Is quitting smoking a goal for you or someone you know this New Years? It is a great goal that can change your life and one well worth every effort. Never quit quitting! Cold turkey is amazing, using the patch or Chantix is awesome, hey if playing ping pong helps you quit then you carry that paddle like Forrest Gump! Never quit quitting.

How about quitting smoking with e-cigarettes? No one is allowed to claim that the electronic cigarette can help you quit smoking. What is allowed, apparently, is taking incomplete data and interpreting “implications” followed by feeding the mainstream media, ever hungry for some scare, into manipulated headlines.

World health organization lashed out against vaping

The WHO recently lashed out against e-cigarettes with the recommendation that you stick to “approved” smoking cessation methods. Approved by them, of course.

The WHO and other anti-ecig groups always talk about the threat of normalizing smoking, of seeing a resurgence in smoking. The way they talk, you would think that the battle against smoking has been won.

They quote remarkable reductions in smoking rates which is fantastic news to be sure but there are still more than a billion people on this planet looking for an answer to smoking. Yet, the paid experts always talk about the threat to the progress toward eliminating smoking.

To celebrate the accomplishments against smoking right now, to start the self-congratulatory back patting right now is like rushing the field and celebrating after kicking a first quarter field goal in the Super Bowl. There is still a lot of work to be done and the outcome is not a football trophy it is millions of lives.

Fda to show concern for smokers promoting alternatives

We often speak lightly, make analogies and talk about statistics but at the end of the day this really is a question of life. The WHO, FDA and other organizations charged with the awesome responsibility of protecting human health need to show much more awareness of the millions of human beings who need an answer to smoking right now. They can’t wait for the next pharmaceutical miracle that may or may not work, they can’t wait for the next approved smoking cessation device created by men in lab coats. Consider the 450,000 Americans who will die from tobacco related illness in 2015. We need answers and alternatives now. Limiting options is a recipe for disaster. As of right now, you have the right to use e-cigs as part of your game plan to quit smoking in 2015. Explore all of your options.

Quit Smoking Using E-cigs?

E-cigarettes are available right now. More and more experts are coming around to recognizing that electronic cigarettes are an ally in the fight against smoking. Take the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association. These two powerhouse organizations were originally strongly against e-cigarettes. After learning more about them, of seeing beyond the rhetoric and into rational, detached facts as well as the human stories both of these organizations have changed their position on e-cigs. Finally, they recognize that they have an ally, not an enemy.

If you are sitting there wondering if e-cigarettes can help you or someone you know quit smoking, it is impossible to say. Not all e-cigs are alike and it is very important to stick with a quality brand. Everyone is different. Millions of people have quit cigarettes by switching to vaping. You probably even know someone that has done it. The bottom line is the e-cigs are an option and they are an option that you deserve the opportunity to explore should you choose to do so.

E cigarette vs cigarette comparison

As the FDA pondered regulation, they invited the public to comment on electronic cigarette regulation. That invitation was met heartfelt replies from real people that shared their stories of how they quit smoking with e-cigs. You cannot take away or deny the experience of these people, the majority of whom had already attempted “approved” cessation methods many times without success.

When you read their words, you can sense the emotions and the sincerity. These people don’t have access to media, they have not had a voice in any of these discussions but if you are looking for an alternative, hear them out. They may not wear lab coats or be paid millions to render opinions on TV, but they certainly have something to say. ECCR also gives them a voice. Your voice. We are much more than a review site. We are you advocate for accessing the choices you deserve and we help you find the best possible products. The entire point of putting so much time and effort into our e-cig reviews is to help people find a smoking alternative.

Finding an alternative, tobacco harm reduction, less harmful options etc .. these are how we discuss electronic cigarettes. At the end of the day, there is only one person that truly has the power to successfully quit smoking and that is you. Doing it alone is a daunting path and you deserve tools and options. Technically, the rule is that electronic cigarette brands are not allowed to market themselves as a smoking cessation device. Just to recap what we have been talking about, the only products that are allowed to do that are the ones developed by billion dollar corporations that hire teams of people to wear lab coats and put stuff in vials of various shapes and sizes as well as those machines that spin stuff around really fast.

I’m kidding! Look, I have nothing but respect for research professionals. There is no doubt that they have improved people’s lives in many ways. My beef is the idea that ONLY those who wear lab coats to work are capable of innovations that can truly saves lives. Sadly, the FDA seems to have this outlook. This should not be a battle of wills and egos, it should be a mission to find solutions where all collaborators are welcome to contribute. If pharmaceuticals were the answer, we would at the very least see more progress than we have.

Which e cigarette is closest to a cigarette

For example, the patch has a success rate of only 15% after 1 year and even less after 2 years. Yet the patch is allowed to be discussed as a smoking cessation aid. Chantix has a 14% success rate after 6 months and it is also allowed to be referred to as a smoking cessation aid.

Compare the 14% success rate of Chantix and the 15% success rate of the patch to the success rate of e-cigarettes. There are a number of studies that show that more than 80% of e-cigarette users have drastically reduce smoking and more than 50% quit altogether. The most conservative study results I could find, from the Journal of Preventative Medicine, showed that 33% of e-cig users had kicked tobacco.

Despite all of this, e-cigs are not supposed to be mentioned as a smoking cessation product. Different types of cigarettes are allowed to call themselves light or ultra-light in an attempt to deceive the public as to their capacity for harm. All types of cigarettes are sold from every convenience store from here to Timbuktu. Cookies and soda can be labeled “diet”. Justin Bieber can even call himself a singer! Yet e-cigs cannot be connected to quitting smoking. I have a headache.

There is good news. The medical profession’s attitude toward e-cigarettes has been evolving. Recent studies indicated that two out of three doctors support e-cigarettes. While this evolution toward a more enlightened opinion of electronic cigarettes is encouraging, considering the fact that 450,000 people will die from a tobacco related illness this year, this evolution is not happening fast enough.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

At ECCR we dedicate several weeks, sometimes months, to properly evaluating the best e-cigarette brands. The driving force behind our tireless efforts is to help you identify the electronic cigarette choice that will work for you.

All too often, we hear stories about smokers that have tried a cheap e-cig that they picked up at a convenience store and were not impressed. This is the last thing that we want; it is the last thing that you want. The outcome of trying a low quality e-cig is that you end up back with 100% reliance on tobacco to satisfy nicotine cravings. That is not good for anyone.

E cigarette reviews, news, and more

The best e-cigarette brands provide a vaping experience that satisfies nicotine cravings thanks to high quality materials and ingredients. Our highly recommended e-cigs are not brands that you will find in a convenience store, but they are the best in the business.

Electronic cigarettes are still relatively new and widely misunderstood. Choosing the right ecig brand makes all of the difference in the world. Our readers often write us back and tell us about their success stories. When you hear someone tell you that finally, after years of trying, they have found something to get him or her away from tobacco, it is a powerful moment. E-cig success stories can’t be denied.

ECCR’s e-cigarette reviews are an invaluable resource available at your beck and call. Come back often.

Quit Smoking

There is a truth about smoking that I learned in my introductory Sociology class many years ago. Well, a few years anyway. What I learned was that once you are a smoker, the act of smoking will always be with you. Smoking is part of you; it becomes hard-wired into your operating systems.

This sounds bad but all it means is that you can never quit quitting.

How many times have you tried to quit smoking? If you have tried and failed I am sure that you were disappointed and perhaps even felt powerless. Don’t. You cannot view each relapse as a failure. If you quit for a week then relapsed the truth of the matter is that you successfully quit for a week!

There is a big difference between failing and giving up. Failure is not a shameful thing. Hey, in baseball if you fail seven out of ten times you will be a hall of famer. Better yet, like Thomas Edison said, he never failed at anything rather he successfully found thousands of ways that will not work. Never quit quitting. You can quit smoking.

How to quit smoking with e cigarettes

The question of whether or not e-cigarettes can help should be up to you. A lot of evidence points toward e-cigs being helpful. People who try to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes have a 60% better chance of success than those who try another OTC cessation aid according to a recent study.

One thing that you hear vapers say often is that now that they have made the switch, the mere thought of tasting tobacco repulses them. More than half of all vapers move on to flavors that have no relation to tobacco whatsoever.

If you have tried a cheap e-cig and did not find it helpful at all, try a better one. Use ECCR as your resource. We have done the background for you.

Whatever methods you have tried to quit smoking, try again or try another method altogether. Don’t give up.

Want to quit smoking this New Years? It is one of the most popular New Years resolutions every year. Good! Go for it. By the way, if you quit on January 1 and sneak a cigarette on January 12th, that is no excuse to start again! Keep quitting. You can get help from the Heart Association or the Cancer Society. You can also check out Use whatever means you want. If you want to use e-cigs as an alternative, by all means.