Everyone is talking about pending FDA ecigarette regulation and waiting for the axe to fall, but what appears to be next on the chopping block is eliquid flavors.

Primarily the focus as far as the talk around FDA ecig regulations is in imposing wide-ranging restrictions. The fear for most is that eliquid flavors would be targeted and that the tank systems that have become all the rage would be subjected to rules that would leave them in dire straits.

For some observers, it appears that the FDA is destined to only allow the survival of the 2-piece system. Could ecigarette regulation specifically dealing with eliquid change all of that?

FDA Ecig Regulations

The FDA e-cig regulations seem to unfairly target vaping while leaving big tobacco to pick up the pieces.

Now some of this may seem flipped on its head to you, especially if you have been following the FDA ecig regulations story as we have. The idea behind ecigarette regulation is generally that it will make things tougher on ecig companies and perhaps even lead to the downfall of some.

More than that, they are usually deemed with exceeding suspicion for how they may restrict ecig flavors, and that being a part of a bigger plan to suppress eliquid or even the electronic cigarette as a whole.

It isn’t that a view such as that doesn’t have merit; it’s just that it could be more complicated than that. Moreover, we have been bringing to the light some of the positive aspects of ecigarette regulation here for a while, because this isn’t such an open and shut case.

The move toward regulation of ecigarettes can actually be helpful if it removes some of the irresponsible elements that have made the rest of the industry look bad. This doesn’t mean attacking eliquid makers. On the contrary, brands that make eliquid flavors and the ecig tanks to use them are an integral part of the future of ecigarettes.

Ecig Safety Achieved With Quality Controls, Not Bans

Quality control of reputable products keep the floodgates of dangerous items at bay.

What we need is more ecig safety mechanisms in place to ensure that what is produced is of the proper quality so that vapers can feel confident in buying, and new users won’t be scared off by fear mongering stories that abound in the media.

Until regulations are in effect, consumers need to avoid low quality products or eliquid flavors blended by unqualified people. Relying of top quality ecig companies such as those that appear in ECCR’s Editor and Consumer charts is the common sense approach that we strongly recommend.

For a long time the supposition was that FDA ecigarette regulations would stymie the open system of ecig tanks. While this may still happen, it is actually heartening to see that in places like Indiana there are moves to legislate the evapor business with the inclusion of eliquid, as opposed to outlawing them and vaping entirely.

The State of Indiana threw out some stringent regulations on vaping that were cited as violating the constitution.

That bill being advanced in Indiana may be the type of example of proper treatment of ecigarettes that we would like to see. It does things like banning the sale of eliquid to minors and requiring childproof caps for the bottles that they are packaged in. It also would establish manufacturing standards, which is hugely important in taking these products and mainstreaming them into society.

What it doesn’t do is extend smoking bans to cover vaping, something we have all been fearful of. It appears, at a glance, to take into account the needs of those of us who vape and seeks to enshrine some protections, rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is the type of thing that needs to be commended and we hope to see more of it accepted as the basis for ecigarette legislation.

Vapers and e-cigarette companies alike eagerly await FDA decisions on regulations on vaping.

As everyone eagerly awaits the FDA ecig regulations decision that has been looming for quite some time, we can get clues as to where things stand by looking at local legislation proposals such as this one in Indiana. The theme up until now has been that officials are scared of the lure of ecig flavors and eliquid as a whole, and looked to place tight restrictions or outlaw them outright. That would be terrible for those of us who use ecig tanks, which is becoming the biggest part of the overall evapor business very quickly.

By taking an integrated approach in tackling eliquid as something that needs to be regulated but not banned, it gives us all hope. So rather than fear eliquid flavors being targeted, it actually serves to legitimize its use and pave the way for a future without this imposed culture of fear. We’re remain hopeful, but we’ll keep on watching with a critical eye and we recommend you do the same.