It seems that at this current time, as many may have deduced, the Safe Cig website is not working.

We have been in contact with the company and are waiting for a response as to what is happening within the company and how long it might be, if at all, before the site is back up.

Industry insiders are suggesting that a takeover of the company may be happening by larger vested interest players within the industry.

The Safe Cig starter kit came with ten atomized refill cartridges in two steps of nicotine specifically to help people give up smoking.

All being said and done if you are a current or previous Safe Cig consumer all hope is not lost. It seems that some of the slack is being taken up by rival companies who are looking to cash in while helping the customer base that The Safe Cig generated.

The biggest of these plays revolves around v2cigs who has wasted no time in promoting itself as the go to guys for replacements cart for the Safe Cig batteries with their Safe Cig to v2cig converter which allow you to use your Safe Cig Batteries with v2cigs cartomizers.

In no way are we suggesting that this is the only or even the best way to continue using your Safe Cig products and we do advise that Safe Cig consumers take a long hard look at the alternatives that are on offer rather than just trying to mock a patch worked vaping system together.

The V2 EX starter kit was a comprehensive e-cigarette with sixteen refill cartridges, carrying lanyard, three devices, USB charging units and carrying cases.

For a compere run down on v2cigs and the rest of the top 10 ecigarette companies around the globe you may wish to take the time to look over, and review where possible, each and every ecigarette we have listed on the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews website.

We will bring you further updates on what is happening over at The Safe Cig as soon as our insiders get back to us with some more concrete answers.

Until then happy vaping