If you haven’t heard already, the FDA is looking at regulating e-cigarette brands and the industry as a whole, meaning products like e-cig tanks and e-cig juice will be looked at just as closely as 2-piece systems.

We covered this as the news broke in late April and there has been a lot of talk and analysis, with some criticism, of what the proposed FDA regulations will and won’t do to e-cigarette brands and their users.

What are the fda regulations on vaping

As they typically do when regulations are proposed, the FDA allowed for a commenting period to receive feedback from the public on their proposal. The current commenting period was slated to end on July 9th, but just recently the FDA announced they are extending this period until August 8th.

E-cigarettes brands have been expanding their reach immensely in the past few years and some have popularized more advanced devices, such as e-cig tanks that take e-cig juice. Parts of the proposal speak to this part of the industry specifically, such as a requirement that e-cigarette brands provide a full disclosure on all ingredients.

fda regulations could be a good thing for the industry

This could be great for the end user, as we will finally know exactly what is in the e-cig juice we are vaping, hopefully putting some minds at ease as there has been a great deal of misinformation out there about e-cigs.

Regulations could be good for the industry

The regulations proposed also include a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to minors. Even though many states have already approved legislation that prohibits selling e-cigs to minors, or have bills making their way through state governments, this creates a national standard that is needed. Even the e-cigarette brands themselves are in favor of restricting their products from being sold to minors.

fda regulations could help prevent sales to minors

They know as well as everyone that this is an adult product and should be sold us as such, plus the sale of e-cig tanks and e-cig juice to kids makes everyone look bad and takes away from the entire intent of the e-cigarette movement.

Reputable e-cigarette brands will be all for this type of regulation as it does clean up the industry and has the potential to force out unsavory businesses with fly-by-night operations.

Simply put, the people that are in this industry for the right reasons will be cheering this on, at least in the current format of the proposed regulation.There have been calls by e-cig opponents to stiffen up these rules and expand them, so extending the commenting period allows the FDA to get even more input in this highly charged issue.

Among the restrictions that a lot of opponents are calling for, including many congressmen, is clamping down on flavored e-cig juice. The reasoning behind that is that they see many e-cigarette brands as taking advantage of fruit or candy flavorings to attract minors to e-cigs.

fda thinks e cigarettes market to underage users

The thinking is that they can grab them with these flavors, and the nicotine will keep them hooked to come back for more, just like big tobacco used to do in its heyday. This incredibly cynical view overlooks the fact that adults like fruit and candy flavors too, and for many former smokers it is easier to transition away from cigarettes by not having that old tobacco taste as a part of their routine.

Without even looking at possible changes to the proposal, such as limits on flavors, the current rendition is also getting some negative feedback because of its intent to classify electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. The commenting period allows for anyone to voice his or her opinion and, as of this writing there have been over 37,000 comments submitted.

How to give the fda input

If you are a part of the community of vapers, this issue definitely affects you, so check out the proposal and make your voice heard by submitting a comment a here .

You now have until August 8th to do so, but why wait? Every voice and opinion matters as we shape how e-cigarettes will be accepted going forward.

Also be sure to share and tweet this issue out to your fellow vapers so the FDA hears from the people that their proposal will really affect, not just from e-cigarette brands and their opponents. Lets make our voices be heard!