Electronic cigarette propaganda may be hazardous to your health. How, you ask? Well, that is the million dollar question! If you can answer that question, you get the golden goose and you’ll also understand just why this war of propaganda is being waged in the first place.

Let’s just go ahead and skip the meat and get to the t-bone: Electronic cigarettes are a literal revolution in the advancement of harm-reduced smoking. As such, it represents a huge paradigm shift and it’s earthquake-like effects are sending ripples through Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. It penetrates even to the top levels of government to the point where legislation is being drafted to bring electronic cigarettes under government control.

Big tobacco is so grateful to Americans for their dedication to smoking, they made a movie with that name.

Why all the fuss, though? I mean, aren’t electronic cigarettes like a flea on the back of the behemoth that is Big Tobacco?

To answer the question as to why Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and the FDA are working so hard to discredit ecigs and to scare people away from them, one only has to follow the money. There’s big, big money in regulating any hard habit to break. They call it “sin” taxes to justify the high taxes. As if you must “pay the penalty” (bringing in more govt revnue) because you are partaking in a habit that society frowns upon.

If you look carefully and just watch what a person or organization does, you’ll most likely see what their motivation is…. if you wait and watch long enough. With all the hype surrounding electronic cigarettes and the huge propaganda campaign being waged against them, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all parties involved are protecting their own monetary interests.

Whenever you're looking for motivation for action that seems illogical or unwarranted, following the money will often lead to a conclusion of corruption, as in the over regulation of e-cigarettes.

While we’re on the subject of propaganda, why don’t we just give you a good example of propaganda that ECCR just pulled from recent news stories?

But the jury is still out on whether the gadgets are safe or not.

“Without question, e-cigarettes are safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes,” said Joel Nitzkin, of the American Association of Public Health Physicians.

“They deliver nicotine, with only the tiniest traces of other toxic chemicals.”

But there are concerns that these battery-driven alternatives, officially called electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), may pose health hazards we are not even aware of yet — just like cigarettes before their ill-effects became clear.

“The safety of ENDS has not been scientifically demonstrated,” the World Health Organization said in response to a query.

“The potential risks they pose for the health of users remain undetermined.”

The UN’s health organ said some testing “suggests the presence of other toxic chemicals, aside from nicotine”, and “strongly advised” consumers not to use them.

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Ecigs are a revolution. This revolution is being waged on many sides. Ecig companies are pushing to get the product out there to the masses that are still smoking traditional combustible cigarettes and the government is trying to hinder them at all costs, instead funneling them into a testing process that can bring them under government control. Once ecigarettes are under government control, they will control the taxes as well.

Millions of people have put down their packs a picked up e-cigarettes, sparking a worldwide revolution against big tobacco.

Mark our words. Once electronic cigarettes are being monitored and controlled by the government, the prices will go up and up.

At ECCR, we work to inform our visitors and arm them with knowledge. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and in the fog of propaganda, it takes knowledge and discernment to decide for yourself what the truth is.

So, how do you spot electronic cigarette propaganda? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just take what they are saying about vapor cigarettes and put it side-by-side with tobacco cigarettes. Does it make sense?

While we all know big tobacco was selling a poisonous product all along, there was a time when even doctors were endorsing the product.

For example, let’s take the statement in quotes above: “The UN’s health organ said some testing ‘suggests the presence of other toxic chemicals, aside from nicotine’, and ‘strongly advised’ consumers not to use them.

If you just take that one statement and understand the government is still involved in allowing tobacco cigarettes to be sold (knowing they have over 4000 chemicals in them, many of them toxic) and then they make a statement like the one above… well, it’s pretty obvious that it’s propaganda. Tobacco cigarettes are okay to be sold, but they tell people to stay away from electronic cigarettes?

The only thing the government and agencies such as the FDA are going to do is to scare potential ecig smokers away from ecigarettes and back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. We have to think that there is a slight possibility (and we’re being nice here) that this may have been the motivation all along. There’s big money in Big Tobacco and there’s big money in Big Pharma and the nicotine delivery devices they sell as well.

The political and governmental corruption has never been more evident as the distinction of FDA's lack of approval for vaping while cigarettes continually get a pass despite the well-documented fact that they contain poison.

So, in the end, you’ve got to make your own choices and do the research for yourself. Electronic cigarettes reflect a major shift in harm-reduced smoking. Heck, it’s not even smoking…. it’s Vaping!

If you’re still a smoker of traditional tobacco cigarettes and are doing research on ecigs, why not take a moment to view our Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Chart and visit the merchant sites to do your own research? Millions have made the switch to ecigs and are coming to ECCR to leave their own electronic cigarette consumer reviews on the products they use.

Do your own research. Don’t be a victim of the propaganda which is being put forth towards electronic cigarettes. That propaganda’s end result is only going to send you back to combustible, tar-filled, chemical-laden tobacco cigarettes.

And we KNOW tobacco cigarettes kill.

Enough said.