Vaporizers are simply amazing in what they do. They heat up this thing called eliquid, usually infused with liquid nicotine, and create plumes of vapor. That’s the good stuff, the stuff you inhale that creates that satisfying experience. It’s the stuff that keeps you coming back to it instead of expensive, stinky, ash-creating traditional tobacco cigarettes. What vaporizers don’t seem to be, at least not up until this point, is pretty. We’re talking generalizations here, but most of these devices wouldn’t win any beauty contests if you know what we mean.

In an age of easily accessible and sharing art, design and engineering, the utilization of elements created by other people that can be implemented for custom use is not far away.

Does this even matter? That’s what I first asked when we started talking about this topic here at ECCR. I mean, I got into vaping for the experience, to make a switch away from tobacco cigarettes. I later reaped the benefits of the community around it, as well as obviously making it a focal point of my life through bringing the information to the people. It became a cause, but it still never dawned on me that when people bought a vape kit they might be disappointed in the actual look of the product they had purchased.

But why not, really? We live in an age of design, where everything needs to be more than functional. We want things to be visually appealing as well. In some ways this has always been the case, but it seems that these days we are even more focused on this aspect than ever before. The purists in us, and each one of us has some level of that, don’t really care. They want vaporizers to do their job and their vape kit to be of superior quality at the best price possible. Still, I bet most would rather pick up something that looks awesome, because it makes you feel good about what you bought.

Vaporizers In The Design Age

With the prevalence of 3D printers entering the consumer design arena, fully customizable vaping devices are not far away.

This new design age that we live feels like it is just taking off. New technologies are making it easier and faster for people to get what they want and it get it looking however they want it to look. The key to all of this could lie in 3D printers. A way of 3D printing technologies has been crashing down all around us and it has been happening in almost every field. From medicine to fashion, and everywhere in between, professionals are making use of 3D printers to quickly create their visions.

As costs go down on these machines, they become more widespread and a bigger tool for creation.

With all of this in mind, it makes complete sense for someone out there to start 3D printing vaporizers. This idea is almost here after a recent attempt to launch Rex Vapor and a beautiful line of eliquid consuming machines. They brother and sister team of co-founders were supposed to launch June 1st, but as of this writing it still appears that they are working out the kinks. Still, they had a vision of vaporizers that would make a statement visually and

With some available designs it is possible that some people can 3D print their own vaporizers.

As co-founder Meredith Agens explained to, “While it’s easily to promote vaping as a harm reduction method from a health standpoint, an oddly frequent objection was that vaporizers were ugly, clunky, or looked more like a medical device than a fashion statement.” Due to her experience with 3D printing, Meredith realized that the potential was there for more. “I’d gotten into hobby 3D printing by then, and I realized that I could combine my interests to eliminate this objection and help make vaping the only rational choice for nicotine delivery, as it should be,” said Agens.

The concept was to use 3D printers to make some outrageous designs that vapers would go for. While we probably won’t see these in any vape kit in the near future, we commend the Agens duo’s attempt at bringing beauty into vaping. What’s more, we think they could be onto something and maybe this is just a first attempt. It could be the start of something bigger. Vaporizers could be a thing of beauty after all, so why not?