The House Appropriations Committee has passed and forwarded legislation that will block the FDA from regulation electronic cigarettes. A follow up motion to protect the FDA regulations was defeated by a 30 – 22 vote. So this could be something. This is far from becoming law but it is a positive sign for the vaping industry. So to repeat, the House Appropriations Committee has moved forward legislation that would end FDA jurisdiction over vapor products.

congress moves to block FDA regulation on vaping

The media remains focused on bias studies and anti-vaping stories. The news of the House Appropriations legislation did go out on the AP wire but has not really been picked up by the mainstream media. At ECCR we are paying attention and we will always be your source for the real story on vaping studies and regulatory goings on. We are pushing to get other outlets to report on this and today we are glad to see ABC and CNBC picked it up.

Will Congress Block FDA Vaping Regulations?

Will this legislation make it into a larger bill, like a budget bill, that will be passed and become law? No one can say right now. It is possible. This is yet another moment for vapers and smokers who want to be smoke free to activate and be heard. This is in the House right now so as your rep to support the Appropriations Committee legislation to block the FDA from oppressive regulation of e-cigs and decimating your choice and an entire, job producing industry.

Find your House rep here.

More good news. Despite the FDA stance that you can’t use vaping to quit smoking or even suggest that vaping is less dangerous than smoking, lawmakers are actually seeing a bigger picture. Some lawmakers are taking note of what is happening elsewhere.

The best example of that is legislation co-sponsor Sanford Bishop. Bishop, a Democrat from Georgia, promoted the legislation to block the FDA from perhaps crushing the vaping industry by citing the massive Public Health England e-cig study.  Bishop said “E-vapor products are 95 percent less harmful than combustible cigarettes. I want to help people in our country, America, to cycle off of cigarettes.”

The number of elected representatives that support vaping is growing. Good news but this fight is far from over. But we’ll take the good news and build on it.