Black Friday 2015 eCig sales and Cyber Monday specials are now upon us! This is the time of year to try out some new hardware and stock up on eliquid. You can expect to save anywhere from 10% up to even 25% off of your purchase. Last year some companies actually offered 30% off, stay tuned because that could happen again. Get ready!

If you are looking for an upgrade or a new electronic cigarette you have come to the right place. Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecig specials will include advanced sub ohm mods as well as brand new high quality temperature control mods. If you prefer the electronic cigarette that look like tobacco cigarettes, make sure you check in with ECCR to see what Green Smoke, Halo, V2 and all the rest are offering.

This is your chance to get quality products direct from the best American electronic cigarette brands. You do not have to pay retail prices and you get better customer service and far better warranty service when you deal direct with the ecig brand itself rather than buying from a retailer. More importantly, you have a lot more to choose from than you get from a typical vape shop inventory and far more than the low quality junk they sell in gas stations and convenience store.

ECCR is your headquarters for Black Friday ecigarette sales. You don’t have to go anywhere else we will be tracking it all and keeping you up to date.


2016 Back Friday vape sales and Cyber Monday E-cigarette sales have already started. They are on now and all through November 28. Make sure to go to our 2016 post for all of this years best deals. We have sales on e-juice, new mods, beginner mods and vaporizers from all of the leading brands.

Black Friday Cyber Monday eCig Sales

come see the amazing black friday and cyber monday vape deals

Reach Out And Vape Someone


Black Friday and Cyber Monday electronic cigarette sales can also be about a lot more than stocking up on personal inventory. There are still millions of smokers out there and many of them may have written off vaping because they have tried a junky ecig that left them in a heap of disappointment. As a result they are still smoking deadly cigarettes on a daily basis.

This is where you come in. If you have a friend or loved one who is still smoking cigarettes, this is your chance to put a high quality electronic cigarette in their hands and from that point who knows. You may be changing someone’s life.

The season of giving is upon us and you may be able to help a smoker in your life re-define their future in 2016. Quitting smoking is the most important thing that a smoker can do to reclaim control of their destiny and for millions of Americans electronic cigarettes have provided the vehicle for them to do just that.

If you are relatively new to electronic cigarettes, there is little doubt that you have heard some negatives coming from the media. Take it with a grain of salt. Yes, there are some low quality, underperforming electronic cigarettes out there. We will not recommend those. The brands that you will find featured here are proven performers.

As for the ecig myths about toxins in ecig vapor, those have been debunked by credible people. In the biggest study completed to date, Public Health England found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. That was a 111 page study that announced its findings unequivocally, without a doubt.

If you compare vaping vs smoking, the facts are clear. Smoking involves the combustion and production of thousands of deadly, toxic chemicals. Tobacco is treated with an assortment of horrible chemicals like ammonia. With vaping, there is heating but no burning. Vapor is made from nicotine, flavor and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, both of which are approved, safe food additives.

Today’s electronic cigarette devices are high tech devices with all sorts of protocols to prevent overheating or battery incidents. Don’t let the special interests intimidate you from exploring a less harmful alternative that may be our best tool to end smoking once and for all.

If you are looking to help someone you know find an alternative to tobacco, cigalike products like Green Smoke and the Halo G6 are a great place to start. If someone smokes a pack a day then you need to get them a nicotine level of 18 mg to 24 mg. Make sure to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecig sales to load up on cartridges.

What eCigs Do You Want This Black Friday?

Whatever you may be looking for, make sure to come back right here to ECCR to get all of the latest of the best ecig savings all through Black Friday 2015 weekend and into Cyber Monday. We will be constantly monitoring and updating all sales as they are announced. Basically, we will do the bargain hunting for you! You’re welcome.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best electronic cigarette brands on the planet and what savings you are getting this Black Friday through Cyber Monday. There are huge discounts on every type of product and accessory imagineable. If you have a wishlist, one of these companies will have what you are looking for. If you are not sure what you want, well you are going to enjoy shopping all of these once-a-year deals and you will find the perfect thing no doubt.

Remember, pretty mush all of these companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So really, you are going to save a lot and you have nothing to lose. Enjoy!

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Cyber Monday 2015

Holiday discounts on Green Smoke cartomizer cartridges.

Update!! Green Smoke Black Friday Savings Are Over But Cyber Monday Is On Now! Buy Packs Of Green Smoke Cartridges For Only $8.95 Each!

We have mentioned Green Smoke a few times already and that is because they make the best cigalikes going right now. Green Smoke is nothing like Vuse, Blu Mark Ten or whatever brands you see in the same places that sell cigarettes. Green Smoke is light years superior.

Last year, Green Smoke offered whopping 20% discounts across the board. That was great but that’s nothing compared to what Green Smoke is offering this year! For Black Friday 2015 Green Smoke is offered a gargantuan 49% off of starter kits. For Cyber Monday you can buy packs of Green Smoke cartomizer cartridges for just $8.95 each.

You can still save 15% off of Green Smoke starter kits using Green Smoke coupon ECCR15. You can use that discount anytime.

In our opinion, Green Smoke is the best electronic cigarette to get started with. The performance is outstanding. Take a few minutes and check out our Green Smoke reviews for all of the details.

Green Smoke ecigarettes are a two-piece design that is very simple to use. Simply attach the cartridge to a charged Green Smoke battery and puff on it just like you would a cigarette. They are very convenient you will always get great customer service. You can’t go wrong with Green Smoke. Do not waste your time with Vuse, Blu, Mark tens, Fin and all the other brands you see in conveninece stores. Get Green Smoke, the best cigalikes you can get.

Get Green Smoke cartridges for just $8.95 a pack Cyber Monday only! Save 15% off of all Green Smoke starter kits using promo code ECCR15 anytime.

Black Friday eCig Sale #2

VaporFi eCigarettes Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale

All Vaporfi electronic cigarette and vape kits are on sale for cyber Monday.


VaporFi electronic cigarettes is a phenomenal independent American brand that has something for everyone. If you have been looking for an upgrade to an advanced ecig, you need to consider VaporFi. They have incredible, easy to use subohm mods like the VaporFi Vice. You won’t find an easier to use subohm vape kit and it also has some brilliant airflow that adds to the experience.

VaporFi also has some great introductory vape starter kits like the Pro II or the build your own ecig kit. If you want a cigalike, they have that, too. For those who want an advanced box mod, you will love the Vox 2 and the Vox mini 40 watt mod.

VaporFi also has cutting edge temp control technology that they have implemented into the powerful, 100 watt Vox TC mod. The Vox TC is gorgeous mod capable of precision temperature control.  Some of the TC mods out there seem to randomly drop out of temp control mode. Not the VaporFi 100 TC mod.

If you need some ejuice, well VaporFi makes some of the best eliquid in the world. VaporFi has invented in a state of the art FDA approved lab facility and they use only the best ingredients to make their ejuice. This is not the ejuice that they throw together in the back room of a vape shop, this stuff is the best. It is pure and top quality.

You can actually use the custom eliquid builder on the VaporFi website to make your own eliquid. There are actually over 30,000 flavor possibilities. The custom eliquid blending tool is a lot of fun to use and you can unleash your own creativity and create any eliquid recipe that your heart desires

As of right now you will save 3% off of everything sitewide! That includes all eliquids and new advanced ecig devices. You are also going to get free shipping!

Black Friday eCig sale #3

Apollo eCigs Cyber Monday 2015 Specials

Apollo vape ultimate Black Friday sale with up to 70 percent off while supplies last!

Update! Apollo’s Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2015 eCig Sale Has Started! Buy now! Save Up To 70%

In the last couple of years Apollo Electronic Cigarettes has aggressively asserted itself as one of the leading and most innovative vaping companies in the nation. Apollo has invested in a beautiful state of the art ejuice lab in California and in the last few months they have unveiled several new electronic cigarette products to meet the needs of the most demanding vaper.

Apollo’s newest product is the Ohm Go vape kit. You can use either 1.0 ohm resistance coils or 0.5 ohm resistance coils. This is a excellent quality subohm capable ecig device that sells for less than $40.

Really, that’s the tip of the iceberg I terms of what Apollo eCig has to offer. For instance the Apollo Endeavor was one of the best electronic cigarettes of the year. You should look at our Apollo eCig review of the Endeavor and see for yourself.

For advanced vapers, Apollo has the compact Reliant 60 watt TC mod. This is a temp control vaping device that does not disappoint. If you need max VG eliquid, Apollo has a full line of USA made eliquids that are made with the best ingredients. Make sure you also take a look at the beautiful VTube 4.0 ecig and the Phazer tank.

Apollo also carries a line of the best ecig tanks from Kanger, Aspire and other leading vape brands. You can be sure that Apollo will be doing something special on Black Friday 2015 and Cyber Monday. Last year, Apollo customers saved up to 30% on Black Friday ecig deals. This year expect more savings on some of the best electronic cigarette hardware, ejuice and accessories that you can get.

Apollo has compiled 69 different electronic cigarette deals with savings anywhere from 30% all the way up to 70%. Save on Aspire, iStick, Smok X products. Also Save on Apollo’s outstanding USA designed ecigs.

Black Friday eCig Sale #4

Halo Cigs Black Friday Cyber Monday 2015 Sale

Big Cyber Monday sale on Halo Reactor starter kit and VType VG e-liquid made in American.

Update! Halo’s Black Friday 2015 eCig Sale Weekend Is On Now. Save 20% On Everything SiteWide. Also get Double Halo Points That You Can Use To Get Free Stuff!

Halo Cigs is an ECCR favorite. Last year on Black Friday and through Cyber Monday Halo was offering some incredible deals. One of the things that they did was offer double Halo points in addition to site-wide discounts. The Halo Points rewards program is fantastic and if you enroll it is going to save you money and you will get free stuff!

Halo eCigs has a range of ecigs and the best part is the long-term value of the US ecig company. For example, the Halo G6 cigalike has the best long-term value proposition of any cigalike in the market. Halo G6 cartridges sell for under $2 each and they are filled with Halo’s world famous premium eliquid.

Halo eLiquids are regarded by many as the very best. This was the first company to turn eliquid blending into a refined science. Halo Premium eLiquid set the standard for quality by using only the best USP grade ingredients and meticulously blending and testing each batch in a world class lab. Just recently, Halo has added VG eliquid to their catalog and the vaping community could not be happier.

Halo eCigs has also two brand new electronic cigarettes to their line-up. The Halo Tracer mod is a subohm vape kit with a price tag under $60. This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, expect to save even more. You should also take a look at the new Halo Reactor starter kit. The Reactor is a 50 watt mod and is a much better buy than the iStick 50 watt mod.

Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews will be keeping an eye out for Halo’s Black Friday 2015 and Cyber Monday 2015 ecig sales and specials. Check back with us for the latest!

As of right now you can save 20% off of absolutely everything store wide and Halo Cigs. You can also get double Halo points! Use Halo promo code : CYBERSALE.

Black Friday eCig Deal #5

Mount Baker Vapor Black Cyber Monday Sale Is On Now! Use Code CYBER15 To Save 20% Off All Ecig Hardware

Mt Baker Vapor Cyber Monday Sale

Black Friday sale on Mount Baker Vapor save 20 percent on all e-juice.

Mt Baker Vapor is one of the most popular ecigarette companies in America. These guys are serious about vaping. They are not just in this business to make money, they are a passionate group that is heavily involved in fighting for you to be able to choose smoking alternatives. This is a company of quality and conscience.

We did a full ecigarette review of Mt Baker vapor products. We tested the iStick 30 watt and the Kanger Subtank and both impressed mightily. Mt baker offers a large line of high quality electronic cigarettes from many of the leading vape brands. You will find top products from Aspire, KangerTech, Innokin and more.

ECCR does have an exclusive Mt Baker Vapor coupon code that can save you money every day of the year. As for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015, expect to save even more. This really is the best time of year to try something new and Mt Baker Vapor might just have that perfect ecig that you have been looking for.

Every order from Mt Baker Vapor comes with free eliquid. If you have never tried Mt Baker ejuice, you are in for a treat. They have a huge array of yummy flavors and you can select your PG/VG ratio and nicotine level. Every order of eliquid is shipped fresh. Why buy ejuice that has been sitting on a shop shelf for two months when you can get fresh?

All Mt Baker Vapor juice is made to highest standards. There is no diacetyl in any Mt Baker eliquid recipe. If you want a high quality, pure eliquid Mt Baker is a great choice. Use Mt Baker coupon code ECCR10 to save 10%.

Cyber Monday Save 20% On eCig Hardware From Mt Baker Vapor

Black Friday eCig Deal #6

South Beach Smoke Black Friday Cyber Monday Vape Sale

All South Beach Smoke vape products on sale for Black Friday.

Update: South Beach Smoke Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Is Live And Active. Save 50% On Everything.

Guess what South Beach Smoke is doing? They are making this Black Friday real simple. A massive 50% off of EVERYTHING!  The only exclusion is cartridges. That still includes a lot of stuff. Ecigs, accessories and eliquids. They have 5 starter kits, 5 mod kits and tons of USA made ejuice. You can even build your own vaporizer using their convenient online tool. Customize to your heart’s content and save a ton o’ cash.

We have also reviewed a few South Beach Smoke ecigs. The South Beach Smoke starter kits still give you the option of including a portable charger pack, a feature that can help you through the long days away from home. We especially enjoyed the South Beach Smoke Thunder ecig as it was simply a rock solid performer.

South Beach eliquid is made by VaporFi and it is just excellent. On now and right through Cyber Monday, you will save half off, 50%, of any purchase from South Beach Smoke.

Black Friday eCig Deal #7

Ever Smoke Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Update: EverSmoke Is Offering 30% Off Everything SiteWide Plus Free Shipping!

This Black Friday Ever Smoke is offering 30% off of of all vaping products and they are throwing in free shipping for every single order. EverSmoke may not be as well known as some of the other electronic cigarette companies but they do make excellent, high quality cigalikes that are great for new vapers. When we did our Ever Smoke ecigarette review a couple of years back we were impressed by the quality especially considering the low price.

EverSmoke starter kits are already a fantastic buy. When you tack on the 30% Black Friday discount and the free shipping, this deal just gets all that much sweeter. These are great kits to get started with so if you have a smoker in your life who has not been able to quit, help them out with the perfect gift.

Black Friday eCig Deal #8

V2 Cigs Has Announced Black Friday 2015 savings! Save 30% Off Of V2 Starter Kits. Save 25% Of Pro Series Vaporizers And Save 20% On eLiquids And Cartridges.

V2 Cigs Black Friday 2015 And Cyber Monday Sale

Big Black Friday sale on all V2 e-cig starter kits.

V2 Cigs has been around since the very beginning of the vaping revolution. So many vapers got their start with V2 and they remain one of the top ten electronic cigarette companies. The V2 standard and V2 EX starter kits are both great for new vapers and experienced vapers who demand a quality cigalike.

V2 now offers eliquid as well. All of the classic V2 flavors now come in bottles of ejuice that you can use in any ecigarette device. So if you are one of the many who started out with V2, you may be thrilled to know that those nostalgic V2 ecig flavors are now ready to be shipped to you. You can expect to save so stock up this Black Friday 2015.

V2 does make advanced electronic cigarette vaporizers as well. Starting with the V2 Pro Series 3, they have been developing a special breed of advanced electronic cigarette / vaporizers that are capable of multiple forms of vaping. The Pro Series 3 and Pro Series 7 are capable of being used as an ecig or as an herbal vaporizer in addition to a wax and concentrates vaporizer.

The Pro Series all-in-one vaporizers have proven to be a hit. These are technological marvels that are very efficient. Last Black Friday, V2 offered 30% off of everything site-wide. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday you will save 30% off of all V2 Cigs starter kits plus you can save 25% off of Pro Series Vaporizers (Pro Series vaporizers are capable of multiple forms of vaping). You can also save 20% off of V2 cartomizers and eliquids.

Black Friday eCig Deal #9

Pax Vaporizers

Black Friday sale on Juul and Pax vape and dry herb vaporizers.

New For 2015!! This Year, Pax Is Offering Black Friday Savings. They Are Giving You An $80 Credit When You Buy A Pax 2 Vaporizer And Offering 2 For 1 Juul Starter Kits

The Pax Vaporizer is the best selling vaporizer of all time! It is an exceptional performer and set the standard for portable herbal vaporizers. This year, Pax Labs launched the Pax 2 vaporizer. The Pax 2 features several improvements over the original and is regarded by many as the best portable vaporizer in the business. Right now through Novemebr 30, Pax is giving you an $80 credit when you buy the Pax 2. Use that credit to get accessories or even put it toward a second Pax vaporizer.

Pax Labs also makes an ecig. It is a new and innovative design that a lot of folks are talking about. The Juul electronic cigarette is small and stylish. It features temperature control which is unheard of for a device that is not much bigger than a cigarette.

The Juul electronic cigarette starter kit comes with cartriges and a USB charger so it comes with everything you need. As part of the Black Friday ecig promotion when you buy a Juul starter kit you will save 35% all Cyber Monday!

This is a strait up huge 35% discount deal. Hey, you can buy a Juul for yourself and get another to use as a gift. Or, keep them both for yourself!

Black Friday eCig Deal #10

Right Now And All Through Black Friday 2015 Weekend Save 20% Storewide At White Cloud E-Cigarettes. Use Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY2015

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend Sale

The White Cloud Black Friday sale is offering 20 percent off site wide, half off starter kits, free shipping, buy one get one free offers, 30 percent off cartridges or entire order and more with special coupon code.

White Cloud is truly a great American success story. This progressive electronic cigarette brand was named one of the best companies to work for in Tampa. White Cloud has since invested heavily to move more production from overseas to its Florida homebase to create even more home grown jobs. The electronic cigarette products that White Cloud produces are second to none. We reviewed the Whire Cloud Cirrrus 3 X starter kit and it is a top level performer.

White Cloud offers a very large range of flavors and nicotine levels. The cost of replavement cartridges is one of the best long-term values in vaping. The quality truly is there. White Cloud deserves a lot of credit for delivering top flight products and supporting your right to vape.

One thing that I want to mention is that disposable ecigs still have a place in the vaping community. Disposable ecigs make travellling easy, ensure that you always have a back-up and are a fantastic retail product. The White Cloud Fling is hands down the best disposable electronic cigarette you can get. See our video review of the White Cloud Fling here and see for yourself. No disposable that you see behind the counter of a gas station or convenience store even comes close.

If you happen to be a small business owner or you know someone who has a corner store and is selling Njoy eCigs, Blu or whatever brand, they need to know about the Fling. The White Cloud Fling is the brand that they should be carrying. Customers are going to like it a lot better than anything being carried on the shelves now. You can buy 100 Flings for $325 and with the 20% Black Friday discount that price will come down to about $235. That is just $2.35 for each Fling and each single Fling is the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes, or 400 puffs. A single Fling can retail for as much as $7 or $8 maybe more.

Right now and through Black Friday weekend, White Cloud is offering 20% off of everything sitewide and that includes the fantastic Cirrus 3 X starter kit and the phenomenal White Cloud Flings. Everything. Use cooupn code BLACKFRIDAY2015 and save huge!

One more thing, interested in White Cloud ecigs? Use the link below to check White Cloud’s site frequently as part of their Black Friday special includes Flash Deals that will be offered for limited periods of times each day. These deals will be beyond the 20% savings that you are already getting all weekend long.

Starting Thursday, make sure you check back with us here at ECCR for all the updates on Black Friday 2015 ecig sales and Cyber Monday 2015 ecig sales. We will be updating this blog as new information comes in so this is the only resource that you will need!

Get ready to stock up an save some cash!