Wow! We have hit a huge milestone today here at ECCR by getting to 5,000 Youtube subscribers. Our E-Cig Review Youtube channel is packed with informative e-cigarette reviews that have helped a ton of people decide on the best electronic cigarette for them and that has clearly paid off.

We couldn’t be prouder to have reached such a viewership so quickly, which goes to show that the passion and love we put into ECCR is really speaking to everyone out there 🙂

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Lets go!

When we set out to go beyond the stuff we write on ECCR and come up with video e-cigarette reviews, we really wanted to show everyone on Youtube that there was a better way than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

We launched with this fun 30-second video specifically with that in mind:

Once we had everyone’s attention, it was time to help each and every person find the best electronic cigarette that would work for his or her individual situation. Everyone has their own needs and criteria, so we just needed to lay it out for them straight, with some thorough brand reviews.

Our “In-Depth” series of e-cigarette reviews was a smash hit as we covered popular brands such Green Smoke, Halo G6 , and Eversmoke. Even videos for brands that were a little lower down on our ECCR editor reviews chart were proving to be popular, such as our Blu Cigs review that has surpassed 170,000 views!

Green smoke e cigarette review

As popular as our e-cigarette reviews were on Youtube, we knew that we had more to share about e-cigs. I mean, we live and breath this stuff, so how could we not? LOL

So we hatched this idea to create our “ECCR Xtra” series of videos to show all the cool things we weren’t already sharing. For the first video, ECCR co-founder Ray came up with a really clever and visual way of showing the difference between smoke and vapor, and he ran with it. We had no idea how far this awesome video would actually go, but here we are now and it is just as popular as ever with over 300,000 views and climbing:

Ray, we have to give you a shout out for an epic video that just speaks for itself in showing the advantages of an electronic cigarette. Good stuff!

We’ve followed up with a bunch more, from our video contest for ECCR followers, to lead-in videos about sales and coupons. We’ve created a lot of videos that have helped us get to this 5,000 subscribers mark that we are today, but we are far from sitting on our success!

We’re currently prepping for some fresh, new video reviews that we hope will help even more people choose the best electronic cigarette in 2014. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the ECCR Youtube channel so you won’t miss our next batch of videos.

We want to thank everyone for all their support in helping us get to this milestone. You put your trust in us to get you the information you need, and we’ll continue putting our blood, sweat, and tears into ECCR so you will never be disappointed!

Keep Vaping!