Ladies! We’ve found them! Vapor Couture has a fashionable line of electronic cigarettes for women who are ready to start vaping!

Well, maybe not fashionable… maybe we could call it a luxurious, or even fancy electronic cigarette?

Now you can vape in style and let your beauty express itself through the finest of details, even your electronic cigarette.

So being that it’s that time of the year where the snow disappears and people start laying out in the sun. We know that you’re trying to get your newest fashion on and set out to look your best. Well, if you’re new to electronic cigarettes and your looking to invest, this can be a really cool first purchase. For some of you that have already purchased an ecig, this can definitely be added to the roster for this summer’s fashion statements.

The Vapor Couture electronic cigarette kit comes with a complete color-matched kit and necessary accessories including a styling chain to hold onto your e-cig with.

Little did we know there was a crowd of women that wanted fashionable electronic cigarettes, until we recently found out that the electronic cigarette companies are actually starting to make e-cigs that are cosmetically suited for women!

Fashionable Electronic Cigarettes For Women: They exist!

Their electronic cigarette is probably the most appealing e-cig for women that we’ve found…

Enter Vapor Couture offered by V2 Cigs. Vapor Couture is a sister company of V2 Cigs and they’ve taken the biggest approach so far to appeal to women. Their electronic cigarette is probably the most appealing e-cig for women that we’ve found. Style and color, everything is there. The Vapor Couture is pretty much the basic V2 Cig electronic cigarette, but the cosmetic design and the flavors are specifically targeted towards those of the female persuasion.

Vapor Couture electronic cigarette is designed to satisfy your cravings and match you style including patterns like deep purple and rose gold.

Because of Vapor Couture’s affiliate with v2Cigs, we definitely recommend that you read the V2 Cigs editors review before purchasing so that you can get an idea of the product’s performance. Though they aren’t a top 5 electronic cigarette, they’ve definitely got you covered if you’re looking to add some “fun and fashion” to your vaping experience. Have a look!

Vapor Couture

So don’t just vape. Vape pretty.

After watching that video, even I wanted to go buy some Vapor Couture stuff! Seriously though, even though we are not big fans of v2, we have to give v2 credit for making a product the ladies would be proud to take out for a night on the town. It’s super cool and has some really blinged-out accessories.

Even if you have another favorite ecig brand that you vape on a regular basis, Vapor Couture is a cool idea for those ladies that want to have an ecig that is as pretty as they are when they go out…. or even when they just want to feel pretty while vaping around the house.

So don’t just vape. Vape pretty.

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