If you have purchased a Green Smoke starter kit, congratulations! You are the owner of the best cigalike product on the market. Many people choose the Green Smoke Express Kit or the Pro kit. In either case, there are three key reasons why you should have an extra Green Smoke battery.

The good news is that Green Smoke batteries are the best. They are the longest lasting and most reliable cigalike electronic cigarette batteries you can get. They are vastly superior to Blu, Vuse and any other ecig that you will ever find in a convenience store. We have heard countless stories of Vuse ecigs not even taking a second charge. There’s $12 down the drain. It’s a waste of money to buy low quality ecigs.

The Green Smoke e-cig starter kit contains two battery packs, five flavor cartridges and two USB charging options.

When you are looking for a fully satisfying vaping experience, reliability and consistency are very important. We have completed very thorough Green Smoke electronic cigarette reviews. The longevity of the batteries is absolutely top tier. Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges are unsurpassed in quality and performance. They are consistent in terms of flavor and vapor from the first puff to the last. The battery life of the long Green Smoke battery matches the life of a FlavorMax cartomizer almost to a T.

It is our opinion as long-time reviewers of electronic cigarette products that the Green Smoke ecig is the best way to embark on a new vaping journey. In time, you just might want a more powerful ecig capable of more vapor. Many people do. They move into mods and advanced ecigs. Many, however, stick with Green Smoke because they are satisfying, easy to use and convenient.

You can get extra Green Smoke batteries with special prints and patterns.

We also hear from many of our readers that they want a high-quality cigalike when they are travelling or at work. I mean, it is not always a wise policy to be sitting in your office and chucking huge vapor clouds from a 100 watt mod. Nor do you want huge vapor clouds when driving. It is actually kind of dangerous because a huge vapor cloud can impede vision. In these cases, the choice of experienced vapers for a back up ecig is Green Smoke batteries and FlavorMax cartomizers.

Whatever your purpose for picking up a Green Smoke starter kit, it is a very good idea to have extra Green Smoke batteries on hand at all times. There are three very good reasons why you should have an extra Green Smoke battery or two on hand.

Extra Green Smoke Battery Reason # 1

Avoid Being Deprived Of A Superior Vaping Option

The Green Smok e-cigarette battery pack is replaceable and interchangeable.

The number one reason is that you do not want to run out of battery power at an inopportune moment is because you always want to have the option of vaping at any given time. You want to vape! You don’t want to have to go to a gas station and get stuck with some cheap, lousy ecig. The last thing you want to have happen is to be miles from home and be stuck with a dead ecig battery. Life is not always predictable and sometimes the day will take you in an unexpected direction. Imagine you are asked to stay for overtime at work and you only have one charged Green Smoke battery with you.

If you always have at least two fully charged Green Smoke batteries with you that can be a key to avoiding a desperate situation! To be honest, I recommend carrying three with you at all times and having at least one other Green Smoke battery at home on the charger. Be prepared for anything.

Green Smoke batteries are the size of a cigarette. These very small batteries are easy to lose. That’s just a reality. My mom loses them all the time. You go out for lunch, set the battery down on the table, it rolls under the edge of the plate and an hour later you are wondering where it is. Life happens and batteries get lost. Have an extra Green Smoke battery on hand and avoid any issues.

Extra Green Smoke Battery Reason # 2

365 Day Limited Warranty On Green Smoke Batteries

Green Smoke electric vapor cigarette offers a one year limited warranty on their batteries.

This is not a push to sell more Green Smoke batteries. Look, buying an extra Green Smoke battery or two is a zero risk proposition that benefits you. Green Smoke batteries utilize the highest grade lithium ion components. The micro-processor is finely tuned, durable and incredibly reliable. Green Smoke is so confident in their batteries that they are covered by a 365 day limited warranty.

There is no reason not to have extra Green Smoke batteries. It is a win-win no risk proposition. These are not Vuse batteries that fail right away. These are top quality batteries with leading edge technology. Unless a Green Smoke battery is misused or damaged, it should last you an entire year. Green Smoke’s warranty backs up that claim.

No battery lasts forever but Green Smoke backs theirs up for a full year. If your battery is not damaged or altered, it should stand the test of time. If something does go wrong Green Smoke WANTS to hear from you and help you. They take a great deal of pride in their products and if you have a battery failure they will sort it out for you.

Green Smoke E-Vapor is the best selling electric vaporizer alternative to smoking.

Green Smoke customer service will not give you a runaround or look for a reason to not honor their 365 day warranty on Green Smoke batteries. You can call and find a friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the line or you can email and get a quick response.

 Extra Green Smoke Battery Reason #3

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You can buy extra Green Smoke batteries in packs of three or get a single. One option you also have are Green Smoke’s designer batteries. The designer batteries come with different colors and designs and are just kind of fun.

Green Smoke is offering big savings on all their e-cig products with a special coupon.

There are 11 different battery styles to pick from so have some fun! A three pack of batteries sells for $41.64. A single extra Green Smoke battery sells for $15.71. So for the cost of only 2 or 3 packs of cigarettes you will get an extra Green Smoke battery that is going to last you at least a year. But, with our ECCR Green Smoke coupon code, you are going to get a bit of a discount off that price.

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