Black Friday 2015 is here and you can count on some exceptional Black Friday e-cigarette deals. Get ready for a barrage of shopping specials, discounts, sales, commercials, line-ups, flyers, Tweets, pop-ups and the list goes on….and on. In other words, get ready for a barrage of Black Friday advertisers vying for your attention.

Imagine a place where you could see all of the best deals posted in one spot. Imagine this place, you can scroll down and compare Black Friday offers all on one web page. Gosh, I wish someone would make a page like that. I mean, you deserve it! Why should you search through endless websites and endless forum threads looking for that elusive bargain.

If only someone else would do that on your behalf. Someone who would exclude all of the junk and get down to the best deals from the high quality e-cigarette brands that give you quality, options and long-term cost benefits. Well, guess what? You have found such a place! A virtual Black Friday central for electronic cigarettes. ECCR is that place and this is the page.


The Black Friday and Cyber Monday electronic cigarette sales are on now. This year, there are a number of huge deals and this is the best time of year to stock up. Whether you are looking for e-juice, some new hardware, e-cig cartridges batteries or a vaporizer, we will have all of the 2016 sales from all of the best brands.

give the gift of a smoke free life this holiday season with our black friday sales

Most of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales posted here will conclude as of 12:00 am November 30, 2015. Some brands may continue sales but most will resume normal pricing as of December 1, 2015. However, you can save money anytime year round with our exclusive, authenticated ECCR coupon codes for all of the best electronic cigarette companies.

Black Friday Sales Announcements As Of

November 30, 2015:

Halo Cigs Black Friday 2015 Sale Announcement!

Halo Cigs Black Friday savings have started. You can start saving and getting free stuff right now! Here is what Halo eCigs is offering this year. Y’all probably already know about Halo and eVo eliquids. Well, right now you can go to Halo Cigs and save 20% off of of all eliquids.

Yes Halo’s ejuice is world famous but something that is too often overlooked is Halo’s electronic cigarettes. They make a range of top notch ecig devices. Why overpay from a vape shop when you can get the best quality ecigarettes and ejuice direct from a great American brand like Halo?

There are now a total of four different starter kits to choose from. The classic Halo G6 cigalike is one of the best ecigs to start out with and certainly has the best long-term value of any cigalike kit you will find. The Halo Triton is a classic. This reliable ecig tank system is also great for new vapers.

The new starter kits from Halo are the Halo Reactor starter kit and the Halo Tracer starter kit. Both of these kits are capable of subohm vaping making them the perfect choices to try out Halo’s new V-type VG eliquid. The Reactor is a box style mod capable of a 50 watt output. The tracer is a powerful mod with a 2600 mAh battery and is probably the easiest to use subohm vape kit out there right now.

Save 20% on every Halo Cigs purchase this Black Friday weekend! Use Halo promo code CYBERSALE. If you sign up Halo Points rewards, you will also get double points:)

VaporFi Black Friday 2015 Sales Announced!

Starting Black Friday VaporFi is offering 20% off of eevrything sitewide! That includes vaporFi eliquids and the entire line up of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and advanced TC devices like the brand new VaporFi Vox 100 TC mod.

VaporFi makes some of the best ejuice you can get. They have built their own FDA approved ejuice lab and maintain the very highest standards for quality. With the custom ejuice tool they have on their website, you can enjoy about 30,000 different possible flavors! How’s that for options?

VaporFi also makes industry leading electronic cigarettes devices and vaporizers. They truly have something for everyone. They have cigalikes and basic mods for new vapers. They have sophisticated box mods and RDAs for the vaping enthusiast. They have easy to use subohm vape kits of all shapes and sizes. They have herbal vaporizers. On top of all of that they have an advanced temperature control mod that you have to see.

This Black Friday 2015 you can save 20% off of any VaporFi purchase. The best thing for you to do at this point is to just

Apollo eCigs Black Friday Specials

Don't be a turkey and get up to 30 percent off Apollo vape products for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales.

Apollo eCigs is offering a ton of top quality electronic cigarettes and vaping products for up to 70% off. Get this, there are a total of 79 different deals with discounts ranging from 30% all the way up to 70% Most of the sales are at the 50% discount mark. This is a huge sale.

In and among those 79 different product bundles you will find everything under the sun. You will find the best products from Aspire, like the Aspire Nautilus and Aspire Atlantis, you will find Smok X and iStick mods. You will find the best and most popular products. Not only that, but you will also be able to save on Apollo’s electronic cigarettes.

You can get a new Apollo eCigs Reliant TC mod. The Reliant is one of Apollo’s newest ecig devices and it is a 60 watt marvel. It is capable of multiple forms of vaping includingt temperature control. The Reliant is another example of how Apollo is proving that American ecig companies are designing the best ecigs in the game right now.

You can get the new Apollo Go Ohm kit, the Valiant VV/VW mod, or the very popular Apollo Endeavor electronic cigarette. We did a full review of the Endeavor and it was one of thee most consistent, easy to use electronic cigarettes that we have ever tested.

Check back with us throughout the weekend as new sales are announced. ECCR is your headquarters for Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecig sales for 2015.

Note To Our Readers: Below this point you will find only 2014 Black Friday sale info. Click the link above for all of the 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday eCig sales.

Atlantic Cigs was is having a Cyber Monday to remember. Their prices are already low so generally they don’t have a lot of room to offer discounts so 20% is a great deal. That means great prices on starter kits and cartridges for less than $2.00 each! You know you pay a lot more whenever you buy from some convenience store.

Atlantic has one of the best e-cigarettes available in the Ocean Starter Kit. They also have one of the best mods out there with the lightweight and very easy to use Nautilus. They now, in addition, have the Portal, the world’s first universal e-cig cartridge.

For flavor lovers, Atlantic now has 38 e-liquid flavors. You can save 20% off of ALL Atlantic purchases starting right now.

Use coupon code 20SALE

Apollo E-Cig does a sale like James cameron makes a movie. They go big! Big as in big savings. A massive 30% Black Friday discount on everything starting now.

You see, Apollo has a rebellious streak which makes them never do things halfway. When they designed their e-cigarettes, they covered every single detail to offer something a cut above what else was in the market. Apollo doesn’t do “good enough”. That’s why when they decided to start offering their customers e-liquid, they found top chemists, who also happen to be vapers, and opened their own e-liquid lab to ensure that you get nothing but the best ingredients with a vapor satisfaction and flavor experience that was second to none.

In addition Apollo E-Liquid, they also produce dripTonic– a MaxVG e-liquid for RDAs or rebuildable drip atomizers.

Apollo Is Offering 30% Off Off Everything All Through Cyber Monday.

When it comes to Black Friday sales, they don’t do that halfway either. No, Apollo has gone all in offering this discount on their entire product line from now through Monday. For more details on Apollo products scroll down to the section where we have a number of product description for various ecig brands or look at the Editor E-Cig Reviews.

Use coupon code THANKS30

Halo E-Cig has announced their biggest sale of the year. You can save 15% off of all Halo Cigs purchases. You can try out the Triton or give someone you know a life-changing gift when they open up their G6 starter kit. The G6 mimics smoking amazingly well and will give a smoker a chance to find an alternative.

There is no limit to the discount so that means you can also stock up on as much Halo Premium e-liquid as you like. Halo e-liquid is the standard bearer for the industry with unparalleled quality and phenomenal flavors.

Halo Savings In Effect Through Cyber Monday

In addition to saving 15%, you can also get double the Halo Points. You can accumulate Halo Points and redeem them for free stuff.

For more details on Halo E-cig scroll down or click here and read more about Halo’s Black Friday sale and Halo Points rewards program.

Use coupon code CYBERSALE

Green Smoke is always in running for best e-cigarette. They are a cig-a-like, e-cig that looks like a cigarette, that does an amazing job of mimicking smoking. A lot of people would be amazed by how much vapor Green Smoke produces. ECCR’s Paul Rucci has referred to Green Smoke as a “vapor monster”. It always exceeds expectation.

Basically, you just can’t go wrong with Green Smoke.

In addition to saving 20% off of starter kits and accessories, Green Smoke is also offer the Black Friday Pocket Bundle. This comes with a rechargeable Green Smoke battery, a USB charger and 2 Menthol Ice Flavormax cartomizers with 1.8 mg of nicotine (just the right amount for a pack per day smoker). You can get all of this for only 10 bucks.

UPDATE: Green Smoke Black Friday savings are over. If you missed out on saving 20% off of a Green Smoke starter kit you can still save 15% using Green Smoke coupon code ECCR15.

Cyber Monday Savings: Get Green Smoke FlavorMax cartrides for only $9.00! Cyber Monday ONLY!

For more info about Green Smoke products, scroll down where we have more on all of the best e-cigarette brands or look at the e-cig reviews on the website.

Use coupon code ECCR15

The action has begun at White Cloud Cigarettes! White Cloud makes some of the best ecigs on the market. They use USA made e-liquid and e-cig cartridges. They are USA all the way! They are recognized as a top employer in tampa and they have been bringing e-cigarette manufacturing from overseas to America.

You can save 20% off of EVERYTHING on the White Cloud Cigarettes website. That includes the amazing Cirrus 3 X starter kit. It also includes the Fling disposable e-cigarette. Like they say, everything.

White Cloud Black Friday Pricing Is In Effect For Cyber Monday. Make Sure You Act Before The End Of Cyber Monday Because Prices return To Normal On Tuesday, December 1.

White Cloud has dramatically increased the number of refill cartridge flavors that they have. White Cloud cartridges are phenomenal. They draw so easily, like a cigarette and they last. Not only do the least, but the flavor lasts, too.

The Fling Disposable and White Cloud Starter Kits all perform at a level that outclasses 99% of the competition. The numbers don’t lie. These ain’t your slightly older uncle’s cig-a-like.

Use coupon code  BLACKFRIDAY2014

Cyber Monday sale on all Ever Smoke e-cigarette products just in time for the holidays.

EverSmoke made me do a double take. You know, I expect to see some great e-cig sales on Black Friday. If an e-cig brand offers 30% off, that’s pretty big. Imagine if everything you bought in your day to day operations was suddenly 30% less. I do believe that we would all be quite thrilled.

Indeed, EverSmoke is offering a thrilling 30% discount off of all e-cigarettes, starter kits, hardware, and accessories. Awesome! Ever Smoke is an excellent electronic cigarette that has helped so many people reduce the harm that tobacco caused in their lives. It mimics smoking, the draw is very similar to a cigarette, the flavor and vapor are very good. It stands up over time as well

ECCR’s Ever Smoke e-cigarette review covers all of the details and gives you all of the performance data. We reviewed the Premium Starter Kit which carries an $80 value. To be frank, with ECCR’s EverSmoke coupons you could get it for about $50 and $50 is a very good price for this kit. Well, EverSmoke has renamed this starter kit the Holiday Starter Kit. As part of their Black Friday special you can buy this kit for $14.99. It’s hard to imagine finding a better deal than that. I literally just bought one for my grandma for Christmas. She doesn’t have the internet so I’m all good.

Update: EverSmoke Is Now Offering Huge Cyber Monday Savings. You Can Still Get The Holiday Starter Kit For 70% Off And Now You Can Get 30% Off Of Cartridges And 50% Off Of Everything Else!

With the 20% off cartridges you can stock up some cartridges and along with your  high quality EverSmoke starter kit for $14.99 – you will have made out very well.

South Beach Smoke Black Friday sales are on NOW! They have an entirely new batch of products for this year. These guys have been busy. We’ll talk about that but first let’s get into the nitty gritty of how much money you can save.

Update: For Cyber Monday Only You Can Now Get 30% Off Of Cartridges And 50% Off Of Everything Else!

Now, I mentioned that South Beach Smoke had been busy. I’ll elaborate. I’ll be brief though because I know you may be in a turkey coma and not in the mood for extensive reading. You want the beef. Okay, in the last year, South Beach now offers well over 100 e-liquid flavors. This is high quality, USA made e-liquid. This is fun, you can actually custom blend your e-liquid with a few clicks on the computer screen. You can combine flavors, decide how much flavor, you can do it all. This weekend, you can also save 50%!

You can blend your own e-liquid recipe and you can actually design your very own electronic cigarette. Yes, build your own vaporizer right online. You save 50% on your own custom built e-cig.

V2 Cigs has joined the Black Friday party! If you know anything about V2 you know that they never stand still. They are wildly popular for a reason. They make quality e-cigarettes for affordable prices and… they make a lot of them!

The last year saw the development of the V2 Pro Series vaporizer. The V2 Pro Series will vaporize e-liquid, waxes, essential oils and dry herbs.

This Black Friday V2 is keeping things real simple. 30% off of everything. You gotta like Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!

If you would like to know more about V2 Cigs, we have a huge amount of information on ECCR. Our reviews go to great lengths, including a comprehensive review video. You can also scroll down to where we have more expanded profiles of each brand.

Smoke Tip, the most advance electronic cigarette is free with purchase of sixty dollars or more during this holiday special.

SmokeTip is an all-around solid e-cigarette. They have made a name for themselves by choosing a are of specialty and doing it well. They are very successful when it comes to offering consumers a very good quality e-cigarette at a good price.

They also have some of the best and most creative incentives in the business. They give their customers plentiful opportunities for free stuff such as free batteries for life, refill cartridges are just under $2.00 each, and they always offer free shipping.

So, free batteries for life and free shipping make it clear that SmokeTip is not afraid of giving stuff away. Hence their Black Friday offer of of a free SmokeTip tank e-cigarette with the purchase of $60 or more. The SmokeTip tank e-cig is a powerful electronic cigarette that allows you to control the airflow when vaping. You can fine tune your own personal preferences and get more satisfaction.

We have no first hand data on the SmokeTank but it looks very well built and well thought out. If you take advantage of this free -ecig offer from Smoke Tip, you will get the SmokeTip Tank e-cig, an extra atomizer, an extra battery, 2 battery chargers, and a 12 ml bottle of e-liquid. The total value of this kit is $79.00.

This is what you can do. Pick up a SmokeTip starter kit and a pack of cartridges and then you will receive the SmokeTank electronic cigarette for  free. That way, you will have a standard cig-a-like and an e-cig tank system. You will be able to experience a range of vaping options.

If you buy more than $60 worth of product, simply add a SmokeTank kit to your cart and you will not be charged. Yes, free ecig.

Get big savings up to 50 percent off site wide for our Black Friday sale, November 28, 2014.

Volcano Ecig is a Hawaiian based electronic cigarette company that makes a line of e-cigs to suit a variety of vaping as well as top quality USA made e-liquid.If you haven’t heard of Volcano and have been wanting to try something different, this sale might be your perfect match. Volcano is offering up to 50% off this Black Friday!

Let’s talk about the variety of vaping that I mentioned. For beginning vapers or people who just want a non-nonsense smoking substitute, the Magma e-cig is the way to go. If you want a bit more power, a larger e-liquid reservoir and a manual battery to create more vapor then the Inferno ecig may be what you want. If you want vapor clouds, variable voltage, a resistance reader and LCD display, you want the all-encompassing Lavatube e-cigarette.

Update: Volcano Black Friday Pricing Has Ended And No Cyber Monday Deals Have Been Announced. You Can Save With Volcano Coupon Code VOLECCR.

All of these e-cigs are on sale now. As are Volcano’s top of the line e-liquid blends. They have some very adventurous flavors, all hawaii related, of course!

777 eCigs are coming at you with a Black Friday sale of their own! These guys are straight out of Burbank and they mean business. They are offering 20% up to 50% off selected items. The sale is on from now until midnight Monday.

Black Friday blowout sale of 20 to 50 percent savings site wide on 777 e-cigs.

77 electronic cigarettes actually have a large range of e-cigarettes, e-hookahs, e-cigars and accessories. As for the e-cigarettes themselves, they have everything from no-nonsense cig-a-likes to variable voltage mods.

Just taking a minute to tell you about their e-Hookah. It is on sale right now for 45% off. It looks exactly like a real, traditional Hookah except, of course, it makes vapor. The sale price is $59.95 and this thing looks very cool.

Other sale specials include 40% off a mini-Lambo which means you can get a variable voltage mod for $23.97, and 40% off 777 e-liquids.

Dec. 1, 2014 Update: Sale Prices Are In Effect Through Cyber Monday – You Still Have Time To Save! But Act Fast, Its The Last Day.

That’s it for the updates for now. Believe me, we will be here non-stop and as soon as a Black Friday ecig sale announcement is made, we will post it here.

In the meantime, let’s continue on with a little Black Friday History. How did such a sinister sounding term as Black Friday come to be the most popular shopping day of the year? We will tell you but …. prepare for some drama! Kinda.

Have you ever wondered why the biggest shopping day of the year is called Black Friday? Well, the term Black Friday goes back to the 19th century. It goes back to the financial crisis of 1869 when 2 guys tried to corner the entire gold market and sent the country into a spiral. Gold prices plummeted; people were scrambling to ditch their gold. The scandal was felt from western outposts right to Ulysses S. Grant’s oval office.

So what does Black Friday 1869 have to do with shopping? Nothing. It’s just an interesting story about where the actual term originated even though it was in a completely different context. Sorry for the melodrama. I grew up watching ‘Days Of Our Lives’. That Victor Kirakis! Don’t get me started.

Anyway, Black Friday as we know it today can be traced to the streets of Philadelphia in the 1960s. Just like 1869, the use of Black Friday in reference to the shopping that goes on the day after Thanksgiving had a negative connotation.

First off, the Friday after Thanksgiving is just a great opportunity to kick start holiday shopping. Most people have the day off and the spirit of the season is certainly in the air. Millions of people taking advantage of the holiday and shopping with a vengeance. Imagine, streets full of shoppers, horns honking, line-ups and it all translated into a very long and busy day for a cop on the beat.

As a result, Philadelphia police officers and bus drivers had been referring to the day after Thanksgiving as ‘Black Friday’ because of the traffic jams and generally frenetic pace of the day.

Yes, Black Friday in connection with shopping was coined by members of the the Philadelphia PD!

Downtown Philly merchants got wind of this word ‘Black Friday’ and decided that “If this phrase continues to catch on it could be bad for business, we have to turn ‘Black Friday’ into a good thing that encourages shopping.”

It took some time and some skillful PR and advertising maneuvers but eventually Black Friday became associated with shopping and more specifically, deals!!

Black Friday has now become an economic giant. Last year there was almost 62 billion dollars spent! The competition for your dollar is intense. There are a lot of ways to try and get your attention as a consumer and all of them will be working full throttle on Black Friday 2014.

Black Friday 2014 E-Cigarette Deals

If you are considering giving a smoker an electronic cigarette this holiday season, Black Friday will be a great time to buy. Considering the remarkable lifestyle changes that have been experienced by millions of people that have successfully made the switch to electronic cigarettes giving an e-cig as a gift may just be the gift of a lifetime. That being said, you cannot simply go for the cheapest deal. You have to be cautious.

Follow our tips to find the best Black Friday e-cig sale and you will be off to a good start. On top of that, you have to remember that there are about 500 e-cigarette brands all vying for your dollar. Some of them are amazing. Most of them, well, stink.

The ecig brands that stink will be out in full force on Black Friday 2014. They will Tweet, email, pop-up, wave signs, send smoke signals and more. They will tell you about their Black Friday e-cig deals. They will insist that their Black Friday e-cig sale is the best. They will tell you that they are fantastic!

Here’s the truth. Most e-cig brands are generic. Most are the same cheaply made product just in a different package. They offer e-cigarette deals but the product behind the deal is not comparable to the quality of the better brands. More than that, their e-cigarette deals are not all that much lower in price than the best ecigs, if lower at all.

The problem is that so many people see one e-cig as the same as another. That is not true. If you buy a heavy smoker and e-cig that does not have enough nicotine content or enough vapor, they will probably get turned off very quickly. That may mean a lost opportunity for them to make the switch. It is so important to make good choices when buying an electronic cigarette.

If you are buying for yourself or someone you know then do a little background. For example, find out which nicotine e-liquid level is right. Find out how much e-cigarette cartridges cost because that is the biggest consideration for the long term expense.

Stick with our Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews top-ten electronic cigarette brands and avoid unknown factors, sketchy products and unstable ecig brands that are here today and gone tomorrow. The top ten brands on our list are all tried, tested and true. Our extensive e-cig reviews are very comprehensive and we track the metrics and details over an extended period of time. Our review videos give you an idea of how deep Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews goes to ensure that the brands that we recommend actually deserve your attention.

You have to avoid cheap e-cigs. It seems ironic, a day of sales where you can get things cheap and here I am telling you to avoid cheap e-cigs! That’s because there is a huge difference between getting a quality e-cigarette for a good price and a cheaply made e-cig.

For experienced vapers, Black Friday deals are an ideal opportunity to stock up on their favorite e-liquid.

Black Friday deals are also great for vapers who want to try new products. As an example, if you are a Blu Ecig fan, you may want to try out the Blu Plus e-cig tank system that is due for a November release. In fact we have an update, the Blu Plus is now available in stores only.

If you know an adventurous vaper or if you want to try something totally different, a powerful box mod like the iTaste VTR can take your vaping to a whole new vapor filled level!

You can buy the best e-cigarettes for very reasonable prices, often the best prices, especially with Black Friday e-cig sale prices.  Any Black Friday e-cig deal that gets you the best quality at the best price is the ideal scenario. Buying from a low quality brand, even if they have a lesser price at the outset, is a losing proposition in the longer term.

Black Friday E-Cig Sales

Congratulations! You have arrived at the place to be if you like keeping your own money. You can find the best e-cigarette deals for Black friday 2014 right here whether it is a treat for yourself or a gift for a smoker in your life.

This is how it works, right off the top we are eliminating the brands that you do not want. Let’s take a look at the Vuse for example. You have probably seen the TV commercial and seen it on sale at the local convenience store. Now, if you are an experienced vaper you likely have no interest in this but if you are new to e-cigs or considering buying one as a gift, the Vuse has some serious limitations.

If you are looking for your first e-cigarette or a first e-cig as a gift for someone you know we truly encourage you to stick with a cig-a-like. it is the best place to start and most closely mimics smoking. If you stop at a vape shop, they have all kinds of great products but rarely do they sell cig-a-likes. They cater to the hobbyist, which is fantastic. vape shops are staffed by knowledgeable people. For them, operating a variable voltage, refillable ecig tank system is fun, and it is, but it is not the place to start.

You will often hear experienced vapers tell you that cig-a-likes do not make enough vapor. You have to keep in mind that the technology has changed, today’s cig-a-likes are actually very advanced and very satisfying. that is as long as you stuck with the quality ecig brands that we will be covering. Brands that give you options and value, not like Vuse.

Just like Altria’s Mark Ten e-cigarette, the Vuse has only 2 flavors and 1 nicotine option. As any experienced vaper will tell you, the more options you have the better. Also, you vapers looking at trying the latest hardware and getting the best e-juice deals, we will have those, too!

Bottom line, we are going to stick with the best of the best e-cigarettes.

The brands that we will be covering are listed below. All of these brands are currently running specials that we will tell you about here and now. We also have exclusive coupon codes for these brands. Combining the Black Friday electronic cigarette sales price with the coupon code will save you even more. When they announce their Black Friday e-cig deals, we will post those as soon as they are announced.

ECCR Will Keep You Posted Up To The Minute As Black Friday Ecig Deals And Specials Are Announced. We Will Do The Same On Cyber Monday. Make ECCR Your Black friday And Cyber Monday E-Cigarette Sale Headquarters. Why Bounce From website To Website? We Will Cover All Of The Best Black Friday Electronic Cigarette Sales Right Here.

This way, you don’t have to bounce around from website to website looking for up to the minute specials and deals. We will have it all right here. Check in often and follow our Twitter for updates. We will be here working hard so you can get the best e-cigarette for you and keep more of your money in your pocket.

Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2014 Electronic Cigarette Sales

Green Smoke

Don't be the envy of your friends, get big savings on Green Smoke E-Vapor electronic cigarettes for Cyber Monday.

Green Smoke is always at or near the top of the list whenever there is any discussion about what is the best e-cigarette. Green Smoke is an all-around performer with virtually no weaknesses. From a user friendly online shopping experience to expert and attentive customer service to absolutely outstanding vaping performance, Green Smoke does it all and does it all at a level very few competitors can match.

We are not just saying this to impress you, the performance metrics back up everything we are telling you. Feel free to take a look at ECCR’s Green Smoke review. We give you exact performance numbers measured over an extended period of time. For example the long battery will give you 350 to 400 puffs and the short battery will give you 300 to 350 puffs. We are talking real puffs, human puffs. By the way, to compare, a pack of tobacco cigarettes is the equivalent of about 200 puffs.

The Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers are good for 275 – 325 puffs. There are very few e-cigarette brands even in the same league.

The Flavormax cartridges have also recently been outfitted with some new technology called “FlavorShield”, which protects and enhances the flavor. Those flavors are very good we must point out. You have multiple flavors and nicotine levels to choose from as well.

If you take a look at the ecig reviews submitted by ECCR readers, you will see that Green Smoke customers are very satisfied and happy with their choice. If you are considering an ecig as a gift or for yourself, Green Smoke truly does a marvelous job mimicking smoking.

Green Smoke has five rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kits to choose from. Right now you can save 15% off of any Green Smoke purchase by using Green Smoke coupon code ECCR15. Furthermore, you can actually save 5% off of any GreenSmoke purchase period by using coupon code ECCR5.

What Black Friday specials will Green Smoke have to offer? Watch this space!

Check back to this page often because as soon as Green Smoke announces its Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials …. you will be the first to know.

Halo Cigs

Halo e-cigarettes are 15 percent off for Black Friday and cyber Monday with the coupon code CYBERSALE.

Halo Cigs has gained huge popularity for its halo Premium E-liquid. The flavors are simply fantastic. The vapor is satisfying and you have many nicotine levels to choose from including non-nicotine. That’s all great but Halo cigs e-liquid gets even better.

Halo USA made e-liquids are made from USP grade ingredients and blended to the highest laboratory standards in the industry. The quality is obvious. Halo exceeds any standards that have been considered or proposed by any governing body.

Halo’s ejuice is so good that it often overshadows the fact that Halo Ecigs also makes some of the best electronic cigarettes in the business.

ECCR has put two Halo ecig models through a series of rigorous testing phases and the results on both counts were clearly impressive.

The first model we tested was the Halo G6 e-cig. The G6 is a cig-a-like that comes in nine different color options so you can combine your own sense of style with your vaping. The results of our testing can be fully examined by reading our Halo G6 ecig review and watching the review video. To give you a brief summary of the G6 performance, the battery and cartridge life were both solid, certainly above average, but where the G6 really stands out is in satisfaction. The flavor, vapor and throat hit are all excellent.

We then tested the Halo Triton. The Triton is a mod style with a battery and refillable tank. The Halo Triton has 11 different color options to choose from and comes with either a 400 mAh battery or a 650 mAh battery. The 650 mAh battery is longer lasting but we were really surprised by the performance of the 400 mAh battery. in fact, we got 400 puffs from a fully charged 400 mAh battery. That is very good.

Halo batteries also recharge very quickly. All of these factors are clear indicators that Halo uses very high quality materials, in this case obviously top grade batteries with high lithium purity and smart technology that maximizes efficiency. For more details about the Halo Triton consult ECCR’s Triton e-cigarette review.

You can save 5% off of any Halo purchase right now by using coupon code ECCR5. For any Halo Black Friday ecig deals, and cyber Monday, check back right here. As soon as any specials or sales are announced, we will post them. Take a look at the Halo website in advance and plan ahead for any flavors or products you want to try. That way, you will be ready to pounce on any specials that are announced!

South Beach Smoke

Get big Cyber Monday deals on all South Beach Smoke products including kits and cig-a-like starter packs.

South Beach Smoke truly has a vast product line. They are known for offering excellent value. In other words, they generally have lower prices. Now, typically that means lower quality. While it is true that South Beach Smoke battery life may not last as long as Green Smoke or White Cloud but they are close. South Beach refill cartridges may not last for 300 or more puffs but they do usually give you 200. So, overall, pretty good. Maybe even very good. Certainly leagues beyond anything you are going to find in a gas station or convenience store.

Check out our in-depth South Beach Smoke e-cigarette review for all of the details. Our review video actually allows you to see the South Beach e-cig in action.

South Beach Smoke offers five different starter kit options. You can automatically save 12% off of any South Beach Smoke purchase by clicking the red South Beach link below. When you click the link, you will be taken to the South Beach Smoke website and the 12% South Beach Smoke coupon will be automatically applied should you choose to make any purchase.

Now, when you visit the website, you will see a lot of options. Click “E-Cigarettes” to see the starter kits. Among everything you will see will be a tab that says “Vaporizers”. Let’s talk about this for a second.

When you click on Vaporizers you will see a variety of electronic cigarettes including the South Beach Smoke ‘Air’. There is a lot to choose from but what we really want to touch on is the ‘Custom Vaporizer Builder’. This is simply cool. You can literally build your own electronic cigarette just with a few clicks. You choose the battery, the tank, the color …. its all in your hands. You build it and South beach Smoke will put it together and deliver it right to your door.

If you are looking for e-liquid, South Beach has a remarkable selection. We are talking well over 100 options. That’s impressive but here’s is where things get really interesting.

South Beach Smoke gives you the option to create your very own e-liquid recipe. You choose which flavors to blend, which strength, basically you control the blend to the last detail. Want to combine a cherry flavor with coffee and banana? Go for it. There is virtually no limit. On top of that, the e-liquids are USA made and sourced. There is no compromise on quality and standards.

Right now in addition to the 12% you will automatically save if you decide to make a purchase, South Beach is offering a 25% discount on starter kits and vaporizers.

As soon as South Beach announces any Black Friday specials, we will post it here. We will be on constant watch for any sales and specials through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Apollo E-Cig

Apollo E-Cig is a Concord, CA based e-cigarette brand that has been a part of the e-cig industry since the earliest days. Apollo is an ambitious brand and that is a good thing because they are taking a course of reaching the top through hard work, innovation and superior customer service.

As part of their strategy to expand and grow the industry itself, Apollo has gone the extra mile and developed an e-liquid production facility that meets the highest standards. The chemists overseeing the lab are actually passionate vapers as well as highly trained chemists. It’s the best of both worlds.

Apollo is already a leader in premium USA made e-liquid. They also have an excellent inventory of top quality e-cigarettes. We have thoroughly tested two types of Apollo Ecigs. Let’s start with Apollo’s rechargeable cig-a-like.

ECCR reviewed the Standard / Extreme Starter Kit cig-a-like. Our e-cig review has all of the exact details including an extensive review video. To put our findings in a nutshell, Apollo batteries have excellent life (300 to 400 puffs) and the cartomizers last for 200 to 250 puffs though the flavor trails off after you have been vaping for a while. Overall, rock solid. That’s what comes to mind when we think of Apollo E-cig. It is just a rock solid brand with a lot going for it.

If you ever have to deal with their customer service, you will find a very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable voice. They want to build a relationship with their customers and it shows.

We went on to review the Apollo eGo e-cigarette. The Superior eGo battery was quite large but it lasted and lasted and lasted. At one point we actually got 944 puffs out of a full charged battery. It didn’t get that every time but it did have an average of about 800 puffs.

The clearomizer tank for the Superior eGo holds 1.6 ml of e-liquid. That is a much larger capacity than you are able to contain in a typical cartomizer cartridge. You can refill the clearomizer tank with any e-liquid. Apollo E-Liquid gives you dozens of choices and you know you will be getting extremely high quality e-liquid.

Apollo now also offers a powerful variable voltage e-cigarette called the VTube V 3.0. It features the ability to control the voltage in 0.1 graduations between 3.0 V and 6.0 V. You can also manage the power output in Watts, between 1 and 20. The 18650 battery is included in the kit.

Are there are drippers out there? Apollo is also the brand behind dripTonic MaxVG e-liquid specially designed for RDAs.

Apollo often runs specials and they always offer value. You can save 20% anytime off of any regular purchase by using Apollo coupon code ECCR20.

What Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials will Apollo offer? The coming days will tell and we will be the first to let you know! check back to this page for Black Friday ecig sales updates.

White Cloud Cigarettes

The White Cloud vaping Black Friday spectacular offers massive savings up to 20 percent off site wide.

White Cloud Cigarettes is based in Florida and they have been making waves since they started. They make some of the best e-cigarettes you will find. Anyone who says cig-a-likes do not produce satisfying vapor has never tried White Cloud.

More than making maybe the best ecigs, White Cloud is an American innovator. Exhibit A, White Cloud has recently moved the entirety of its refill cartridge production from overseas to Florida.

They are creating American jobs and those jobs are good jobs. In fact, White Cloud Cigarettes was named one of the best companies to work for in Tampa. You can also expect to hear lot more about White Cloud in the near future. They have teamed up with legendary football coach Jimmy Johnson and PBS to help educate the public about e-cigarettes.

Now the nitty gritty. How well does the actual White Cloud electronic cigarette work? As our testing regimen indicated, White Cloud put up some very impressive numbers. Bear in mind we are talking about a cig-a-like. This ecig looks like a cigarette. It is not a big, bulky hunk of metal. Be that as it may, it packs the punch of an e-cig twice its size. The White Cloud Cirrus 3X battery consistently delivered 500 to 650 puffs. That’s the best we’ve seen.

The batteries are also very consistent from puff to puff. So are White Cloud refill cartridges. The cartridges are excellent in flavor, vapor and consistency. They also last for 350 to 400 puffs. Once again, right there with Green Smoke at the head of the class.

At the outset, the Cirrus 3X starter kit is a touch on the costly side with a price tag of $89.95. Quality costs more no matter what you buy. So, you may pay more at the beginning but in the long-run, White Cloud offers incredible value.

You can buy White Cloud refill cartridges in 20 plus different flavors with 6 nicotine levels to choose from. Each pack of 5 cartridges sells for $9.95. That’s less than $2.00 each for White Clouds top of the line e-cig cartridges. Click below to visit the site, look at all of the flavors. White Cloud gives you a lot of options.

You can save 15% off of your White Cloud starter kit purchase right now by applying coupon code WCKIT15. As for any Black Friday specials and Cyber Monday offers, we will post those here as soon as they go into effect. Spend at least part of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday with us, we will be monitoring all of the best ecig brands for up to the minute updates on sales and specials.

V2 Cigs Black Friday Specials

The V2 Black Friday holiday Weekend Bonanza offers big savings on all V2 e-cigarette packages and Zig Zag liquid nicotine.

V2 Cigs is an e-cig industry superstar. They enjoy widespread popularity and huge sales numbers. V2 is always expanding their product line and developing new products. This past summer they introduced the V2 Pro Series.

The first Pro series model that was released was the V2 Pro series 3. The Pro Series accommodates 3 different styles of vaping. First, you can vaporize e-liquid just like any electronic cigarette. Second, you can vaporize wax compounds or essential oils. Third, you can vaporize dry herbs.

Each form of vaping utilizes a different cartridge that magnetically connects to the battery. Each cartridge has a microchip that directs the battery function to achieve each type of vaping. For example, the dry herb vape essentially involves a mini oven inside the cartridges that heats the herbs to such a degree that they vaporize. Now that’s vaporize, not combust. Vaporizing is many times cleaner and more efficient than combustion.

Beyond the Pro Series, V2 also has a full line up of conventional e-cigarettes including cig-a-likes. We reviewed the V2 Cigs standard starter kit and discovered a solid product that has already helped many people reduce or replace tobacco.

The actual performance numbers are not in line with the best of the best but they are still a lot better than the majority of what you will find on a store shelf or on most websites. The battery will give you 150 to 175 puffs and the cartridge will last for 125 to 175 pufs. V2 is decent. Our readers have contributed their own V2 E-cig reviews that back up our findings to a T. V2 is decent.

Their strengths as an ecig brand is their flavor, satisfaction and value. The starter kits are always among the most affordable and the cartridges sell for less than $2.00 each. The flavors are great and you have 6 nicotine options to choose from.

V2 Cigs also has a full line of e-liquids, e-cig tank systems, disposable e-cigs and accessories. Visit and scout around, kick some tires and compare.

You can save 10% off of any V2 Cigs purchase right now. Use V2 coupon code STARTERKITS when checking out.

V2 is currently running a holiday special on a number of starter kits, e-liquids and even the V2 Pro Series. The discounts vary but they average 25%. There are some great deals currently available for example:

  • Santa Express – Express Starter Kit reduced from $39.85 to $31.88
  • An Eve For Ex – 3 blank EX cartridges and 2 bottles of e-liquid reduced from $48.85 to $39.08
  • Glad Tidings Kit – 40 refill cartridges and a universal adaptor for V2 batteries reduced from $67.90 to $64.95

It is a safe bet that V2 will have some excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-cigarette deals. We will be watching and posting as soon as any new V2 specials are released. Check here for any updates.

Panda Ecig

Big Black Friday and cyber Monday savings on all Panda brand e-cigs, cig-a-likes, mods, box mods, mechs, RDAs and e-juice.

Panda Ecigs has two areas where they really shine. Namely price and customer service. We do have first hand experience with Panda and we have completed a thorough ecig review of their Panda Evolve electronic cigarette.

We found that the Panda Evolve batteries were very good but the cartridges were a little sub par. The customer service was excellent and it was clear that Panda Ecig staff really know vaping and e-cigarettes.

Panda has a lot more to offer than it’s own line of electronic cigarettes. Panda Ecig is a one stop shop for a huge range of e-cigarettes. If you want the latest box mod, Panda probably has it and has it at the best price.

This is something you can easily research on your own. For example, let’s consider the iTaste VTR. You can get an iTaste VTR from Panda Ecig for $79.95. Most places are at least $100.00, more frequently well over.

If you are a fan of Kanger electronic cigarettes, Panda has the EVOD, ESmart and ESlim all at terrific prices. They also have the Kamry K100 mechanical mod for less than $50, which is half the price that most vape shops charge.

The same goes for RDAs, clones, and accessories. Shop and compare. Panda deals in Apollo E-Liquids at the same prices offered by Apollo.

Right now Panda Ecig is running a few specials. The Kanger ESmart starter kit has been reduced from $49.99 to $28.97. The Kanger EMUS has been reduced from $54.95 to $37.97.

In the clearance section you can pick us some absolute bargains like the Panda Evolve starter kit reduce from $69.95 to $19.97. Disposable ecigs have been marked down from $9.95 to $3.95 each. Smoketech 510 Dual Coil Tank Clearomizers have been cut from $7.95 to $4.95.

It is reasonable to expect some Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials to be forthcoming from Panda Ecigs. ECCR will be watching and as soon as any specials sales or discounts are announced, we will make sure that you are the first to know. All you have to do is keep checking back in and watching the updates!

Note:  Panda Ecigs has Closed And Have Been Absorbed Into Apollo Ecig Inventory.

Check back often. We will be here. This Black Friday, ECCR has got you covered!