Even with ecigarette regulations seemingly around the corner, the CDC is just angry over liquid nicotine and ecigarettes in general. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to us, because we know the best ecigarette available for smokers will simply change their lives. Which ecig that would be is a different question entirely, and sometimes a very personal one. But we know from first hand experience that these amazing little devices have an incredibly impact and come with the power to change the smoking landscape completely.

Yet the approach that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) takes is just mindboggling. Rather than embracing liquid nicotine and helping smokers find the best ecigarette for their needs, they absurdly rage against the revolution. Their would be point is that ecigarettes lead to smoking. This is a talking point that has been brought up before, sometimes when ecigarette regulations are brought up, or just when ecig opponents want to attack. It hasn’t been proven at all, and in fact it has been disproven by various data sets over and over again. That doesn’t stop the CDC from getting angry about what they perceive as a way to hook in new tobacco smokers.

Director of the CDC Tom Frieden is riding the coattails of the corporate and governmental attacks on vaping by issue his own overreach demonizing e-cigarettes and hanging struggling smokers out to dry.

Tom Frieden, the CDC Director, says that growth of ecigs is a “really bad thing”  and that “another generation being hooked by the tobacco industry.” He concludes by saying “It makes me angry.” If he thinks he gets angry, why doesn’t he go talk to the millions of smokers who have been looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes for years and haven’t found one? Those are the folks that are angry, and justifiably so. We’re angry that anyone would equate liquid nicotine with traditional tobacco cigarettes and seek stern ecigarette regulations that would put an end to the growth of ecigs. This idea that ecigs spur smoking is just misplaced.

We can see that by the data, such as looking at the years of 2011 through 2014. There you can see that when a given rate of past-month ecigarette use rose, in this case from 1.5 percent to 13.4 percent among high school students, the rate of cigarette smoking fell. The drop from 15.8 percent to 9.2 percent clearly points to the fact that, while nobody wants any young person to pick up smoking OR vaping for no reason, young smokers that find the best ecigarette for them can and do make the switch. It’s just the opposite of what the CDC would have you believe, yet they’re the ones that are up in arms about ecigarettes as if they are the root of all evil.

CDC Dishonest About eCigs

The CDC has jumped on the anti vape bandwagon with an attack campaign of their own set to scare smokers back to their cigarettes.

The framing is the problem here, and the CDC does an excellent job of messing that up completely. When they claim “there was no decline in overall tobacco use between 2011 and 2014,” they do so by counting ecigarettes as tobacco products. They may as well add in nicotine gum or the patch to their calculation, products that the CDC is of course all for. But they don’t, because if you want to make a very specific argument you use very specific facts to argue your point. Especially when your point is lacking in actual hard facts that could help you.

We don’t understand why the CDC would take such an obtrusive perspective when it comes to electronic cigarettes. It makes us wonder if they actually go out and talk to anyone who vapes, or even who is trying to make the switch away from smoking. These are the people most affected by these ridiculous classifications that the CDC and other organizations have when it comes to ecigs and vaping.

Many e-cigarette manufacturers and users alike have been affected by the CDC e-cigarette reclassification which vilify the practice.

These are also the same people who have already or have the opportunity to change their lifestyles completly, in a way they could only have dreamed of years ago. Instead, they have to deal with the CDC lying to them and the public by manipulating facts and figures. It doesn’t make any sense, but unfortunately these days a lot of the approach surrounding ecigs doesn’t. We’ll keep pushing ahead and making sure people know what is really behind all this and spreading the word about ecigs as best we can.

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