Electronic nicotine delivery systems is a very long term that basically means another way to get nicotine into you. For smokers, this delivering nicotine into their body is what calms the cravings for traditional tobacco cigarettes. Historically this was done by burning tobacco leaves or by chewing on tobacco, but as the quit smoking movement gained steam this changed. We were introduced to nicotine delivery by way of nicotine gum and also the patch. These were alternative ways to get a smoker his or her nicotine, with the intent being to help them quit smoking.

The Juul e-cigarette starter kit comes with four refill flavor cartridges and the USB charging cradle.

What changed all this was the advent of electronic cigarettes and the ability to use liquid nicotine. This created an entire new category of delivery, which has since been called electronic nicotine delivery systems to include everything from traditional ecigs to vaporizers and much more. The introduction of getting nicotine in liquid form meant a lot of things, and a lot of advantages. Now that it is commonplace to use liquid nicotine, the question is what is the next evolution of that. Along comes Juul from a company called Pax Lab, and they think they have a better way of delivering nicotine to your body.

Pax Labs was previously known as the company who brought to market the Ploom vaporizer. This was a product that hit a certain niche, as it was able to heat up both ecig juice with liquid nicotine and also dry planet matter such as loose-leaf tobacco. Now they are back to focusing on products that are much closer to what we know as electronic cigarettes, but with a twist. While almost all ecigs deliver their nicotine via ecig juice that of course contains liquid nicotine, Pax Labs has introduced Juul, a platform that uses nicotine salts.

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Advance?

The Juul e-cigarette system has been considered one of the closest vaporizers to smoking.

Juul, pronounced like “jewel”, is the crowning achievement of Pax Labs these days. What the company did was try to focus on the people who aren’t coming back to electronic cigarettes. The ones who try vaping for a bit, but don’t find it satisfying enough and go back to the option of traditional tobacco cigarettes. According to the their research, they were able to narrow down part of the problem to what are called nicotine salts. These salts were found to be a key ingredient in leaf-based tobacco and thus began the hard work of figuring out how to integrate them into a new system.

When Juul launched earlier this year, Pax Labs proclaimed they had done it. Their data shows that nicotine salts allow for a better delivery of nicotine into the body. The salts are much closer to replicating the absorption of nicotine from regular tobacco cigarettes than other liquid nicotine based devices. The thinking is that if a smoker absorbs nicotine by vaping in the same way he or she does from smoking, then they are more likely to stick with ecigarettes and experience all the benefits that come along with it. Whether this is the case and Juul truly makes that kind of an impact remains to be seen. But the thought process is what is important here.

The Juul e-cigarette system is a simple, elegant design with easy-to-use and change proprietary flavor cartridges.

This new path of evolution for electronic cigarettes is an interesting one and it can’t be dismissed. Some of us would argue that with the right electronic cigarette that fits the real needs of the consumer, this nicotine salt idea isn’t needed. Certainly for those of us who have made the switch, we’re very satisfied with what we are vaping and don’t feel a need to go back to smoke. Even so, we want to see vaping reach the widest audience possible, so if Juul and their salts help with that, we are all for it.

Besides that, the entire focus on an advance for electronic nicotine delivery systems is encouraging. Even if you are happy with what you vape, you would hope the brand you buy from is out their trying to better their product. That’s how progress happens and if you become stale with any one thing, you are going to be replaced. Ecig companies need to keep moving the revolution forward and certainly the aspect of nicotine absorption is an important one. We would love to see more research done and hopefully the push by Pax Labs leads to more of that, and a better electronic cigarette in the end.

Happy Vaping!