The line up of e cigarette brands for 2014 is literally huge as there are hundreds of different makes and models to choose from.  Before making the choice that is right for you it is very important that you do your research.

Electronic cigarettes reviews are a useful place to start but there are only a very few review sites that you can actually trust.

top ten eccr e vaping products

At ECCR, you will notice that our top ten ratings are much different from other web sites.  The reason is that our reviews are based on the quality and performance of each e cigarette rather than the commission paid by various companies.

We wholeheartedly believe that the best e cigarette review should never be just another e cigarette ad disguised as a review.

Our reviews are very thorough and conducted to exacting standards. Frankly, we don’t care about how well marketed a brand is or how much attention it gets.  All we are concerned with is performance and quality.

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We are also concerned with recommending the e-cig brands that will help you kick tobacco.

We are not a bunch of guys in suits sitting around a boardroom table plotting our next strategy.  We are passionate about this industry and its potential to save lives.  We also just enjoy vaping!  We are a dedicated team of people who work to bring a voice of sanity to a chaotic market place.  Oh, and though we don’t wear suits, it should be noted that we still do dress quite nicely, well most of us.

The first lesson in making an e cigarette comparison is to do your homework

Make sure that your sources of information are reputable and honest.  ECCR was founded on just telling it like it is.

For our part, it makes our business strategy very easy …. Tell it like it is!

how to compare e cigarettes and what to look for

Fly by night companies will typically order a generic line of e cigarettes from China and simply slap a label on the package, throw up a website and voila!  A company is born.  Trust us when we say that these brands never perform to the level of reputable brands that invest in their own research and development to create their own products.

When you puff on an e cigarette, you are breathing the vapor into your body.  Before we give the nod of approval to any e cigarette we will consider how their e liquid and cartridges are produced and to what standards.  In many cases, e liquid is carelessly blended in someone’s garage.  You will never find any of those brands on our pages.

Evaluating the actual performance of an e cigarette

Evaluatin the performance involves some subjectivity but there are also universal indicators of quality that we look for.  First, the vapor has to be sufficient to satisfy.  In the vaping language, “throat hit” is a term used to identify the sensation in your throat that you experience while vaping.  The throat hit has to mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette in order to provide a viable alternative to cigarettes.

What to look for in an e cigarette

The throat hit is also has to satisfy your nicotine cravings.  Our founder coined the term, “nico-sat” to represent the nicotine satisfaction offered by an e cigarette brand.

Choosing an appropriate nicotine level varies from person to person.  As a general guideline, if you smoke a pack a day we recommend a minimum of 18 mg in order to experience decent nico-sat.  A 24 mg level probably gives regular smokers a better chance to fully satisfy nicotine cravings.  For more details read our article about choosing the right nicotine strength for you.

The flavor has to be enjoyable.

Flavor is also subjective but a well-blended e liquid will perform differently than a poor blend.  For instance a quality blend will deliver the same amount of flavor and vapor every puff.  There are a lot of brands out there that are very inconsistent and the flavors taste like burnt trash.

eccr e liquid reviews are accurate and flavors are enjoyable

Yes… yuck!  You will not find any of those brands on our pages.  ECCR will only list quality brands that have proven themselves worthy of your consideration.

Our editor reviews are expertly conducted and we have worked diligently to identify the best e cigarettes on the market.  We also include the opinions of our readers.  Our consumer review section gives you more access to the first hand experiences of people just like you.

To wrap this up, let’s go back to the beginning.

So, where do you begin to look when choosing an e cigarette brand? You’re already where you need to be and we’ve already done the work.  Spend some time with us and read our reviews and information.  Feel free to share your experiences or contact us with any questions.  We invite you to come back as often as you wish!

Also, check back regularly as this is a fast moving industry that is always changing. Team ECCR is very quick and nimble!  We stay on top of everything that is happening and we will always keep you up to speed.  Good luck in your search and y’all come back now, ya hear?!?!