Oh boy, that controversy over Leonardo DiCaprio vaping at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards isn’t subsiding. More than that, it may be picking up some steam as Hollywood tries to figure out what to do about this vaping phenomenon. If you haven’t already heard already, the headlines after the SAG awards were just as much about DiCaprio and his handy ecig than they were about the awards themselves. He did it again, he vaped in public and now it was just too public for people, i.e. the media, to handle.

So the headlines rolled in and told us that Leonardo DiCaprio vaping was a major moment, and for some a major faux pas, at the event. Leo himself didn’t seem bothered by it at all. He was very comfortable in his own vaping skin. He’s way past the beginner phase of trying different ecigs and has embraced his vapor. Certainly, that’s a lot better than simply sticking to traditional tobacco cigarettes. But the media went nuts and used this very normal image of Leonardo DiCaprio vaping as a lightning rod for everything that is supposedly wrong with ecigs.

At an awards banquet, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted taking a breather with a cig-a-like e-cig.

Certain journalists drew outlandish conclusions, insisting that this very act would lead teens to start vaping. How many teens even watch the SAG awards anyway? But regardless of that, we don’t know at all that this will do anything for teens. All we know is that bans on vaping actually leads teens to smoking, but again that is an issue for a different day. What we have on our hands here is more ridiculous accusations about electronic cigarettes and now they simply have a poster boy to pin it on.

Big Picture Of Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping

Yet even that isn’t right, because Leonardo DiCaprio vaping isn’t new to anyone who has been paying attention! He’s been vaping for years now, and has that brought any teen users into the fold?

The big picture here is that by Leo leisurely taking puffs off of his electronic cigarette, it provided another opportunity to rail against ecigs. That’s not all, thankfully. The big picture of Leonardo DiCaprio vaping also means vaping is more mainstream than it has ever been, and Leo doesn’t feel that it is necessary to hide a thing.

Why should he? Why should any of us? We should be talking about the fact that almost half of teens are still being exposed to second hand smoke. We should be talking about the impact that electronic cigarettes can make on that number. Leo and his vaping can be viewed as a success story, that he finally made the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes and reduced the amount of second hand smoke in the air. Yet the media loves to stir up controversy and unfortunately ecigs have been controversial for a very long time now, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the assault hasn’t stopped.

Leonardo Dicaprio was seen vaping from an impressive looking mod at the Screen Actors Guild awards.

All of this has led to the Academy Awards reinforcing the fact that the Oscars is a smoke-free event, and that includes vapor. Chalk this up for another time that vaping gets lumped in with smoking unfairly. But also chalk up another victory by the frenzied media in trying this case in the court of public opinion rather than on the facts. Actually maybe public opinion wasn’t where the case was heard, because as far as we can tell the uproar has only come from the media.

We can understand that the Oscars would want to steer away from any controversy around the event, as they’ve already gotten enough flak for the lack of diversity among the nominees this year. From their point of view, they would rather just shut it down quickly rather than let questions linger. Which means there won’t be vapor in the air at the Oscars and Leonardo DiCaprio vaping won’t be a site we’ll see. Sad for him that he’ll have to step outside to vape, and sad for all of us that the media painted another inaccurate and terrible picture of vaping.