer coil connections actually sit below the location of your wraps. It is a different way of building but the elevated coils bring the coils closer to the drip tip and the airflow bring out the flavors beyond any other RTA. You might get a little spitback like you do on a dripper but always just vibrant flavors and amazing, dense vapor.

When you are building your coils, it can be tricky holding the base and attaching your coils but you will quickly get used to it. The atomizer deck itself does not thread into a base. The deck sits in a sleeve (chamber) and that sleeve threads into the base. When your are attaching your coils, you have to hold the Moonshot atomizer deck with your fingers. It can be tricky! I enjoyed the challenge.

The Sigelei Moonshot atomizer deck has big enough craters for you to draw clouds across the night sky.

Once you insert your coil build, insert the atomizer deck into the base and attach it to your mod. It is not yet time to assemble the tank. Test the deck on your mod looking for any hot spots. Once your coils are nice and even let them cool down and you are ready to wick and put it all together.

When you put in your wick you can then attach the sleeve over the atomizer deck. It can be tricky to trim the wick but if you just attach the sleeve and trim away any wick that is sticking out then use a pointed tool to stuff in any loose ends and that should do the trick! There is ample space for large coils if that’s what you like. There is room to wrap a 3 mm coil 13 times.

Now, not many will choose that type of build! For the Sigelei Moonshot review my builds were pretty basic but for those of you who like to push the limits the Moonshot is a perfect vehicle for your coil building artistry. Once the coil build is done you assemble the Moonshot and the 2 ml tank fits perfectly in place.

The Sigelei Moonshot can be built with dual drip tip coil for maximum clouds and serious vaping.

I would have to say that the Sigelei Moonshot is not for beginning vapers. If you are new to vaping, we suggest starting off with a cigalike or simple mod design. make sure to take a look at our editor reviews for some great choices for new vapers. Okay, let’s get back to the Moonshot!

Everything assembles so smoothly every time. For the Sigelei Moonshot review, I took it apart and put it back together dozens and dozens of times. It was always smoothly assembled. The engineering and quality is very much evident. The heat diffusion is remarkable. I vaped it at 190 to 200 watts and even then the Moonshot had the ability to remain surprisingly cool. If you take 4 consecutive hits at 200 watts it get a little warm but overall it’s ability to remain cool under pressure is kind of a wow factor actually.

I completed the Sigelei Moonshot review over the course of a couple of weeks. Admittedly, getting the coil building down was a little effort for me because I am not exactly a skilled craftsperson! Tell no one. Like I said though, once I got the hang of it everything fell into place and I enjoyed the challenge. On the last day of testing before I submitted the Moonshot review, I had a chance to pair it up with the new Sigelei T150 touch screen vape mod. The T150 is capable of 150 watts and I vaped the Moonshot steadily at 140 watts and it stayed super cool. I just mention that again because the cool factor is just something that really stood out to me.

So, it is a challenging deck to build on but the results are simply awesome. Very versatile, capable of pushing limits, the best flavor of any RTA with thick and plentiful vapor. Very much worth it. A very successful effort on the part of the American design team at Suprimo and the impeccable manufacturing standards and quality of Sigelei. An absolute pleasure to vape.

Sigelei / Suprimo Moonshot Specs

The Sigelei  or Suprimo Moonshot comes with an extra Pyrex glass tube, two extra screws, two Allen keys that you will need to attach your coils, and two extra O rings. The price for the Moonshot averages anywhere from $55 to $60 but Direct Vapor will send you an authentic Sigelei Moonshot for $49.95 and that includes free shipping and the backing of Direct Vapor’s warranties.

See Direct Vapor’s Sigelei Certificate Of Authenticity

When you get your Moonshot, you are going to notice the unique packaging. It comes in a tin with a retro looking artwork. The orange and black colors are very cool. Certainly a fresh and different packaging design. You will see the baseball bats that infer the origins of the term “moosnhot”.

The Sigelei Moonshot rebuildable tank atomizer kit comes with replacement parts including hardware and tank cylinder.

One thing I cannot help but comment on being a Dodger fan is to note that a design team from the Bay Area would choose a legendary LA Dodger to be connected to their creation. Perhaps this is an indicator that Giants fans are finally beginning to recognize the inevitable superiority of the Dodgers. Or, maybe they are A’s fans. Either way I am going to get in trouble for that, anyway.

Some of the specs of the Sigelei / Suprimo Moonshot RTA include:

22 mm Diameter And 42 mm Height

2 ml eJuice Capacity

Easy Access Top Fill Tank

304 Stainless Steel Construction

Range From 30 Watts To 200 Watts

2 Post Atomizer Deck Contained In Small Chamber To Accentuate Flavor

6 mm Vertical Posts

2.5 mm Terminal Post Holes

Heat Resistant Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip

Adaptable To Traditional 510 Drip Tip

Precision Airflow Control, Capable Of Huge Airflow Through Very Wide Adjustable Air Slots Located On The Base

Very Large eJuice Flow Channels

Gold Plated 510 Connection

The Sigelei Moonshot rebuildable tank atomizer comes with adjustable air flow control, and an extra tank cylinder.

Thanks for spending some time with us at ECCR! This about wraps up the Sigelei Moonshot review. To sum it all up in a few sentences I would start with understanding that this is not your everyday atomizer deck to build on! It can be a challenge to build on but it is an enjoyable challenge and the payoff is well worth the effort. The Moonshot is the result of the combination of innovative American design by the folks at Suprimo and the manufacturing expertise of trusted, high quality vape brand Sigelei.

The Moonshot RTA will allow you to venture into heavy hitter territory with your vaping by building coils that can take you to as high as 200 watts. Incredibly, the Moonshot has the ability to stay cool. The vapor production is akin to what you get from the best drippers. Very thick and plentiful vapor. While the Moonshot has many stand out features, what really jumps out above all is the amazing flavors.

If you want to bump up your vaping and get clouds of vapor with superb flavor, the Moonshot is for you. It is a fantastic vape and we certainly are happy to recommend it to advanced vapers. You will love it. This is going to be hugely popular so I would order yours asap.