What are the best Christmas gifts for vapers in 2016? That’s a good question thanks for asking! Much has changed in vaping in 2016 and for the full-on vaping aficionado there is much to choose from. One thing you can’t go wrong with is e-liquid. Every vaper needs e-juice! We will have a list of the best e-liquids of the year. All made in the USA and blended professionally in a lab, not somebody’s back room. We will stick to the best here at ECCR.

This year was an amazing year for both tanks and vape mods. We have seen some amazing products launched and many of these will make the pssionate vaper in your life smile on Christmas morning. But before we get into those we are going to kick this thing off by talking about the basics. Basic, easy to use vapor products for adult tobacco users that you would like to share vaping with.

what to buy for a person who vapes

I’m thinking of moms, dads and grandparents here. For example my mom is not about to build her own coils or use a vape mod that as a dozen different vape modes and can be adjusted up to 220 watts. Now, I would like something like that and maybe you would, too. But the fact is that some perhaps older tobacco consumers are not interested in a complex mod. They want something simple, easy to use and most of all enjoyable and satisfying.

Easy, Enjoyable Vapor

Let’s take a look three Christmas gifts for vapers that are all easy to use and produce a fulfilling, satisfying and flavorful vapor. These are all great choices and affordable. You can buy all of these online direct from the vape company that makes them. All of these options come with a 30 day money back guarantee and product warranty. You will be able to deal directly with the company and experience excellent customer service.

The 30-day money back guarantee is something that we wanted to emphasize because of you are giving a vapor device as a gift, the person you give it to will have the option of returning it. So that gives you some security that your gift will not go to waste.

30 day back guarantee on any products purchased on this list

While these electronic cigarette products are all easy to use and ideal for people who are not interested in complex mods, they are also ideal for a vaping aficionado who requires an ecig that is a portable, reliable back-up. We start off with Green Smoke.

Green Smoke E-Vapor

Green Smoke E-Vapor has sold over 50 million electronic cigarette products. They have accomplished this without a nationwide marketing campaign or flashy ads. They have done so with a basic, e-cigarette design that delivers an amazing, pleasurable vapor. Finally, Green Some E-Vapor has sold 50 million products through excellence combined with attentive, dedicated customer service.

green smoke e vapor has a complete kit for sale

How does Green Smoke work. You can watch our Green Smoke review videos here. But to sum it up quickly, Green Smoke is a two-piece, familiar design. To make it vape, all you do is attach a cartridge to a battery and enjoy the vapor. Starter kits start at under $10 but we recommend a complete kit and extra cartridges. Use the link below to activate an automatic discount code that will save you 10% on your purchase.

A Green Smoke E-Vapor starter kit and FlavorMax cartridges will make a great gift for an adult tobacco consumer or as a gift to yourself. With Green Smoke, it’s all about the enjoyment of a rich, flavorful vapor experience.

Our top choice and top rated electronic cigarette.

Basic Easy To Use Vape Mod

For those vapers looking for a mod that comes with a basic e-cig tank that can be filled with any e-liquid flavor, a basic easy to use vape mod might fit the bill. Take a look at the VaporFi Pro 3. The unique atomizer design puts the coil in direct contact with the battery. That ensures a consistent, reliable vapor performance. It is compact and very easy to use.

halo triton 2 e cigarette kit with kringles curse e liquid

We have another easy to use vape mod that might make a great Christmas gift. This one is from Halo Cigs. The beauty of this kit is that it comes with everything including e-liquid and costs only $45. The Halo Triton 2 start kit comes with two batteries, two tanks, three coils and your choice of e-liquid all in. The second beauty of the Triton 2 is that it will also work for basic sub ohm vaping if desired. So it really is a fantastic choice for a beginner looking for a complete kit with some built in vaping options.

Electronic Cigarette Christmas Gift Bundles

Another option that can make your shopping experience a much easier process if giving a gift bundle. A bundle will contain a variety of popular vaping products in one complete package. The beauty of VaporFi gift bundles is that you can find gifts for him, for her, shop by budget, it’s all easy access. With VaporFi, you will be getting elite quality and customer service.

Christmas Gifts For Vapers

If the vaper in your life is an enthusiast who demands the best, then we have a gift bundle that will really jingle their bells Christmas morning. The X-Cube Ultra bundle comes with everything needed to experience the capabilities of advanced vaping. The X Cube Ultra mod is capable of 220 watts and the firmware is upgradeable so the technology will never be out of date.

smok x cube for sale with accessories including a charger, batteries and a tank

When you pick out your bundle, you have the option of choosing the tank and batteries that will come with your bundle. The tanks that you can choose from are the Smok TFV8, the Uwell Crown 2, The Herakles Pro Tank or the Joyetech Ultimo. They are all phenomenal tanks. We have the Smok TFV8 rated as the best vape tank and it is spectacular. My second choice would be the Joyetech Ultimo.

When you are picking out which batteries to get with your bundle, we recommend the LG HG2 batteries although all of the batteries that you can choose from with this bundle are premium quality. This is an amazing gift bundle for a serious vaper!

Vape Mods For Christmas!

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for vapers, maybe you asked and were told about a certain mod that they want. Now you are wondering where on earth you will find that mod! I might be able to help. There is a place that sells authentic products at low prices with free delivery. They have, wait for it, over 100 vape mods. There is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for!

Vape Mod Kits

Perhaps you would like to find a complete vape mod kit. By a complete kit I mean the mod, the tank and some e-liquid. An all-in-one buy of an excellent quality e-cig mod where you don’t have to get anything else to go with it. If this is you then you must take a look at Halo Cig’s mods and e-cigarette kits. There is a range of devices to choose from. All of them have internal batteries and all come with tanks, coils and Halo’s award winning e-liquid. You can’t go wrong with Halo!

halo cigs is having a sale on box mods for beginners and advanced

Halo offers excellent prices. They are an American company that offers a money back guarantee and warranty. An excellent choice for the vaper in your life.

What Is The Best Mod To Give?

There are varying opinions on what the best vape mod is. Generally speaking, the DNA 200 mods are held in high regard by the vaping community. Having a DNA 200 is probably on every vapor’s wish list.

Vape Tanks

This was an amazing year for vape tanks! The technology has advanced so much. High performance vaping is very accessible thanks to the new tanks and RTAs out there. You can find 90 plus tanks all in one place so you do not have to spend hours and hours browsing the web. So if you are looking for a vape tank as a Christmas gift for a vaper, look no further.

E-Liquid Gift Options

The e-liquid gift options for Christmas are plentiful indeed. But you do have to be careful. A lot of e-liquids are not prefessionally blended rather they are made in basements, garages and the backrooms of vape shops. You don’t want these. When it comes to e-juices, you want to stick with proven brands that rely on responsible, transparent and professional standards when choosing an e-liquid.

Halo E-liquids are one of the pioneers of vaping. This US based company transformed the art of vape juice into a science. The vaper in your life will love the flavor and the vapor production. Use Halo coupon code ECCR5 to get a discount on your purchase.

If you want to choose from a variety of the leading national e-liquid brands, then Direct Vapor is your one stop HQ. They have 37 of the top vape juice brands to pick from.

mix your own e juice at vaporfi, there are over 30000 combinations possible

You might also want to check out VaporFi e-liquid. They have up to 30,000 potential flavor combinations. Exceptional quality and full transparency. They never use diacetyl or acetyl proprionyl in any ejuice blends. In other words, no fake buttery flavorings. In fact, every VaporFi e-juice recipe has been filed with the FDA and independent lab reports have been published to verify purity and quality.

You might also want to take a look at the e-liquid options from the hidden gem of vaping, South Beach Smoke. They have fantastic prices and excellent customer service. South Beach Smoke e-liquids are made in the USA and made to the highest standards.

Not Sure What To Get The Vaper In Your Life For Christmas?

I know. It can be hard to know what to get. If you are not familiar with vaping products and worry about what they might want there is an easy fix for that. A Direct Vapor gift card will open up a world of vaping possibilities for the vaper in your life.

So why Direct Vapor? As you probably guess, if you do buy something from one of the companies we talk about here on ECCR we may get a commission. That’s true. Those commissions help keep us going and we are the only consumer driven electronic cigarette site. We are unbiased and honest in our evaluations. We don’t have a team of technical internet people. It’s just us and we keep it real. We are very strict about what we promote. Look, pretty much every product on the planet offers commissions. We are very selective about the products that we talk about here.

smok x cube for sale with accessories including a charger, batteries and a tank

So yes we are going to recommend Direct Vapor if you are looking at a gift card as a gift for a vaper this year. And I am going to explain why and afterward I think you will agree with the reasons why we rank Direct vapor ahead of the pack. Number one, they sell only authentic products. The ecig market is flooded with counterfeits.have you ever heard about any of those ‘ecig catches fire’ stories? If you have just know that those products were probably cheap counterfeits being passed off as authentic. With Direct Vapor, you will get authentic vape gear.

Direct Vapor has a low price guarantee. If you see an authentic product being sold for less elsewhere, DV will match the price. They also personally handle warranty protection and that is very unique. The next reason is that they always offer free delivery.  So I think you can see the advantages.

VaporFi Gift Cards For Christmas

If you would like to buy directly from a US vaping company that makes world class e-liquid in their own FDA registered lab then consider VaporFi. VaporFi also has dozens and dozens of electronic cigarette kits and vaporizers. I mean, the choices are endless. Awesome Christmas gifts for vapers. A VaporFi gift card is like having a master key to enter any realm of vaping the vaper in your life desires.

On A Budget This Christmas? Huge Vape Deals Here!

South beach smoke e cigarette kits are now 75 percent off

If you are on a tight budget this Christmas but still want to find a great gift for a very, then you need to check out South Beach Smoke. South Beach was one of the early e-cig brands. They are the fun vape brand. Very relaxed, attentive customer service and very good e-cigs and e-lqiuids. They are currently offering 75% off of all of their electronic cigarettes. They even let you build your own e-cig right on their website! You pick the style and color and let your imagination create a one of a kind electronic cigarette.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

pax herbal vaporizers are on sale for Christmas

Dry herb vaporizers are a different beast. They are not e-cigs. Herbal vaporizers actually vaporize herbal. This is a specialized device. If someone is asking you for a vaporizer for Christmas, then why not go with the best. Pax vaporizers are designed in the Silicon Valley where technology and innovation are king. Pax products are prized by herbal vaping enthusiasts. The best vaporizer to give for Christmas.