We’re betting that some people out there are thinking that the prices for rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits are too high right now. Well, at one point… we thought that prices were a bit too high as well- but that was almost 5 years ago. The current prices for rechargeable e-cigs that you see in retail stores, online, and in mall kiosks aren’t quite as expensive as you may think.

Since the majority of individuals looking to buy rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kits are completely new to e-cigs, we didn’t expect you to know the previous prices. So we did a bit of research for you 🙂

We acquired our information using the worlds largest internet archive (known as the “Wayback Machine“) to look at cached pages of a few companies. The results turned out pretty good. Back in 2011 you could purchase a rechargeable e-cigarette starter kit for $349.95! That’s some serious bones to lay down for an ecig kit… even if it would still save you money vs. regular tobacco cigarettes.

To view webpages that go back further than their sites archive, the wayback machine is invaluable, in this case to prove how much the cost of e-cigarettes has come down over the years.

So now that a few years have passed, you will see that e-cigarette starter kit prices are continuing to come down significantly. Sure, there are companies selling disposable e-cigs for $0.88 cents and starter kits with a price tag of $25 <–awesome savings eh? Wait ’til you get the kit. The kit’s quality is going to make a lasting impression as to what ecigs are and how they work… and that’s the biggest issue: they may never try ecigs again thinking that they are just a gimmick or a passing fad.

People that buy extremely cheap kits…. (or even those who buy higher quality kits) have one or two of these goals in mind:

A) They want to quit smoking.

B) They wish to continue smoking, however without the 2,000+ chemicals/carcinogens/ingredients.

C) They wish to avoid the stigma of smoking socially or want to smoke in areas where smoking is banned.

Pretty simple psychology….and some of the big players in the e-cig industry have figured it out. In order to prevent those potential customers from purchasing a horrible quality e-cigarette, they needed to drop prices. Makes sense right? From 2011…..to now (2013) – Look how far we’ve come….

Though they have come a far cry both technologically and cost-wise, when they were first introduced, e-cigarette kits were rather overpriced especially compare to what they cost now.

Here are just a few companies who have really made an impact on the e-cigarette industry’s price tags based solely on their starter kits: Green Smoke, White Cloud, and Halo (click brand names to see our research results/proofs)

Green Smoke, as you’ll see… has been around for a while… since ’09. We consider them pioneers in the rechargeable e-cigarette industry and they’ve rightfully earned their spot on our Editors Chart ranked as the #1 e-cigarette because of their outstanding quality and customer service etc. When we reviewed them, there was nothing for us to really complain about; the price was worth it.

The Green Smoke pro starter kit comes with two devices, ten flavor cartridges, USB chargers and an emergency e-cig that can be used while plugging into a USB port.

With Green Smoke…  well, their quality explains their price tag. If you should decide to purchase one of their kits… you too will find out just why we have them rated as the overall #1 brand of ecigarettes.

White Cloud stepped onto the scene sporting one of the most expensive rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kits in the industry; if not THE most expensive. When we reviewed White Cloud, we were expecting A LOT – I mean, look at that price tag! The average individual doesn’t have an extra $350 laying around to buy an e-cig with. When we reviewed White Cloud’s Cirrus 3X kit, we were impressed, very impressed. Now that the price is right….we’re even happier. 🙂

The falling cost of e-cigarette kits such as Green Smoke, White Cloud and Halo have steady become more affordable from several hundred dollars down to as little as forty-five.

Halo (unlike the other two), made their big splash into the industry through their superior USA made E-liquids. They built a customer base from that and then went on to produce e-cigarette hardware as well. We’re shedding some light here on Halo because they’ve got a very well-built product, excellent quality, and very yummy e-juices.

They recently dropped their price for their Halo G6 kit, and revamped it’s case as well. Currently out of the three, Halo’s G6 is your highest quality “cheapest” option for an e-cig, especially when coupled with the mini-tanks.

2013 Prices (click brand names to see our research results/proofs)

Green Smoke: $99                White Cloud: $95                Halo: $45

In Summary

When researching for electronic cigarettes, please consider quality first. We feel compelled to preach this message. Over and over again. We are consumers too and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to save some money and end up having to deal with a faulty product, customer service, or even having to send the kit back and start all over.

With the popularity spiking, the overall cost of e-cigarette kit prices have steady dropped over the years, making them more affordable than ever while cigarette prices soar.

You’ve heard the saying, “Time is money..” – well it’s true. Save yourself the heartache and get yourself a high quality kit the first time. It may be a few more bucks, but the time and frustration it saves you in the end is well worth the extra bones.

So make sure that you take a look at our Editors chart and our Consumers chart for reviews before you invest! We’ve tried really hard to bring you the most accurate prices as of June, 2013 – they are likely to change as time goes forth, but nonetheless…these are killer e-cig products that are going to give you that bang for your buck right now… and save you a lot of time wading through hundreds of ecig brands and products.

Happy vaping, and don’t forget to share this content via your social network if you’ve found it helpful. We’d really appreciate it! 🙂