Of course there are free e-cigarette trials! Everyone and their cousins are trying to get a disposable or even an entire e-cig starter kit for free… even if just for a trial. Who wouldn’t? E-cigs are here to stay and are definitely gaining popularity. The road to finding a free e-cig has been a long and bumpy one for many people. Here’s why… the majority of them are scams. Yeah, we at ECCR are calling them for what they are – “Free E-Cigarette Trial Scams”.  Pretty blunt wouldn’t you say?

The Potential “Free E-Cigarette Trial” scam victims:

Buyer beware, the free trial e-cigarettes offers you see are a scam, they are not free at all.

So many people see the price tags of the best electronic cigarettes and seemingly go into sticker shock. Many end up wandering elsewhere because they believe the price is too steep. Some people simply want a free e-cigarette and they’re willing to hand over any information just to feel that they received something free. Of course you also have people that are just curious and just want to give it a try. If you think your situation sounds like anything that was just previously mentioned, you may be a potential victim.

We’re not here to point fingers and laugh, we’re here to guide you away from making the same mistake that others have already made. We’re here to help and that’s exactly what we’re going to do… so let’s get down to it.


How The Free E-Cigarette Trial Scam Works

The free e-cig scam uses an elaborate ruse to scam you out of money.

Well, when you visit a website and you see a banner that is super flashy and screams at you “Free E-Cig” or has anything to do with a trial offer, its safe to say that this is sort of how things are going to happen:

1. The advertisement will state that you can get a free e-cig when you click through to the website. On that site, you’ll be asked to enter some details. After that, they’ll tell you how great the product is and that it’s $0.00 and 100% free… and of course there’s “+ S&H”. Sort of like the image shown below:

2. You’ll be so excited that you’ve found a free offer that you’ll skip through all of the reading. Then… the dreaded request for your credit card digits (for the shipping) will welcome you. Now…be careful! All of that excitement that was generated by the free offer should be put on hold. Did you take the time to read the terms? What about the fine print? Yup…that really small print that you can’t really read without holding a magnifying glass up to your screen.

Not every single one of these flashy advertisements for free electronic cigarette trials are going to have the same exact wording, but this is a great example of some of the simple traps people find themselves in everyday. They just don’t take the time to read the fine print. So what happens next?

In the SCMA e-cig scam, be careful to read the fine print which automatically signs you up for a kit and ongoing delivery of materials.

3. You’ll receive your kit to find the electronic cigarette is of very low quality, won’t produce much vapor, and you’ll immediately be able to tell that it’s junk. Just the look and feel of these ecigs are enough for common sense to kick in and tell you something is wrong with this picture. E-cigs from trial offers are typically fly-by-night electronic cigarette companies just trying to make a quick buck for as long as they can. Don’t expect a whole lot of customer support.

4. Anyway you’ll go on using the e-cigarette and then WHOA!….You need more cartridges… but don’t worry: you already subscribed to receive refills every month. More than likely you’ve already noticed that you’re bank has been charged a reasonable amount that a typical electronic cigarette kit would cost and then more money on top of that for the cartridges that you once thought were free. They were free…before the brief moment you clicked that “Order” button that set up automatic payments to this “misc. company”.

This type of marketing has been around for a long time, but people still fall victim to signing up for this stuff… and lose a lot of money in the process. Every other minute or hour somebody is falling into this. Sometimes people aren’t even aware that they are being billed for it and just keep accepting the refill cartridges that the company is sending them. There are some people that don’t pay a lot of attention to their bank statements and with time… they’ve racked up thousands and were completely oblivious to it. All because they wanted a free electronic cigarette, found a trial offer, thought it was a great idea, and in the end….they had a horrible experience AND lost money.

Charges like this on your credit/or debit card can often be deemed a legitimate scheme that your bank won’t have much say about. They’ll just end up telling you to handle it with the e-cig company. There’s a problem though….a lot of these e-cig companies purposely make it difficult to contact them.

NOTE: O2 PUR is running a subscription program like this.

The Green Smoke essentials Intro Kit comes with a rechargeable electronic cigarette, USB charger and one replacement flavor cartridge.

Are There Any Free Electronic Cigarettes?

Funny you should ask, even after I just told you that the majority of the “trials” and “offers” out there are schemes to snag your credit card numbers. Yes, actually…right now there is a free electronic cigarette. Straight from Apollo’s website:

This introduction to our smoke-free cigarette is absolutely free without any hidden costs or fees. There are no membership requirements and no annoying credit card charges. We believe in the quality of our product and in the difference it can make in your life. Try it for free today!

Apollo is offering free disposable electronic cigarettes in hopes that if potential customers by the masses try their e-cig they’ll be persuaded to buy their flagship products, example would be their Apollo Standard Kit. Apollo is actually a big player in the electronic cigarette industry, maybe not as big as some, but they have definitely been around for a while. Putting an offer out there like this could have been risky, but after a few hundred people tried it and reported that it wasn’t a hoax or scam via social media, and other platforms, it has helped others to take advantage of this opportunity.


Here’s How Can You Get Apollo’s Free Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Apollo electronic cigarettes was offering 23 percent off for Valentine's Day on their website.

  • Head to the website. Here Apollo’s Website.
  • On the left side, click “Disposables”
  • On the right click “Add To Cart” for the disposables
  • Select your flavor, and nicotine strength – Click “Add To Cart” again.
  • Go to check out, and use the coupon code: FREECIG
  • Click “Recalculate” – Your total should now be $0.00

Now, all you need to do is enter your shipping information, choose your form of shipment. This is when you select the cheapest option. Which happens to be….. $2.07 for USPS First-Class Mail Package. Not bad if you ask us. Should arrive in 2-3 days.

And Don’t Forget!

Green Smoke is offering a free Green Smoke Essentials Electronic Cigarette Starter kit to anyone who has another kit and would like to upgrade to Green Smoke. The requirements are very simple and we can verify to you 100% that Green Smoke’s offer is not a scam and they will not bill your credit card for anything without your explicit (and aware) permission.

In Summary

Don't fall for complicated offers for free e-cig scams, they're a trap.

Just be careful out there. If it looks a bit shady and the offer does not make any sense to you, just click away. There are some valid free offers out there by reputable companies, but you need to do your research before giving up your credit card numbers or bank information.

A free ecigarette may sound like just the thing when you’re just wanting a cheap way to try an ecigarette, but it can end up a whole lot more expensive in the end… not to mention the time and headaches. Our best advice is to know that you get what you pay for. Ecigs can potentially extend people’s lives and purchasing a good kit goes a long way towards being satisfied and actually making the transition from to smoking to vaping a successful one.

Happy Vaping