There are some seriously holly jolly holiday e-cigarette deals available and just in time for Christmas. I don’t know about you but once we get to the last week before Christmas my budget is already blown! Sales and deals are a welcome sight!

If you are still looking for that ideal gift ideas for a smoker or a vaper, you have come to the right place. Last minute Christmas gift ecig deals are available now and we will talk about a few of them.

Before we get into the deals, let’s talk about Christmas gift ideas for a smoker. If you are thinking about buying an electronic cigarette as a gift, you just may be about to change someone’s life.

If you Google electronic cigarettes you will find a swath of information sufficient to block out the sun. The gist of all of that information is…. well, there is no discernible, reliable information. It is a mass of conflicting information that offers very little in the way of clarity.

Mainstream media stories have all the depth and research of a first grade book report, and I have probably just insulted a solid majority of first graders. The state of misinformation is actually shameful.

That’s why ECCR exists, we have the most extensive and honest review process in the world, we follow all the latest headlines and uncover the real stories and we work with real people to gather the first hand experiences of consumers to determine the best ecigs. The ecigs that give smokers the best chance to make the switch to e-cigarettes.

How about this, listen to people that have experienced a life change because of electronic cigarettes. The stories are genuine and compelling. These people have overcome life-long battles to evict tobacco from their lives and the electronic cigarette has proven to be the ally that they have been waiting for.

Quitting smoking with e-cigs has been done. Like everything else, every success story began with a successful plan that included finding the right e-cigarette for each individual. E-cigs are not all alike.

That’s why we want to devote some time to talking about how to pick the right e-cig for a smoker. If you are a non-smoker considering giving an e-cigarette as a gift you are on to a great idea but how do you know where to begin? We can help.

Gift Ideas For A Smoker

How do you know which e-cigarette to buy for a smoker in your life? The first piece of advice that we have to offer is to avoid cheap e-cigs. This includes the electronic cigarette brands that you find at drug stores, convenience stores and gas stations.

It is tempting to buy one of those brands, they are right there. Don’t do it. You don’t know what you are getting. ECCR actually went undercover to investigate gas station e-cigarette sales and found that more than 90% of clerks could not even answer a basic question such as “how much nicotine is in the e-cigarette”.

On rare occasions when you hear about toxins being found in e-cig vapor those instances can be traced back to cheap, generic e-cigarette brands. You will never find one of those brands listed on our pages. Stick to buying online from a reputable e-cig brand.

Don’t worry, buying e-cigarettes online is a much better way to go anyway. You get the best prices, best products and best customer service.

That’s what not to do now we need to discuss how to choose the best e-cigarette as a Christmas gift for a smoker.

Buying E-Cigs As A Gift

You probably know that electronic cigarettes come in a huge variety of flavors. You are probably wondering what flavor. Well, if you know what kind of cigarettes your intended recipient smokes then we can start there but it’s not the main consideration.

Couple examples. Halo Cigs Sub Zero e-cig flavor is a great menthol flavor along the lines of Kools and Newport cigarettes. Green Smoke Absolute Tobacco flavor is like Winston or Lucky Strike. Green Smoke Red Label flavor and Apollo Ecig’s RY4 come close to tasting like Marlboro.

There is a very important consideration. While it is possible to somewhat mimic the taste of tobacco, no e-cig tastes exactly like a cigarette. Cigarette tobacco contains thousands of chemicals and tobacco additives that are not only horrific the burning taste is not easily duplicated. That is not a concern, after trying vaping for a while the smoker in your life will probably not miss the taste of burning chemicals.

For someone starting with e-cigarettes, keep your flavor choice simple. If they smoke menthols, choose a menthol e-cig flavor. If they smoke American tobacco, go with traditional tobacco e-cig flavors. That’s a start, very simple.

Comparing nicotine content in cigarettes vs e liquid

More important than the flavor you have to choose the right e-cig nicotine level. Use this chart as your guide.

Choosing the right nicotine level is crucial to ensuring that vaping provides similar sensation and satisfaction to smoking. If an e-cigarette does not satisfy, chances are that a smoker will be more likely to go back to tobacco.

To add to the equation, if someone is a pack per day smoker or more, they will need at least an 18 mg nicotine level although 24 would probably be a better option. Someone who goes through a pack very two days may be satisfied by 12mg to 16 mg. Lighter smokers could be successful with 12 mg or less.

If you don’t know the nicotine level, don’t buy.

Now you have an idea of what you are looking for, let’s save you some money!

Ecig Deals For Christmas

There are currently a number of Holiday e-cigarette sales that you can take advantage of. If your shipment will not arrive until after Christmas, you can give a card indicating that the gift is coming. It will be well worth the wait!

The best long-term e-cig values are something that you will also want to consider. Most pricing from the top electronic cigarette brands is pretty competitive and whatever direction you go there will be huge savings over blowing money on tobacco.

The brands that we are talking about today are innovative, American e-cigarette brands. By the way, if there are any vape shop owners who happen to be reading this, you are missing out. Vape shops generally order direct from China. They buy from the best Chinese e-cig brands but they are overlooking the best American e-cigarette brands. We aren’t!

Let’s talk about the deals! There are some exceptional offers that will save you a ton. These deals are all time sensitive so make sue to act fast.

Apollo E-Cig

You can find a few amazing deals in the days leading up to Christmas. In many cases, they offer the deals on specific products, which is fine, but Apollo E-cig has gone all out and offered a whopping 30% discount off of all Apollo e-cig products.

That includes Apollo’s high-quality USA made e-liquid as well as their MaxVG e-liquid designed for high-powered e-cigs. Apollo blends all of their e-juices in their own lab, which meets the highest standards. You will get quality.

Apollo e cigarette Christmas coupon code

The Apollo e-cig review covers just how well Apollo e-cigarettes work. They are solid, reliable and consistent.

Apollo Ecig also has a product range that covers the gamut of vaping. They have cig-a-like electronic cigarettes for beginners, eGo styles for people who want a bit more vapor and advanced e-cig for vaping hobbyists.

Recommendation: ECCR recommends the Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit. This is a world-class product that has re-defined the meaning of consistency.

Halo E-Cig

The team at Halo E-cig must really be enjoying the eggnog this holiday season because they are truly sharing the Christmas spirit! They are offering a two-pronged offer. You can save 25% off of Halo Cigs starter kits and they will give you a free bottle of Kringles Curse e-liquid.

Halo Premium e-liquid is considered by many to be the very best in the business. Kringles Curse is a perfect compliment to your holiday. Getting a free bottle is indeed a treat.

While the quality of Halo e-liquid is known far and wide, the same cannot be said for Halo e-cigarettes. The Triton and the G6 are both outstanding e-cigs.

halo e cigs has a Christmas sale of 20% off starter kits

The comprehensive Halo G6 e-cig review gives you all of the data on the performance of this e-cig under real world conditions. The quality and long-term value are excellent as replacement cartridges cost less than $2.00 each.

As for the Halo Triton, it is an eGo style e-cigarette that involves a tank that you manually refill. The triton is reliable and easy to use.

Our meticulous Halo Triton e-cig review goes over every aspect of this vape kit and if you decide that you want to buy, you get 25% off and a free bottle of e-liquid.

Recommendation:  We are supporters of both the G6 and the Halo Triton starter kits. If you are a vaper and have never tried Halo e-liquid, it is a must try.

White Cloud Cigarettes

If you read our White Cloud e-cigarette review you will see that this brand is a top performer. The Cirrus 3X starter kit is a phenomenal product.

White Cloud is offering up to 50% off of selected products through December 25. That includes saving $30 off of a Cirrus 3x starter kit. You will not see a better price for this kit.

White cloud Christmas sale 10 fling e cigarette for 29.99

Here is another idea to consider. So far, we have been talking about rechargeable electronic cigarettes. They do offer the best long-term value. That being said, sometimes a disposable e-cigarette is a good way to try an e-cig brand before committing to a starter kit.

White Cloud actually makes the best disposable electronic cigarette on the market. The White Cloud Fling provides consistency, flavor, satisfaction and lasts far longer than anything you will ever find in a corner store.

I wanted to bring up the Fling disposable e-cig because right now you can actually buy 10 of them for $29.95. That’s $3.00 for the best disposable e-cig out there today.

This would make an exceptional gift for a smoker in your life. If you are a smoker and have been considering trying e-cigs, don’t miss out on this chance. The sale ends on December 25th.

Recommendations:  We recommend the 10 pack of White Cloud Flings for $29.95 or the Cirrus 3X starter kit.

Free E-Cigarette From Atlantic Cigs

Atlantic vapor is giving away 2 wave kits with refill purchase

Atlantic Cigs is a definite rising star in the e-cig industry. They have enjoyed an unbelievable year. From humble beginnings, they now offer over 40 e-liquid flavors and a full line-up of electronic cigarettes. They are also the first e-cig brand to create a universal electronic cigarette cartridge.

For Christmas, they are truly in a giving spirit as they are giving away e-cigarette starter kits. Yes, a free e-cigarette with the purchase of refill cartridges.

Ever Smoke E-Cigarettes

EverSmoke electronic cigarettes has been around for a while and to sum it up, Ever Smoke is rock solid. If you have never heard of them, take a minute and have a look at our EverSmoke e-cig review. We tested their batteries and cartridges over several weeks and found that the performance was very steady with very good battery life and refill cartridge life.

Ever Smoke’s Christmas sale is on right now. You can save 25% off an any e-cigarette starter kit. They also have several shipping options to help you get it delivered in time for Christmas.

Eversmoke 25% off on starter kit Christmas sale

Recommendation: We recommend the Ever Smoke Pro starter kit and the Ultimate starter kit. The 25% savings allows you to get these premium kits for the price of a standard kit. These kits come with so many useful accessories and enough cartridges to really get started.

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