From now until the end of the year you can take advantage of Halo Cigs deals. The specials change every day so check back frequently. So listen, I know you enjoy the artistry and majesty of my writing. I am the Voltaire of vaping, the Marquez of mods, the Eliot of e-liquids and so forth.

My gift with the written word is the stuff of legend and lore. We all agree on that. It’s obvious. But for the very few of you who prefer to quickly read, get the gist and get back to last minute Christmas shopping… this is for you.

halo cigs has a 20 percent sale on e juice and mods

This will be short and sweet. Halo Cigs is having a year end sale with different deals every day from now through New Years.  For example today Halo e-Cigs is offering 20% off sitewide. That means this is a great day to stock up on e-juice or get some new hardware for yourself. Also a good time for a new charger or battery.

Halo cigs

By the way, yes halo is best known for it’s award winning, world-class e-liquids. Halo’s gourmet and tobacco flavors are rich in flavor and robust in vapor. Now Halo is also offering Evo e-juices, a line of fruit flavored vape juices that are quickly gainig huge popularity. These guys are masters of e-juice. But, they also have fantastic hardware.

halo ecigs has an end of year sale 20 percent off the entire site

Halo e-cigarette and mod kits are excellent quality, have a money back guarantee and warranty. The Halo G6 is a terrific cigalike and the classic Halo Cigs Triton and Triton 2 are easy to use mods. For more advanced, subohm and temperature control mods Halo has some very good and affordable options. Each vape kit comes with everything you need including tanks, coils and e-liquid. The Halo vape kits are some of the best values you will find anywhere.

There! That’s all I have to say about that. Short and sweet as promised:) Over to you.