The gaming world and ECCR have a lot in common. How you ask? Well… we may not be as die hard as some, but we do enjoy our game sessions.

Whether its XBox 360, PS3, or PlayStation Vita… console or handheld…. it doesn’t matter: as long as we’re gaming we’re happy. However, we too have our habits – good, bad, and ugly. For this blog we’ll stick with the habit of smoking.

Like most gamers, when we’re having a gaming session,  we get into it. Right after an intense gaming session, especially in FPS games like Halo or COD, it’s great to reward your heroic efforts like a real man (or lady) and light up a smoke. C’mon, you’re a gamer… and a smoker… admit it!

Gamers have turned to vaping as a method of staying in gameplay longer without taking cigarette breaks.

So it was some years ago that we started using electronic cigarettes and started to realize – ecigarettes can actually be a really helpful accessory to any of your gaming systems. So we figured we’d write a blog about it. There’s so many great benefits to electronic cigarettes. Some gamers aren’t aware of how some of these benefits relate to them, so we figured we’d point a few of them out.

Just a few because we don’t wanna talk your ear off!

  • No More Going Outside: You’re sitting there playing an intense 10 minute session of Team Deathmatch. The match ends and you’re sitting in the lobby waiting for the map choices to be made and the new match to start. We know this takes approximately 2-3 minutes so we think we’ve got time to go smoke. Well, who wants to smoke outside when it’s like 2 degrees Fahrenheit out there (-17 Celsius for our friends outside the USA…)? Technically it’s still Winter in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere is heading towards Winter. If  you’ve done your research, you’re already aware that there are no toxins, tar,  carbon monoxide, or “second hand smoke” emitted…. but not having to go outside and freeze just to catch a smoke in between games is a huge deal. You gotta keep those hands warm so you can get those twitch shots! Sniper-lovers will know exactly what we mean…

Vaping means in places where they allow you to do so indoors, users no longer need to dress and brave the cold or inclement weather in order to feed their habits.

  • Tobacco Smoke Damages Electronics: While something like this happens over a period of time, it’s still a matter of time until the damage is done… and can’t be undone. We know it takes a long time to really have any impact on electronic devices, but there are some that sit in front of their computers for long periods of time exhaling loads of smoke in their computer’s direction. Over time, cigarette smoke builds up and it shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you open your computer up to see something that looks like it was attacked by a dust bunny…. literally. It’s no good for your computer system, and it’s especially no good for your lungs to be closed  up in a room full of toxic second hand smoke. The benefit  of using electronic cigarettes is that they emit vapor – similar to a fog machine – and there is no tar or resin to attach to electronics, or your lungs. If that doesn’t say much, let me ask you this…why would you, or anyone want to smoke around a $250 Xbox? Think on that. (Editors note: Some people actually care more about a $250 XBOX than they do a priceless set of lungs- go figure!)
  • Electronic Cigarettes Are Cheaper: Now we’re not saying every gamer is broke, however, there are many who are paying anywhere from $8.50 (US) up to $20.00 (AUS) for just a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes. Smoking consumes quite a bit of income when you tally it out over the period of a year. With the cartridges for the electronic cigarettes, you’re paying half of what you would for tobacco cigarettes, if not less. Most electronic cigarette cartomizers cost 2.99 – $3.99 per cartridge which is the equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes (or more). Do the math. The answer is right there. One cartridge equaling a pack of smokes…. and all for $2.99…. and you’re saving your health and electronics? You can’t beat that with a cheap stick. If you were to buy a 5 pack of cartomizers that cost on average about $12-$15 that’s almost an entire carton of smokes worth of vaping you just got for merely $15. To make a short story long… more money in your pocket means more money for games!

E-cigs save users thousands of dollars a year they would otherwise be spending on cigarettes which seem to get more expensive all the time.

  • Your Game Console Has a USB Port: Put that USB port to use! Ecigarettes batteries are charged up via a USB charger that plugs into any standard powered-usb port. With ecigs, you don’t even have to move from your gaming spot to charge your batteries. Just plug the usb charger into one of the usb ports on your gaming console (only newer gaming consoles have usb ports- handhelds systems will not work) and you’re good to go.

Gamers and computer hobbyists who use e-cigarettes have the option of charging their devices on their computer system.

  • Quick Vaping for Quick Breaks: With vapor cigarettes, you don’t have to take multiple puffs to “finish” it. If you only have a moment between games, you can take a couple of quick puffs and put your ecig down. No ashtray needed. In fact, if you buy an ecig lanyard to put around your neck, you won’t even have to put it down. Just drop it and it’s still hanging around your neck. Want another puff? Just grab it real quick, puff and drop. It’s THAT simple.

Now we’re not sure if any of our readers are Call of Duty fans, however, if you are… then you know exactly what we’re talking about. There are so many benefits for gamers switching over to e-smoking that we’d be here a while listing them all for you. We’ll leave some of the little benefits alone so you can discover them for yourself once you make the switch.

Okay, one more. No more burn holes in couches or clothes from dropping a lit cigarette while playing games.

The evidence of cigarettes destructive effects can be seen everywhere including the collected debris inside of this relatively new pc computer where cigarette ash and carcinogens have collected from their 2 pack a day habit.

If you’re a gamer and have never considered moving from nasty and messy tobacco cigarettes to the much cleaner vapor cigarettes, we implore you to check them out and give it a try. It’s so much easier, you can smoke when and where you want, and others will be more willing to hang with you knowing they won’t have to be exposed to all that second hand smoke.

You mean I can invite my non-smoking friends over for a gaming session now…..?

Yep. Ain’t life great?

When you’re ready to make the switch and turn your gaming session into an uninterrupted and more focused experience-  visit our Top 10 electronic cigarette reviews for our top ecigarette picks.