Memorial Day eCig sales have already started and they will be running all weekend long!  There are major savings to take advantage of.  It is a perfect chance to stock up on eliquids, to try out a new ecigarette or to pick yourself up a high quality electronic cigarette and ditch tobacco.

Memorial Day weekend can also be a busy time.  I know that there are Memorial Day parades, services, events and, of course, barbecues! I’ll be taking part in my share of festivities, that’s for sure.  With everything going on, time can be scarce and you want to spend your time with family and friends, not shopping in some stuffy store hoping for a bargain.

Happy Memorial Day from ECCR.

That’s the beauty of shopping online, and the benefits of shopping online are especially evident on a holiday long-weekend. You can shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy Memorial Day savings. More good news, the best American ecig brands all have online outlets so you can buy direct and know that the item you want will be shipped to you at the best possible price. You don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds to get to the vape shop only to find that what you want is out of stock.

No, the best thing to do to take advantage of Memorial Day ecig sales savings is to jump on these online ecigarette deals. Shop from home, save time, and save money.

This year, there are some serious savings to be had. Most websites are offering sitewide discounts. For example, halo is offering a 20% sitewide discount, that means you can get 20% off of Halo’s world famous eLiquids! That does not happen very often.

So, treat yourself! If you are thinking about getting an ecigarette as a gift for a smoker in your life, now is the time. Check out some sales and shop around. We have picked some of the best sales going on this weekend. Enjoy!

Apollo eCig Sitewide 25% Off Memorial Day eCig Sales

All Apollo fine electronic vaping products on sale for Memorial Day using special coupon code.

Apollo eCig is offering 25% off of everything! This is one of the best Memorial Day ecig sales that you are going to find, hands down. 25% off of everything sitewide includes their full line-up of e-liquids, ecig tanks and accessories. Apollo has a massive line of ecig products ranging from the best ecig of 2015, the Apollo Endeavor, Max Vg eliquid right to the hottest sub ohm tanks on the market.

Apollo always has first rate customer service and low prices, but now you can save even more when you visit Apollo eCig and use coupon code MEMORIAL25.

We need to cover just a few of Apollo’s catalog of super high quality electronic cigarette products. We’ll start with Apollo eliquids. Apollo has invested in developing an in-house eliquid lab. Apollo’s USA made eliquid is made with the highest quality control standards. Apollo easily complies with any requirements that the FDA might choose to impose. In fact, Apollo exceeds the standards that already exist in food industry manufacturing standards.

There are a range of eliquid flavors to choose from. for cloud chasers looking for max VG ejuice, Apollo’s Fa-Q and Lindbergh ejuice lines are both Max VG, delicious and will give you massive vapor clouds.

All Apollo electronic cigarettes starter kits on sale for Memorial Day.

Apollo’s ecigarette technology is now only top quality, it is also top value. The Apollo Endeavor starter kit the best of 2015. You get everything you need including two batteries, two tanks and eliquid.  With 25% off, you will pay well under $50 for the whole package.

The Apollo Valiant is a powerful 1300mAh variable voltage, variable wattage ecig that comes with a ProTank 2 and eliquid. With the Valiant’s Memorial weekend sale price, you can actually get a VV/VW ecig kit complete with tank and ejuice for less than $40! That is not something you will find very often.

That’s just two of Apollo’s own electronic cigarettes. They also have the best advanced, subohm tanks on the market today. You can enjoy 25% off of the Aspire Atlantis, the Kanger subtank, the Herakles from Sense Tech and more.

I could go on but the best thing to do is to go to Apollo’s website and see everything for yourself. Click the link below and remember to use coupon code MEMORIAL25 to get your 25% discount.

South Beach Smoke Memorial Day Sale

All South Beach Smoke vaping products and starter kits on sale for Memorial Day, up to 25 percent off everything site wide.

South Beach Smoke is offering 25% off of everything sitewide now through Tuesday, May 26. Memorial Day ecig sales don’t get much better. If you are just starting out with ecigs, the South Beach Smoke cigalike starter kits are an excellent value. They are a very high quality product, seriously they are so much better than anything you will ever find in a retail store or gas station.

South Beach Smoke is a true electronic cigarette company. They have nothing to do with Big Tobacco, they are an American business that is competing on their own merits by offering the best ecigs at the best prices. With the 25% savings that you can take advantage of over the Memorial Day weekend, those prices are pretty much unbeatable.

The option that you have when shopping South Beach’s website will amaze you. They have a number of starter kits and you can actually build your own custom ecigarette using South Beach’s online tool. With a few clicks, touches or swipes, you can design you own, unique electronic cigarette. It is a very cool feature.

You can also blend your own eliquid recipe! South Beach’s USA made eliquids already come in a huge range of flavors but on top of that, you can design your own flavor. There are about 30,000 different possible combinations. It’s fun and easy to use. Check it out.

Another reason that we are happy to talk about South Beach Smoke this Memorial Day is because we just completed our latest full ecig review which just so happens to be a review of the South Beach Smoke Thunder.

ECCR’s co-founder, Raymond, thoroughly tested the South Beach Smoke Thunder over a three week period. The end result of our South Beach Smoke Thunder review was a strong recommendation of the Thunder.

The Thunder is a powerful 1300 mAh electronic cigarette with a variable voltage setting. The Thunder ecig tank has an easy to use adjustable airflow setting. The Thunder is not for a cloud chaser but if you simply want a customizable vaping experience with great vapor and a reliable performance, the Thunder is just the ticket.

Another hint that spoke volumes about the quality of the Thunder was the fact that over three weeks of testing, and ray is a heavy vaper, the atomizer did not have to be changed. Very impressive performance.

Cloud chasers looking for a back-up vape, you’ll want to check out the Thunder as well. Right now you can save $25 off the Thunder.

So, whether you want a basic ecig starter kit, the powerful Thunder, a ‘build your own’ ecig or some yummy USA made eliquid, you will want to at least check out South Beach Smoke. visit the site and if you decide to pick something up, you’re going to save a hefty 25%!

Halo Cigs 20% Off Sitwide Memorial Weekend Sale

Memorial Day sale offers 20 percent off purchases site wide including Halo American made vape products with coupon code REMEMBER.

Of course Halo Cigs is already famous for its Halo Premium eLiquid, which just may be the best eliquid going. In the past few months, Halo has added two new flavors to the family with Black Calico, a Danish style tobacco with a bit of sweetness, and Cordoba, with a sweet and salty essence.

Halo eLiquids are USA made and utilize USP grade ingredients so you know that your eliquid will be incredibly high quality. Halo is not some boutique ejuice blended in the back of some shop and exposed to untold contaminants. Halo Premium ejuice is professionally blended to the highest standards.

Halo has more than just ejuice, though. They also have some exceptional electronic cigarettes. The Halo G6 ecig is a cigalike design, ideal for new vapers and also as a portable, reliable secondary vape for experienced users. The G6 is very easy to use and considering that Halo refill cartridges cost less than $2.00 each, you will be hard pressed to find an ecigarette with a better long term value.

The Halo Triton is a mod with a refillable ecig tank. The Triton is an ultra reliable performer that is portable, easy to use and maintain. Replacement tanks are very affordable. The Triton is a great ecig to showcase the phenomenal quality and flavor of Halo eliquids.

Halo Triton e-cigarette vaping kit on sale for Memorial Day.

The best thing to do is to click the link below and just go see what Halo has to offer. It’s the internet, one click and you can see it all for yourself just like that! So, visit Halo eCigs and if you decide to buy use coupon code REMEMBER to save 20% off of any halo purchase.

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Before signing off, we want to wish everyone an amazing, safe Memorial Day. Enjoy the barbecues, friends and family! Most of all, a solemn thank you for those that have served and sacrificed. We owe you everything.