Here’s a story we couldn’t have imagined five years ago when e-cigarette accessories were just a twinkle in the eye of e-cigarette brands who at that point were looking to get off the ground. Even then all we could really hope for were some decent e-cigarette cases that didn’t look terrible.

Recently strutting down the catwalk at a fashion show we glimpsed the future (perhaps) with the unveiling of an e-cigarette jacket. That’s right; e-cigarettes are becoming so popular that e-cigarette accessories are becoming fashionable (pun intended).

Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar are the creators of high fashion's Ada + Nik, the duo hit the runway recently with a bespoke leather jacket that had a built in storage pocket for vaping devices.

The new fashion item comes to us by way of the brand Ada + Nik, which was founded by designer Ada Zanditon and model Nik Thakkar.

The pair are apparently big fans of NJOY, or fans of their sponsorship. But if you are to believe Nik, him and Ada have been supporters of NJOY for years. Claiming that it was “a pleasure” to design a jacket with NJOY in mind, Nik points out that “the ‘N’ shape in the back yolk and in the seams, [showcase] the exact same angles as the lines on the NJOY box.”

E-cigarettes have become so popular so fast, high fashion has caught on with some designer creating bespoke jackets with built-in vape pockets.

The jacket has a dual-pocket that is made to fit the NJOY King model and we have to admit that there has been a lot of thought gone into this. It also got me thinking about e-cigarette accessories and how most e-cigarette cases just don’t do it for me. If Ada + Nik can stretch the possible, why don’t I follow their lead and come up with some ideas of my own?

So without further adieu, here are three e-cigarette accessories I would love to see:

E-cigarette jeans: It isn’t a great habit, but since guys don’t have the space afforded to women via a purse or handbag, a lot of us end up sticking our e-cig straight into our jeans pocket. We know it isn’t a good idea because our pockets offer little protection and very often we will get lint in there, easily clogging up the air vents in e-cigs from some of our favorite e-cigarette brands. How about a pair of jeans that had a special pocket built in? It could have a strong lining that offers protection and keep our e-cigarette lint-free.

Now that we have high fashion clothes designed for people who vape, we want jeans that are meant to accommodate them.

E-cigarette cell phone case: This is one of those e-cigarette accessories that I am genuinely surprised does not exist already. The market for cell phones cases has gotten so huge that you can find dual-use cases for so many purposes already. Since my cell phone and my e-cig are among the essentials (along with wallet and keys) that I can’t leave the house without, a cell phone case with a single slot for an e-cigarette would be so convenient. Come to thing of it, if they already make combination cell phone case and wallet, why can’t they just build onto that and really make my life easier?

Companies are considering every combination of lifestyle accessories like this one offering products such as smart phone cases with built in vaping devices.

Hands-free vaping hat: Okay, this one is going to seem a bit silly at first, but just hear me out. Just like beer helmets let you chug down a brew while keeping your hands free for nachos during a football game, this contraption could do the same but with vapor. As e-cigarette accessories go, it would actually be more resourceful in situations where you really shouldn’t have a hand free to grab your e-cig. Like driving a car or riding a bike, where two hands on the wheel or handlebars mean safety first. I can see it now, taking a Saturday morning bike ride in the mountains and never having to stop for a puff on my e-cig. Plus, what a great opportunity for e-cigarette brands to market themselves with a sleek looking hat that carries their logo.

A vape life hat cleverly has an exposed skull with atomizer coils that are fed right into it's brain.

Those were the best ideas I came up with, meaning there were even worse ideas that were thrown in the trash bin. What do you think? Are these ideas that could catch on? Do you have better ideas for e-cigarette accessories? Leave a comment or tweet at us @eccrtweet and give us your feedback.