A recently published electronic cigarette study concluded that vaping has helped as many as 15 million people in Europe either quit smoking or reduce their exposure. Considering the millions of people around the world that lose their lives to smoking related illness every year, it is very clear that we need vaping! It’s about time anti-vaping special interests embrace the reality and start to focus on the lives that need saving right now. The war on ecigs needs to end.

Every day the media is running anti-vaping stories based on the conjecture and lack of context presented by special interest funded vape studies. Read them and you would be inclined to think that vaping is as bad as smoking. In fact, some people in the media incredulously make that ridiculous claim. As much as we need vaping, we need alternatives to smoking, they attack electronic cigarettes non-stop. Well, the special interests can data dredge and mislead all they want. What cannot be discounted, no matter how hard they try, are the sheer numbers of smokers that have quit with vaping.

The FDA and some other groups claim that smoking does not help people quit. This has always been a laughable claim. The FDA received thousands upon thousands of comments from real people that have quit with vaping. At ECCR we hear from folks all the time that have quit with vaping. While I can’t attest to the existence of Nessie or Bigfoot, I can assure the anti-vaping crowd that indeed real human beings have quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. We exist.

We Need Vaping. Smokers Have Quit With Ecigs. We Exist.

The documentary A Billion Lives explores whether e-cigarettes and vaping are the answer to the cigarette smoking epidemic.

Not only do we exist but we exist in large numbers. The journal ‘Addiction’ conducted a massive vaping study in Europe where more than 27,000 respondents were tracked. The findings were clear and disproved several vaping myths, such as vaping is attracting non-smokers. The data also showed that vaping is helping people quit or at least reduce smoking. 35% said ecigarettes helped them quit smoking and 32% said vaping reduced their tobacco use.

More than 27,000 people participated in the European study. 35% said that vaping helped them quit smoking. 32% said that electronic cigarettes have helped them reduce their smoking habits. Based on the survey data, it can be extrapolated that as many as 15 million people in Europe have quit smoking with ecigs.

At the same time that the FDA is undermining the rights of citizens to have access to vaping as a smoking alternative, health agencies in the UK have been recommending that smokers switch to vapor. In the UK, there is an emphasis on harm reduction that is not evident in the US. There is no doubt that in the equation of vape vs smoke, smoking is far more dangerous. PHE says vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Even vaping’s harshest critics, when pressed, admit that vaping is less harmful. Yet, authoritarian regulations threaten the options available to millions of Americans looking for an answer to their smoking addiction.

It is long past time that the FDA begin to recognize the value of vaping in the fight against tobacco. Identifying electronic vaping devices as tobacco products is a wild stretch by any measure. Electronic cigarettes are a technology. One thing that the FDA does have going for it, however, are the endless anti-vaping media reports released daily. As a result of these reports, the public has been grossly misinformed about vaping and have lost sight of why we need vaping. Hopefully, the PR battle will soon change.

A Billion Lives Vaping Documentary

A Billion Lives documents the possible collusion between government agencies and corporations controlling the tobacco market in order to crush the rise of the e-cigarette and seed paranoia amongst it's users.

In addition to comprehensive, unquestionable vaping studies like the one mentioned above, the vaping community has another ally in the fight against the misinformation being used against the electronic cigarette industry and the vaping community itself. Last month in New Zealand, the long awaited vaping documentary ‘A Billion Lives’ was premiered.

A Billion Lives is an investigative documentary about vaping. The creators noticed long ago that despite the fact that they noticed many of their peers successfully switching to vapor and away from smoke, the public was being inundated with an endless stream of negative propaganda. It has been clear for a long time that vaping and vapers have drawn the attention and ill intention of some very powerful special interests.

It is hoped that A Billion Lives will expose the lies about vaping that have been perpetuated so efficiently and show who is behind the lies and why. The documentary will also show how vaping really is saving lives and has to potential to save a billion lives by the end of this century.

Just think about this. Medicare and Medicaid are two of the larger expenditures in the Federal budget. Many are calling for a reduction of benefits in these areas. Why? Because the expense is growing much faster than the economy. In fact, to keep up with the increase in expense, the economy would have to grow at 5.8% per year for the next decade. There has never been any period in history in most of our lifetimes where the economy has performed at that level.

Smoking is the skeleton in our society's closet that won't seem to go away, it haunts healthy lungs daily even though it is the most preventable cause of death today.

The last time that there was consistent 4% growth was more than 40 years ago when the global competition was virtually a fraction of what it is today. A growth rate of 5.8% is not going to happen. So, we can reduce the benefits available to the most vulnerable people in our society, that’s one way to go. Is that who we want to be? Or, we could reduce the stress on the system by tackling the greatest cause of preventable disease in our society, smoking. State Budget Solutions has studied this and shown us that vaping can save billions upon billions of dollars in health care costs. We need vaping for every level of our existence as a society and as a nation.

As more and more vape studies show that vaping is helping smokers quit and proving that electronic cigarettes are orders of magnitude less dangerous than tobacco, the public perception of vaping will eventually benefit.

A Billion Lives documentary will also help shed light on what has been happening with vaping and the potential to save so many of our friends and loved ones. As awareness grows, the special interests will find their power to deceive degraded and the truth will finally become accepted and even embraced by the general public.