We can say a lot about our friends across the pond in Europe, but lately we can’t say they don’t understand the potential of the vapor cigarette. It wasn’t like that in the beginning, but the tides seem to be turning as the concern over supposed vapor cigarette health risks are outweighed by facts. The on the ground reality in many countries in Europe is changing and that is a welcome thing for the vaping public, as well as for smokers who are looking for a way to make that switch.

The interesting thing is that in the beginning it wasn’t like this at all. Although the FDA was, and still is, wary of the vapor cigarette, it didn’t clamp down on the industry. Partly because it really couldn’t do see, it didn’t have the power to regulate this new industry. It isn’t as if people didn’t try to shut it down, especially with Big Tobacco lobbying against the new products when it finally saw them as a threat. A lot went into bringing the vapor cigarette to its knees in the US, but the free market capital system we have wouldn’t really allow that. Eventually Big Tobacco itself relented, and took the “if you can’t beat em, join em” route .

Experts say that vaping is at the very least 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes, and suggest using it to save their health.

Smokers who are now vapers have to be thankful for being in a free country that allowed innovation to flourish.

In Europe, this wasn’t really the case. Most countries there have a lot more socialist components to how they see the world and the role of government. This meant they were more restrictive to begin with, even though the vapor cigarette did reach the continent and smokers instantly understood why it was so big in America. There was speculation about vapor cigarette health risks and that allowed certain countries to outlaw it right away. Now things are changing in Europe and finally officials are beginning to understand the amazing potential of the vapor cigarette.

Vapor Cigarette Gets Thumbs Up

In some ways Europe has even gone further than we have in getting behind the vapor cigarette. You aren’t hearing President Obama outwardly telling Americans about the benefits of vapor, but over in England, Prime Minister David Cameron is celebrating the effect of vapor cigarettes. The UK leader was quoted back in December saying, “Certainly as somebody who has been through this battle a number of times, eventually relatively successfully, lots of people find different ways of doing it and certainly for some people e-cigarettes are successful.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron gave his endorsement to vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

That was a huge step in the right direction.

Let’s not forget that the myth of vapor cigarette health risks has been battled most successfully in Europe too. It was Public Health England that made headlines last year in proclaiming the vapor cigarette to be 95% safer than the traditional tobacco cigarette. Clearly something is catching on over there at a governmental level that we haven’t experienced here yet. Maybe we got a head start because of the built-in freedoms in our way of life, but in Europe the thought process has seemingly pushed it even further.

Public Health England has been an emerging proponent of e-cigs as an alternative to tobacco usage.

Even Belgium, who had been a stickler with regard to laws surrounding the vapor cigarette, has finally caved too. The country’s King recently signed a royal decree that took vapor cigarettes out of the grey area and over to the legal side of things. This came after Belgium’s Health Council announced a ruling that the vapor cigarette could serve a role in a plan by the government to reduce the prevalence of tradition tobacco cigarettes.

So what we are seeing here are official government health organizations in Europe that now understand the potential of the vapor cigarette. They can see how much it could help so many smokers make that switch, and they are finally starting to get behind it. There will be further battles waged on this issue in Europe, that is almost a certainty, but the recent gains give us hope that the continent as a whole is “getting it” sufficiently. We can only keep pushing for officials in our part of the globe to take the positive stance toward vapor cigarettes like their European counterparts.