Last thing you think you need is an electronic cigarette case right? Well it’s like that time you wish you’d bought that case for your phone when you dropped it. Immediately you know for a fact it’d be without that scratch on the back of it, had you just purchased a case for it. iPhone users know what we’re talking about. Well? What about your electronic cigarette?

Why wouldn’t you get a carrying case for your e cigs? They need love too! Without one, you could end up with the same face to the left of this post.

The Ego style vape mods require a bit more storage area than the pen-style e-cigs but this case has special slots for each end and extra space for e-juice and accessories.

With all jokes aside, cases have their benefits.

People tend to puff their electronic cigarettes with casualty and then place it in their pockets. While doing this, they think they’ve caused no harm. However, they just have. By placing the electronic cigarette in your pocket your exposing the cartridge which likely has an an opening in it to quite a few things. Lint, sand, and you know…money (only a special someone knows what’s all over that). Point being, without carrying your e-cigarette in a case your bound to get some of this stuff in your cartridge. Nasty.

So we’ve got a few favorites that we’d like to share with you. They’re obviously from our editors top ten chart because we enjoy sporting our favorite brands accessories. However, they’ve got class as well, and will more than likely be useful with almost every other brand. Which in return, also makes them stand out!

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Carrying Case

The Green Smoke e-cig travel case is the same size as a normal cigarette case and holds everything you need on the go.

Green Smoke has an innovative and fashionably provocative new leather case out now that is suitable for more than just the Green Smoke electronic cigarette battery and cartridges. They’ve pretty much given us everything with their new case. From carrying cartridges, batteries, chargers, credit cards, pens, pads, or tickets etc – if it fits, you can carry it! They’ve come a long way from their previous carrying cases. No doubt after you watch the video below about them, you’ll understand just why we choose this as a electronic cigarette case worthy of purchase. There’s something about this case that say’s “style”. We think that was their aim, because it definitely caught our attention! With the Green Smoke carrying case, you have a safe and stylish place for that beautifully engineered device of yours.

That’s a pretty fancy electronic cigarette carrying case eh? Now let’s take a look at the White Cloud electronic cigarette carrying case!

White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Carrying Case

The White Cloud carrying case for their Cirrus e-cigarette is as discrete as it is compact and useful.

While of course we’ve got a video for this one, you can tell that they’re not really trying to sell you on their product. Makes you kind of think…do they really give themselves credit? Out of plenty of cases that we’ve had experience with, we can assure you that while this White Cloud carrying case looks simplistic in design. It’s definitely got it’s uses, as well as protection. The Italian leather that covers the case is actually really nice, and durable. While yes, we want a case that looks good…let’s look under the hood.

When you open it. You’ve got tons of space. What’s so nice about that? Well if you’re like us, and you puff multiple different brands of e-cigs – having a case for them isn’t a problem. With the space that the case provides, you can fit an entire Cirrus 3X kit (excluding wall charger). Or you can decide how many batteries vs. cartridges you want to take with you. You’re no longer restricted to size of batteries, or cartridges.

So the White Cloud e cig carrying case isn’t exactly all that fancy. Instead, they let you make what goes inside of it look fancy! They make up for it with the Vapor Jackets. Everyone and their grandmother are customizing their electronic cigarettes with these things. It’s an easy way to identify who’s electronic cigarette is who’s, and it’s a great conversation starter – We’d go as far as to say that you can change the style of your e cig to your mood with Vapor Jackets. It’s not an industry that is necessarily “booming” but it’s an industry that has just been born.  We won’t go into a rant about “e-cigs are here to stay, and they’re not just a fad”. What we will tell you is this……you should check them out!

White Cloud Vapor Jackets

They aren’t considered really a “case” however, it can sort of protect your battery. If you’re clumsy and always dropping things…we suppose it’d be perfect. Nobody wants to drop their e cig battery on the ground to pick it up and see a scratch from it’s design. Instead, the Vapor Jackets protect the e cigarettes original paint/design. When it becomes damaged, peel it off and put a new one on! Simple right? The process of applying it is seamless. All you need is a lighter. After being applied properly, they stay in tack pretty well. Without further ado, check out the Vapor Jackets – they even offer Angry Birds design!

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With the wide range of electronic cigarettes, brands and companies – of course these aren’t the best out there. For us right now they are, because we haven’t found anything else comparable. In the future, maybe there will be independent manufacturers for electronic cigarette cases. Maybe they’ll come up with some really cool and heavy duty cases, but for now as previously stated….we love these two. Both of them are offered at different price points, so I guess you could take into consideration, how much you’re willing to spend. Maybe you’re budget friendly, if you are – you’re going to want to go with White Cloud, but if you’ve got a bit extra you could go with the Green Smoke. Just remember, it’s the protection that matters. You’ve got an expensive device there that you should protect from any of the mischievous acts of mother nature herself, or anything the world may throw at it.

Until our next publishing, we hope you’ve found the information helpful. The decision is yours! Be one with the force!