There are a few ecig brands that accept Bitcoin but none of them are as high profile as Mt Baker Vapor. Now you can buy ecigs and ejuice with Bitcoin. Mt Baker Vapor is the first high-profile vaping brand to do so! It is also great news because Mt. Baker is a great place to buy ecigs, accessories and especially ejuice. This is awesome news for vapers and Bitcoin traders.

UPDATE: Well the awesome news is now disappointing news. Sorry BitCoin traders. Due to new FDA regulations, electronic cigarette companies are no longer allowed to accept BitCoin as a valid currency for a transaction to sell e-cig and vapor products. So, sorry folks. We will update again if anything changes. For now, it is definitive, you cannot use BitCoin in any transaction to purchase electronic cigarette products or e-liquids.

The FDA ruled that it would no longer be lawful for e-cig and vape companies to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as payment for their products, severely limiting how they are sold once again.

Bitcoin is digital money that is created by people to trade electronically. It is decentralized and independent of any government or bank industry influence. Bitcoin is controlled by the people. Only so much Bitcoin will be created so it cannot be artificially manipulated by any outside special interest. It was based on a concept by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is internet money! It can be instantly transferred with minimal processing fees.

There are many people in the vaping community that are strong Libertarians, there are techies, there are coders and programmers, in other words there are vapers from all walks of life with all types of individual interests. Many of us do not like the idea of monitored transactions or having to deal with banks or government agencies to make a transaction between individuals or businesses. This is where Bitcoin comes in.

Ecig Brands That Accept Bitcoin. What Is Bitcoin?

At the end of the day, Bitcoin is a new digitally based financial option giving people the power and control to manage their personal financial transactions. Bitcoin is inexpensive to send and accept because transaction fees are minimal. As we all know transaction fees are not minimal when you are dealing with banks! Bitcoin is anonymous and no names are required. Transactions are all assigned a numerical code and completed mathematically. This eliminates the risk of identity theft or fraud.

Identity theft and the security concerns about credit cards have caused many people to become reluctant regarding internet transactions. The security protocols and cryptography involved with Bitcoin transactions boast a very strong  security track record. This is why ECCR has been on the look-out for ecig brands that accept Bitcoin. We are happy to report that you can buy vaping supplies from Mt Baker Vapor with Bitcoin.

How To Buy Ecigs With Bitcoin From Mt Baker

E-cig companies like Mouth Baker Vapor are accepting cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as payment for their products.

It is very easy to buy ecigs with Bitcoin from Mt Baker Vapor. First, shop as you normally would. Pick of some new vape hardware or eliquid, maybe new coils or whatever you need. Then, when you check out, you will see “Bitcoin” presented as a payment option. Once selected, you will be given a unique bitcoin address that you will then use to send payment to.

After sending your bitcoin to the address provided, the page should confirm your Bitcoin payment within 10 minutes. Once you see the confirmation come through the transaction is a done deal. You do not have to enter any credit card numbers or anything else. Bitcoin transactions are easy. Once you buy ecigs with Bitcoin, your order will be processed like any other. Mt Baker will ship your order right away.

Businesses or online stores where Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is accepted are growing and so is the value.


Something you have to keep in mind when using Bitcoin to buy ecigs, or using Bitcoin to buy anything for that matter, once you click the “bitcoin” payment option, you will have 10 minutes to complete your payment using the generated payment address QR code. If you go to the Bitcoin blockchain site, you will see the transactions occurring in real time. There is a window of time to complete a transaction. The Bitcoin to US dollar conversion rate is very fluid and can change in a moment. If you miss that time frame a new payment code will have to be generated based on the current BTC/USD conversion rate.

If you do visit Mt Baker Vapor to buy ecigs with Bitcoin, it is recommended that you scan the QR code for the most efficient means of completing the transaction. You also have the option of copying and pasting the payment address but you have to keep in mind that the payment address has to be be 100% correct before the payment can be sent. That includes exact capitalization of all letters. A discrepancy will cause the payment address to fail. Remember to pay the correct amount of Bitcoin requested and not the U.S. dollar price.

Acting outside of the FDA restrictions, products like the Mount Baker Vapor USA Blend Tobacco flavored e-juice was available for purchase with Bitcoin.

All orders with Bitcoin will be considered final. Mt. Baker Vapor store credit will be the only option available for returns. We will not be able to refund in Bitcoin. Please double-check your shopping cart before completing your checkout with Bitcoin! We will be unable to change or cancel any or all of a customer’s order once your payment has been submitted.

Mt Baker plans on converting 85% of their Botcoin to US dollars right away. As a result, they will not refund Bitcoin purchases with Bitcoin. Instead, returns will receive store credit.

Buying eCigs With Bitcoin

Buying ecigs with Bitcoin is now a reality. Mt Baker Vapor is a premiere vaping company that not only sells quality gear and vape juice, but also is a vaping advocate that is always active in the fight to protect your right to vape. When special interests are trying to cloud the question if vaping is bad, Mt Baker stands for reason and telling the truth about vaping. The fact that vaping has been found by experts to be at least 95% safer than smoking.

Mt Baker Vapor is very well known for eliquid but they also carry a full line of the leading vape gear. You can use Bitcoin to buy leading vape brands like Aspire, Kangertech and eLeaf to name a few. Pick up some Clapton coils or accessories with Bitcoin. They even have DIY vaping supplies if you want to make your own e-liquid. The Mt Baker Vapor website is easy to navigate and the prices are very good, especially the ejuice prices.

There is a growing number of people both investing and using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to conduct business, it was only a matter of time before that included vapes and e-cigs.

Some of the most popular Mt Baker Vapor eliquids are Hawk Sauce, Moo Juice, Thug Juice, Berry Crunch and the list goes on. The vape mods you can buy with Bitcoin are plentiful. Mt Baker has a number of ecig starter kits to choose from. There are vaping kits for beginners up to advanced RBAs.

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